what are you manifesting on the full moon?

Since we're always down to channel the power of the moon, and harness the feminine divinity and fluidity that moves with its rhythms, we love the idea of using its phases to inspire, motivate and ignite our own lives. We've got our luna-vision trained on the upcoming March 7 full moon in Virgo, which represents endings, and using that to think of all the things in our lives that warrant a stop or pause. (I mean, who doesn't love a good happy ending?)

We've listed the usual fuck-ton of ideas for things we'd like to end, but feel free to add your own or tailor the list to what's going on in your world.

things to nix now for the upcoming full moon

Keeping quiet when you have something on your mind. 

Ignoring your gut. 

Apologizing too much or for things that aren't your fault. 

Playing small, thinking small, being small. Eat that fear up, stretch your vision, do the thing. 

Spending your Saturday or Sunday a.m. at the farmer's market. Bring back the weekend sex marathon and get your fresh vegetables on Monday like a proper, well-fucked weekend warrior. 

Not charging enough for your time, expertise, brilliance. 

Doubting your expertise or brilliance. 

Looking at your reflection via that critical lens. Hype that bitch up. 

Overthinking, over-analyzing. 

Criticizing yourself (this includes self-deprecating humor that isn't really humorous). 

Not wearing that…. tight dress, short skirt, leather pants, red lipstick, lingerie

Listening to unsolicited opinions, advice, criticisms. 

Not asking for that raise. • Not going for that gig because you don't have all 6,352 of their job requirements in your tool belt. 

Not believing you deserve it. You deserve wild abundance, juicy relationships, a fat salary, yummy health and [insert your vision board here]. 

Not quitting your job because you think there’s nothing else out there for you.  

Focusing too much on the past and not shifting into the present moment. 

Pushing off dreams until tomorrow. Even the tiniest step today is forward motion and progress. 

Faking it. Not just orgasms, but also pleasure, interest, enthusiasm, heart, passion. 

Talking yourself out of what you want, need or dream because of fear, worry, stress, etc.  

Sabotaging your health. We love a good vice, and we also loving thriving. Learn to balance them so your mind, body + spirit stay strong.  

Avoiding things that scare you (in a soul-tingling way, versus an unhealthy way).  

Saying, I should. If you think you should do it, definitely don’t. Or shift your mindset to "want" and see how it feels. 

Worrying about how something appears to other people. Fuck it. They're not you. • Wondering about what other people think of you. See above. 

Not vocalizing wants, needs, desires, fantasies in bed. It's sexy and it helps both of you connect more intimately + receive more pleasure. 

Not saying no when you’re not feeling it.  

Not sending that dirty text ;). Willing partners (or yourself) only. 

Not buying that new sex toy.  

Not taking a mental health day when your body is asking for one. 

In honor of Virgo, the sign of details and perfectionism, being a perfectionist. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Really.  

Not doing that extra set of push ups [squats, lunges… whatever feels delicious in your muscles].  

Not prioritizing your soul’s expression. Light it up. 

Not dressing your body up (and down) in fabrics, textures, colors your body LOVES. • Not blocking time every damn day for sex, sensuality, self-love, self-pleasure. We're not talking 6 hours (but kudos if you can)... every little bit counts. 

Not trying that new thing with your tongue. And if you don't know what new thing we're talking about, sign up for an online sex class that will teach you one. 

Not eating foods that turn you on. Your body knows what’s good for her and what’s not.    

Not asking for help, support, a listening ear, a hug, a piece of advice when you need it. 

Not splurging on yourself. 

Putting yourself and your needs last.  

Not saying, I love you (to yourself) at least once a day.  

Not saying what you’re grateful for, at least once a day.  

Not connecting with the people you love. Even a quick hi to say you're thinking of them can lift you both up. 

Not switching out, up-leveling, juicing up your go-to sex positions

Not breaking the rules. 

Not giving yourself a break. Literally. Take a break.  

Not walking away from what isn’t serving you or your soul. 

Not journaling — it keeps your focus, intentions + goals juicy and manifesty. 

Not being clear (ie honest). Speaking your truth, kindly, is often the kindest thing you can do for yourself and them.  

Not finding and eliminating your money leaks…. that subscription you don’t use, the fees you didn’t realize you were paying, the streaming services you’ve abandoned, that membership that’s gathering dust, the app you never open. 

Staying in situations that suck your energy, time, resources, mood, mojo

Eyeing the dance floor. Get your sweet ass out there.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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