erotica podcast: blair's birthday wish comes true x 2

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I stared deep into Tom’s eyes. I lifted up from my afternoon nap and sat right in front of him. After almost three years together, our relationship had only gotten deeper. I felt connected to my body and own electricity with him in a way where I was ready for him to see me even more, to give no fucks, to expose myself.

“What do you want to do for your birthday, my love?”

I paused, finding the exact words for what I truly wanted to ask for. “I want to feel your Dom. I want to be your subby little sex kitten. Maybe revisit that fantasy we’ve been talking about?” I purred as I raised one eyebrow without breaking eye contact.

His eyes widened. Tom and I had a great sex life, but this simple iteration of this particular fantasy felt so electric inside of me. It made my clit pulse just talking about it. He paused, stunned and held me there in his laser focus for a second longer than felt comfortable.

“Done! Let me figure it out. This weekend.”

I loved when he got like this. On a mission, business mode, focused as fuck, like I’d caught him in a tense moment at the firm, but I was the most urgent project that his career rode on.

“I’ll make some calls.” He grabbed the baby, I kissed her forehead, he put her on his hip and headed downstairs. The baby was scheduled to be with the nanny this weekend anyway. What was a simple readjustment in Saturday night’s schedule anyway? No one knew what we were up to. Just Tom and I.

“OMG,” I gasped. I couldn’t believe we were finally making this happen.

I sat crossed-legged in his oversized band t-shirt, the haze still in my eyes, as I gazed out the window as the sloping sun dipped in the afternoon sky behind our sheer curtains and grinned.

Could I just be the luckiest girl in the world?

Scrambling to my closet, I had an idea of what I’d wear. I thumbed through the clicking hangers, my lingerie swinging past: black, black, dark purple, black, black, red, hot pink, silver sequins, fishnets, BLACK LACE. There she is. Mine! My “déjà vu 11 bodysuit.” This one spoke to me. She was nasty. She cinched my curves in the most provocative, regal way. In her, I was elevated.

I grabbed her and threw her onto my bathroom countertop with a pair of my favorite red platform lace heels. She and I had a relationship. She was my birthday present, last year, before the baby came. I was finally in a place where I felt accepting of my postpartum body. Sexier even, in more than one way. She was a foreshadowing of tonight. I could feel it. I’d been gazing at her all year, hanging there all nuzzled in with my other lingerie, just waiting for the right night.

I took my time getting ready, making sure my pussy was perfectly manicured, scrumptious, edible. I smudged my eyes with kohl and blotted my lips a deep, rich raspberry hue. My heart pounded with anticipation. I ran downstairs.

“A car will be here in 10 minutes.”

“Oh yeah?... and where will this ‘car’ be taking us?” I asked in air quotes as I peeked up through a veil of blonde bangs.

He walked toward me from across the kitchen slowly but with the focus of a lion out for a hunt. I had caught his attention. Something palpable had shifted. A hunger, a craving, an animal… his animal.

“Your supplication is required from here forward, my Good Girl,” he whispered with a stern breath as he took my chin in his hands before he cradled his lips around my bottom lip. “Understand?”

A rhetorical question indeed. We had shifted from “husband and wife,” “Mama and Dada,” to “Sir and ‘My Good Girl.” Something few couples could pull off, but we could. I could. He could.

“Yes Sir.”

My pussy went from pleasantly moist to undeniably wet. This was the most delightfully diabolical part of our relationship. Deliciously high-risk and a certain type of dynamism that made him irreplaceable to me. I loved him. That’s why I wanted to be his dirty little slut for the night. Not that I wasn’t always…

“It’s time.” He opened the front door for me.

I gathered my belongings for the evening and headed out to a black SUV waiting for us in the driveway. I didn’t want to know where we were going. I trusted him. I trusted his every move. The car ride was simple, quiet, smoothe. And as the sun lay snuggly behind the horizon and the sky shifted from dusk to game on, we pulled up to an estate. Our wheels crunching on gravel as we pulled to a stop in the circle drive.

“This way, my Good Girl.” Tom extended his hand and led me out and up the impressive steps to an even more opulent front door. He knocked twice and rang the doorbell twice. A code of sorts.

The door opened just enough to see an older woman’s face peer through.

“Yes?” She queried with a knowing grin that drew up from the corners of her aged mouth.

“Pineapple upside down cake.”

“Ah! We’ve been anticipating your arrival Mr. Goodwin. This way, please.”

