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Hope you didn't come here for a masturbation story.... this isn't that. This is about making love to your body in the deepest, most intimate ways so self-love, self-lust and self-expression become the soundtrack your inner hype crew dances to and the rhythm of how you move through your world. Use our list of 14 tips as a guide to dial up or down depending on what's going on in your life. Or tailor them to what feels right for you. At the end of the day, the mission is same: Speak life, lust and love into your body. Flow your soul’s sexual, sensual and creative power into your body. Tease that hungry, insatiable passion you save for lovers into your body. Invite what’s new, what’s possible, what’s playful, what’s rebellious into your body. Because that's where you'll find your freedom. Let's do this.

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Find a signature lube and use your body as the lick-mus test. Try different textures, formulas, flavors, scents, consistencies with and without sex toys. You’ll stock up your sex closet and make new discoveries while deliciously pampering your body at the same time. Bonus points if you can make it a tasting party (haven't you tried enough California wines already?).

Heard about that Japanese study where they spoke positive affirmations to some droplets of water and negative ones to the others, and guess which ones blossomed and bloomed into crystalline explosions of beauty? Well, our bodies contain a LOT of water (like, 60-75%), so…. Choose your not-so-favorite place as the beneficiary of 30 days of love affirmations and see the results of your love bomb for yourself (don’t forget to share with us!). 

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3. LIGHT IT UP. Could weed be closing the orgasm gap one toke at a time? A new study published in Journal of Cannabis Research shows that not only does marijuana increase arousal, up desire and heighten senses, it also leads to stronger, more frequent and more multiple orgasms. We say try it for science.

4. DROP IT A LOVE NOTE. Write a word, mantra or saying in lip liner wherever needs a little love note… those sexy ankles, the curves of your hips, the arch in your back. You can keep it short and sweet like “hot AF” or “sexy” or longer as in “i want you,” “thank you” or “you’re stunning.” 

5. REMIND IT. Every body comes with a set of insecurities. Trust us, even the most beautiful women in the world get self-conscious, too. Because there is no such thing as the body ideal. There just isn’t. There is beauty in every body. Your job today is to find it in yours. Make a list of everything you love, admire, cherish about your body like one big gratitude — don't forget to include compliments from others. Stick it to your mirror. Make 10 lists, stick them on 10 things. Celebrate the fuck out of all that you love about you, all the damn time. And all that you love will blossom. Rinse and repeat. 

 6. TATT IT. Celebrate a body part that you feel negatively about by adorning it with a temporary tattoo that serves as a reminder to shed some love and light on every inch of it. Every time you make eye contact with the ink, consider it a sign to worship, celebrate or simply give a shout out to that part of you it’s decorating. (And make sure it's a temp tattoo, think days, weeks, a year... because hopefully you'll trade the inner critic for that inner hype crew).

7. FINGER IT. Let your fingers do the talking by seeing how many new ways your body likes to play. Hunt down a new erogenous zone, find a new stroke for the g-spot, tease your nipples in new way, run your fingers through your hair, pull it, stroke your scalp. Consider this a new love language and you’re building a dictionary.

8. SLEEP WITH IT. (LITERALLY.) Gift her the luxury of beauty sleep, as often as you can. Sometimes your body needs her rest. Let her get it. She runs better, thinks better, moves better, makes love better, feels better when she’s rested and rejuvenated. Besides, that hustle-till-you-drop mindset is so pre-Covid.

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9. TAKE IT ON A TIME TRAVEL. Write your body a love note from your future self. (Think, 88 years old and still kicking it.) Tell her all the things you loved most and miss most about your 2023 body. You’ll be shocked at how much there is to love and appreciate and adore and miss. Consider this your reminder to enjoy her now, every chance you get.

10. ORGANIZE IT. Host a DIY fashion show meets closet clean up. Try on what’s in your closet and if it doesn’t make you feel confident, sexy, gorgeous, authentically you, donate it, gift it, swap it with a friend’s piece or sell it and spend the cash on what moves you into your superpower, super-flow state of self-love.

11. SPA WITH IT.  Dedicate a “spa day” to your ass, hips, breasts, legs… whatever area needs a little more mental, emotional and physical TLC. Not loving your booty? Do a killer ass workout that focuses on your glutes so you can feel them work, appreciate their strength, smooth lotion into them so you can feel ignite your skin, book a butt-focused massage (or self-massage) for extra pampering. 

12. BE ITS OWN MUSE.  There’s nothing as inspiring as seeing a world of diversity in beauty. Go check out beauty in all its shapes and forms. Walk the city streets. Visit a museum to take in art that celebrates the feminine. Notice and appreciate the unique authentic beauty in all femme forms. And remember that you are that, too. Go rock your authentic body beauty. 

13. POWER IT UP. Yoni 👏🏽 Yoni  👏🏽 Yoni  👏🏽 We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again (yoni). Your power source, your creative ignition, your superpower… when your yoni is operating at peak yoni, chances are so are your finances, creativity, passion, manifestation power, overall juiciness and the list goes on. If you don’t have a practice, hit up some of the sex experts thriving in this space. 

14. FUCK IT LONG + GOOD. Create the hottest, juiciest, naughtiest, most deliciously intimate sex date you can conjure up for a partner. Yes, the massage-oil candles. Yes, the slow-grind music. Yes, the silky sheets. Yes, the charged-up arsenal of sex toys. When you’ve got that dream date on lock, consider your body as your partner. Seduce her like she deserves then make mad love to her. 

What are some unconventional ways you make love to your own body? 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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