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One of the most delicious gifts of self-love you can give yourself is a boudoir photoshoot. If you don't have a photographer near you, use this DIY checklist to create your own. You don't need to be a pro, just be open-minded, and remember, the photos can be for your eyes only. Trust us, when you see yourself wrapped in lingerie, workin' those luscious poses, under lighting that strikes your sexiest assets, you'll fall in lust.   


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1 week until boudoir shoot


Get your lingerie ready — have multiple choices on hand (think bustiers, bodysuits, corsets, bra and panty sets, garters — for your different moods.

Make playlists — organize your favorite beats… consider having hype songs, lusty songs, lazy songs for different moments and moods in the day 


Mask up to prep skin 


Get your affirmations ready to keep your mojo running high.


Create a digital moodboard or Pinterest page of poses you love.

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stunning @jetsettingjasmineTM rocks our Rider Bra, Boa Panty and Butterfly Waist Cincher

Book a friend or your lover to be your assistant if you need some moral support or help getting in and out of outfits  


Score sexy tips from a boudoir photographer 

1 to 2 days out from boudoir shoot


Stay extra hydrated for juicy, dewy skin 


Get a mani-pedi 


Apply another face mask for extra hydration

babe: @saint.arson 📸: @colettepark
babe: @saint.arson 📸: @colettepark

Organize your props — think a full-length mirror, a lush chair, faux fur throws, roses or rose petals, bubbles for a bubble bath, etc. — and keep them minimal. You’ll want to spotlight your body, not random objects in your space. Check your lighting to find the most flattering places to shoot (both natural and lamps) 



Choose spots to shoot that make you feel sensual, powerful, playful… and think outside the bedroom


Declutter the space(s) so it’s clean and shoot ready


Knock out your list of poses (remember: these are easy, it’s all about the lighting and your attitude)

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shoot day 


Book a blowout so you feel pampered and get a look you love 


Kick off pre-game with your playlists


Exfoliate and moisturize head to toe for that all-over glow 


Use a tripod with a remote, timer or a partner at the helm 


Pop a bottle of champagne or make your signature drink to loosen up the mood


Stay positive and have a fucking blast

What lingerie are you wearing for your at-home boudoir photoshoot? 👇💋

boudoir xxx, Lunatic Femme

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get your mind ready for your boudoir photoshoot