try these sexy texts + start pre-gaming early

Who says foreplay can’t last all damn day? Not us. We’re big believers in stretching a good thing into a lusciously, almost uncomfortably, long time so that every ounce of anticipation is ignited, stoked, provoked and massaged into a pre-game frenzy. So that by the time you’re ready to cue the fvckmaking the mood is more than set. Sure, sexting pics or explicit suggestions is one option, but why not switch things up and let their imagination drive the lust? We’ve rounded up several seductive questions to sext to get their mind reeling and fantasies racing. (Note: We intentionally left off the emojis and four-letter words because that's just cheating. 💋) 


sexy texts


What do you want me to be wearing when you arrive?



What part of my body will you spend the most time on? 



Where will you kiss me first?


sexy texts


How long will you tease me?



What do you want me to strip off of you first?



Leather, lace or silk?

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sexy texts


Blindfold me or be blindfolded? 



Toys or tongue or both? 



Stilettos or bare feet? 



Tie me up or be tied up? 



How will you tie me? Wrists, arms, ankles, legs?




Bite or nibble? 



Feed me or be fed?



Kiss or lick or suck?



Hands in cuffs or all over my body? 



What do you want me to do to you that I haven't done before?  

sexy texts

What piece of lingerie will you strip off of me first?



Who do you want me to be?



What will you to do me that you haven't done before? 



What do my lips taste like? 


Now it's your turn to turn us on... what sexy texts should we put on our list? Comment below…

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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