Another day, another opportunity to bang, er, intimately connect with someone you love and bare your soul. To keep things spicy, we like to look for little things we can change, tweak or add in order to make every sexual experience as juicy, yummy and connected as possible, whether it's a quickie or a marathon
Check out our ideas below and share your faves in the comments.
how to have better sex
change up your approach. 
how do you tease, flirt, communicate desire, initiate play? breaking up your routine will add spice and surprise.
clear the air.
the more you're able to surrender to your lover, the deeper, richer, stronger and better the orgasms... and that comes when you're not holding resentments. make peace, so you can connect and fully let go later.
warm yourself up.
if you've got a yoni egg practice, get in some a.m. exercises to get ignite your vagina. breast massage or yoni massage is also a great way to stimulate your senses and energy flow so you're feeling yummy and your body's in the game early in the day.
sign up for something new.
start your sex date with an online workshop or some social sex. take a class in the morning, let it simmer all day, then play with what you learned together later that night.
kiss like you fuck.
we all have our style of kissing and some of us might be in that "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mindset or "autopilot" zone. if that's you, consider what kissing like you fuck might change things... add some bites, nibbles, whispers and see how that ups the passion.
dress the part.
we're talking lingerie, we're talking dresses with no panties, we're talking fuck-off heels and playthings that make you feel alive.
move the time.
do you have a go-to sex schedule? if you always wait for end of the day to fuck, try for a pre-work shower bang or hit the snooze and score instead.
leverage the coffee talk.
experts say the best time to talk about what's going on in bed is not in bed... instead of chatting about the news or your day over a latte, talk about what you'd like to try that night (or that afternoon) — a new position, a fantasy, the toy that just got delivered.
slow the fuck down.
literally and figuratively. clear your schedule in the a.m. and then double the time you spend playing. what if you used edging to make oral sex last insanely long? what if you massaged your partner's inner thighs for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45... before even touching their genitals? what if your strokes were intentional, deliberate, drive-them-insane slow? 
get touchy-feely.
stroke, touch or tease your lover throughout the day to signal what's to come. grazing their zipper, brushing their fingertips, whispered kisses on the neck as you pass by builds the desire.
best sex toys
sort your sex toys.
are your toys clean? did you charge your vibrators? if you're doing something like temperature play, are dildos, wands and plugs ready to go?
yeah, yeah, meditation is the answer to everything (but it kinda is). giving your mind a mental break helps ensure you're in the moment when you're fucking, not focused on stress.
switch up the place.
look around your space... there's bound to be a place you haven't blessed with some booty. stock it with toys, lubes + candles, then surprise your partner there later. and if you've banged up every inch of your house, go outside. fresh-air fucks are fabulous.
check off that sex bucket list.
if you're at a loss for ideas, use your bucket list for ideas. text your lover a "pick one" note and let them in on adventure.
seduce yourself all f'ing day.
your juiciest playlists on repeat, candles lit. set the vibe early so your mood follows and you get that slow hour-by-hour build.
how are you switching things up today to spice up your sex life... later today?