And as she pulled open the door, my mouth almost dropped. She motioned for us to follow her in and lead us up another curved flight of stairs that led to a next level.

I held in a giggle at how long he’d had this one in his back pocket, just waiting for the inception of my desire. This was clearly not my idea. If anyone could pull out my submission, it was Tom. It was only Tom.

The hostess led us to a suite that sprawled out into a few rooms from the main grand room. It must have been half the floor that was now ours. The walls were painted a deep emerald with art deco chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. I could already count three and we hadn’t even seen the whole space. Huge, overstuffed sofas offered themselves up in opulent patterns and warm autumn colors. An oversized, stone fireplace crackled in the background creating the softest flickering shadows on the ceiling. I was immediately at ease. Tom seemed pleased but unmoved by the scale of this place.

It seemed to be a small mansion for… events? And I think I knew exactly what kind of event we were headed into.

“I’ll let you take it from here, Mr. Goodwin.” Our hostess closed the door behind her.

“Set your bag down.” Tom licked his lips as he unzipped my bag. “Put her on.”

“Yes, Sir.” I reached in to retrieve my bodysuit.

“Take off your clothes and change into her right here.” he whispered to me clearly. “Slower, please. I want to see all of you,” he adjusted.

I did as I was told. I peeled off my dress, shimmied it down my thick thighs until it made a lazy circle my red heels.

“Take off your panties.”

And as I did, he bent down before me. “Part your legs, my Good Girl.”

I did as I was told. He touched his nose to the slit of my vulva and inhaled. “Fuck!” he whispered before taking a small lick up my clit, leaving a vague sheen on my rosy labia. He savored my lips for a moment. My head dropping back as a chill echoed over my skin like a wrinkle in a pool of water.

“I want you to understand something before I introduce you to the rest of the evening.” He thoughtfully gathered his words as he came to a stand. “You’re mine first. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Put your bodysuit on and come into the bedroom when you’re finished. When you come in, we won’t be alone. Do not be shocked. Everyone has been thoroughly vetted for our safety and I need you to trust me, okay?”

“Yes, Sir.” My heart raced.

I pulled into my déjà vu 11. This black, boned bodysuit molded to my body with purpose. Swooping up the cinch of my waist like a tight hug and dripping with an intricate system of straps that grazed over the meaty part of my hip and upper thighs. The bodice arched, which was a delicate midnight lace, revealed the top of my ribs and pushed my swollen, milk-filled breasts up to my collarbone. It simply didn’t quit. An intimate woven system of straps covered my shoulders and chest, clipping together with beautiful gold claps at a wide, satin collar around my neck. Something about a collar around my neck sent a bolt of yes down my belly. I tugged at it a little and grinned.

I ran my fingertips over my body while the fire popped in the distance. This is where feminine met masculine, my life-giving body met my eroticism, where Dominance met submission, where penetration met surrender. I had never felt so sexy in my life. I slowly walked into the marble bathroom for one last look. 

We had done so much to get to this night. I wanted to take my time… to soak in all of this goodness, to have full approval for how turned on I was. I leaned into the mirror, refreshed my raspberry-colored lips. I was ready.

I swaggered to the bedroom door and put my hand on the knob. Closing my eyes and I felt into my pussy. I was so wet and ready. I turned the knob. And as it opened, I spotted Tom. He sat in a large armchair toward the back of the room with a slight shadow cast over the top of him and flanking either side of him were two of the most gorgeous, broad and bearded men I’d ever seen. I threw my head back with the most vague giggle. 

I wanted to fall to my knees with gratitude as I realized what he had curated for me… for how full out he plays this erotic game with me. I collected myself and settled back in my body, preparing for his next command.

“This is Theo,” Tom pointed to his left.

“It’s nice to meet you Theo.” 

“And this is Luke,” as he gestured to his right.

“A pleasure to meet you, Luke.” 

My mouth was salivating. Gently bowing, I waited for my next command.

“Go ahead and take a seat on the bed, my Good Girl.”

I did as I was told and made my way to the edge of the bed where I sat squarely just before my knees began to part slightly. Whatever came next I was ready for.

“Which one would you like first, my Good Girl?” 

“Luke please, Sir.”

Luke was around 6’5”, with blondish short hair and a full beard. He and Theo stood like two imported guard dogs. Primed and eager for their first command.

