sexy playlist for when it's awkwardly hot + mysterious

Know that attraction that's awkward but sexy, mysterious but undeniable, hot but weird AF? Part shy, part naughty, part innocent, part dirty + you're 100% DTF. Our Lunatic Femme team thinks of it as channeling those Johnny Depp, Edward Scissorhands, hot but dirty artist vibes. Think beats by Beyoncé, YunaApashe, Emmit Fenn, FKA twigs, MXMS, Black Atlass, Bambie Thug, Malia J and more. Awkward but you crave it. Want more playlists that stir you and ignite that sexy, spiritual and creative flow state? Follow Lunatic Femme on Spotify. 


xxx, Lunatic Femme

rock date night with a sexy playlist + yummy lingerie

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What beats, rhythms, genres and artists on our your sexy playlists?