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We believe that creative and sexual energy are one in the same. If you're in that creative flow, your sexual fire is often stoked and vice versa. And when area feels blocked or outta that flow, you can often harness the energy of one for the other (think of all those artists who put their sexual energy in their work). Below we've got a handful of things that instantly put you in that juicy state of being so you're living that yummy, orgasmic, high-vibe life (or at least get inspired to throw a little paint).


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Re-arrange your furniture. 

Experts say that changing your space, moving your decor or redesigning not only taps your brain's reward centers, it also inspires creativity through problem-solving, finding inspiration in digital mood boards and changing up the flow. And, yes, every new space needs to be sexually christened just for the thrill.


Use the power of aphrodisiacs.

Since sex and creativity are so synergistic, and we know aphrodisiacs put you in the mood, why not harness them for creativity? Wine, chocolates, oysters, fruits, apples... we say it's worth the experiment.


Toke that blunt.

Research is limited on what specific strains work for creativity and the individual, but what we know is that certain strains open your mind to be productive, inspired and sexual. And studies do show that for "non-creative" people, weed seems to be even more effective in heightening creative juices. Hey, if it's legal where you are, it's worth a try.


Have a $hit-ton of sex.

Sounds like something we'd make up, but some lucky-ass researchers at University of Newcastle actually studied this. They found that having sex every day boosts creativity, especially when it's done with different partners. brb...

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Flip through a (sexy) coffee table book.

 Pictures are a quick way to stimulate your visual intelligence and unlock your imagination, especially if you're working on solving a problem. The more editorial and creative the imagery, the more you expand your creativity. Keep a stash available when you need to tap that flow.



with a dog, a deck of cards, a video game to open your flow, distract your mind from stress. You'll open your creative freedom when you unblock yourself from distractions, obligations and all that sh*t spinning in your head.


Work out.

A new study from researchers in Austria found that the more you exercise, the more creative and imaginative you are. Yes, sex counts as exercise (refer to previous tip.). In fact, research shows that both men and women experience a surge in testosterone and sex drive post-workout, so get your sweat sesh in at the gym then do a repeat between the sheets.


Lose yourself in something you love.

Know when you're in the zone and time seems to stop? Usually it's something you're so passionate about, you forget everything else. That's your creative flow. Find that thing, harness it and take that bitch to bed.

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Immerse yourself in an art museum.

You simply can't be surrounded by all that artistic energy and not feel it. If museums don't do it for you, try touring a collector's mansion or deep-diving into a niche gallery like the (sadly now closed) Velveteria, a velvet painting museum in Portland and L.A.


See live music. 
What's your jam? A seedy jazz bar? A burlesque show? Outdoor concert? The symphony? A blues festival? Find what moves you, literally, and make it happen.


Harness your erotic energy. 
Lingerie fashion show, anyone? Even the act of trying on your sexiest bustiers, bodysuits, catsuits or fvck-off bras will stoke that fire. Bonus points for doing it in candlelight and making yourself a cocktail.

How do you keep your creative fire ignited, lover? 👇💋

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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