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Why Lunatic Femme? And what does it mean? Once upon a time, women would gather beneath the light of the moon to sing, dance, share stories, to celebrate life and all its changes — personified by the female body as she morphs from maiden to mother to crone. We innately understood the power of the moon. And we harnessed it to process this complicated process called life.  The moon rules the waterways and the tides. With our bodies made up of 60 to 75% water, it’s fair to say it has a pretty profound effect on us. Which is perfectly natural, right? Wrong. At a certain point in time, it was deemed unnatural. The French word lunatique came to mean someone who is changeable. Usually paired with femme (as in, femme lunatique), it came to mean someone who is moody, flighty, unstable, someone who is not dependable, who can’t be relied on to, say, hold a position of authority or power. Because she’s too emotional. Too irrational. Too difficult to control.  Just like our big sister, the wise woman (aka the crone or the witch), our superpower of emotionality was used against us. We learned the hard way that when we become too much of anything, it becomes a very bad thing.  So, we stifled ourselves. We shrank. We lived in fear. Of being exposed, found out, cast out. Afraid to speak our truth, show our feelings, exercise our innate wisdom and skills. We learned the excruciating art of bottling who we are at our essence in order to not cause a stir.  Luckily, times have changed. And we believe it’s time to revisit what it means to be a femme lunatique. To celebrate the moon and the wisdom of change. To give ourselves permission to change our moods, our minds, our perspectives. To adapt, to grow, to become better. Because if we’re not changing, then what are we? Stuck.  Emotion is energy in motion. At Lunatic Femme, we like to get unstuck. To make waves. To create ripples. To cause a stir. We are playfully curious, creatively rebellious, unapologetically sexy. We believe in embracing the feminine energy that makes the world go round, regardless of who you are or how you identify. We believe in showing up authentically. Not always feeling fierce and uber confident, but always finding the power in your authenticity and truth — which is constantly evolving.   That’s why our pieces are designed to change, to morph. Because you’re not just one thing. You’re a little bit tough, a little bit delicate. A little bit lace, a little bit metal. A little bit feminine, a little bit masculine. With our mix-match-and-detach pieces, you can mix it up according to your mood, the tides, the moment. You get to choose. To evolve. To grow. Day by day. To push the boundaries of who you are and who you might become. When you’re free. To express. To emote. To love… first and foremost, who you are constantly in the process of becoming. To us, that is the essence of Lunatic Femme. Moon lovers. Change makers. Love makers.  

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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claire coghlan

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