If you're looking for a reason to stay in bed, brew some coffee and hit play for some lazy, blissful, no-time-on-the-clock, how-slowly-can-I-lick-this-syrup-off-your-body beats. We love this roundup for its warm, chill, slow-to-medium tempos that feel like one long, luscious, languorous stretch between the sheets. Think mood not genre, like indie-folk, r&b, electronic, synth-pop and a bunch of sexy randomness that urge you to stay in bed all damn day + please each other (or yourself). Lube and food delivery are probably in order.  Want more curated sexy playlists for all your moods, mindsets and lingerie? Follow us on Spotify


 what beats make you roll over and love the one you're with sunrise to sunset? 👇💋