They knew how to dress: snug tailored suits, sophisticated, understated with so much BDE, it practically dripped off of them. 

Luke walked over to me and stared down at me with a set of icy blue eyes and big full lips.

“Bring her to her first climax, Luke.” 

Luke did as he was told and knelt before me. His broad shoulders widening my knees apart as I made space for his mouth. I didn’t dare lean back just yet. I wanted to witness the moment his tongue tasted me for the first time. The expression on his face, his appetite for more, to feel his hunger for me. 

My mouth watered as he pulled the crotch of my bodysuit to the side, revealing my rosy, moist  pussy perched for pleasure. My eyes met Tom’s as Luke’s lips gently pressed against my labia, kissing me one clear time. He studied my body with a soft gaze, taking in the piece of art in front of him before making his way up me, his hands trailing up and over my bodysuit, his fingers getting caught in the harness as he gently cupped each breast.

His pointer finger tucked right into the top of my collar and he ran the pad of his finger on the underside of it, making me painfully aware of the torturous pleasure he was about to inflict on me. I didn’t dare protest.

He put his attention back on my pussy lips, which were still fully revealed and naked with my bodysuit perfectly to the side where he left it.

He tucked his bottom lip under his top teeth before opening his mouth and running the tip of his long, wet tongue over my clit. I didn’t break eye contact with Tom. Luke parted my legs wider and drew my knees up and open before unsnapping the center of my bodysuit.

Click, click. Luke peeled apart the silk and dove into me with a level of expertise and skill I’d only ever dreamed of. I relinquished Tom’s gaze as my lower back arched into a state of utter bliss. Luke’s tongue sucking and flicking the magic right out of me. The dance of Luke’s tenderness and raw devouring nature had me in a chokehold. And I never forgot for a moment that he was at Tom’s mercy.

“Would you like to feel Theo now, my Good Girl?” 

“Yes, please, Sir.” I’d never wanted anything more in my life.

“Theo, go ahead and join Luke. Luke, you and Theo can work together on her.”

Theo did as he was told and joined Luke in the highest sensational threesome I’d ever fantasized about. Theo’s hands clutched my hipbones on either side as he flipped me to my stomach in one masterful swoop.

Fuck that was smooth!

My bare ass and pussy elevated perfectly in the air, Theo gave each of my holes a taste. Their tongues began to dance inside of me, Theo pulling my labia apart so they could both get a better look at their dessert for the night. And as I allowed myself to open into all the hunger of all three of my men, I felt myself climbing up the rollercoaster of bliss. Luke slowly inserting two fingers inside of me, made room for Theo to work on me as I tick, tick, ticked up in escalated pleasure, just before pushing me right to the edge, they took their attention off of my pussy and began to reveal themselves to me.

Theo took my hand and placed it gently over his hard cock under his jeans. I felt my body gasp at the size. My hand full of his pulsing desire. I looked over at Luke and took ahold of him too. Both of my hands were occupied with two of the most delicious-looking cocks I’d ever seen. I wanted to taste them both… at the same time. And that’s exactly what I did. Slowly, feeling it all, tasting it all. With two big, beautiful, hard dicks in my mouth, my eyes met Tom’s.

He was touching himself. Watching his wife about to be fucked by two men and he could stop it at any time. We were at Tom’s mercy and service. Our pleasure was his. I felt my own lubrication run down my inner thigh as I stroked Luke and Theo with wonder in my eyes.

“Baby, do you want to get fucked?" Tom offered with a sense of urgency in his voice.

“Oh yes, please, Sir… please!” I couldn’t hide my own eagerness.

“Which one would you like, my good girl?”

I’d never had a man of Theo’s stature and girth. His resemblance to a Samoan god felt dangerous and made me feel elevated in some way. I wanted to take him inside of me enthusiastically. My pussy was so ready, I think she could take anything at this point.

“Theo, my love.”

“Her wish is your command, gentlemen.”

“I want both of you… at the same time.” The brave request oozing out of me.

I was ready for both of them to take me there. To orgasm in front of three of the hottest men I’d ever seen… one of them being my loyal, devoted husband.

I held my breath, then opened a little, deepening my breath, filling my lungs and belly with as much fullness as I could muster as Theo prepared my pussy, stroking her, licking her, sucking her, lightly massaging her and then finally tasting my mouth, our tongues saturated in ecstasy, moving back down to enter me.

Luke continued to tend to my clit, taking me up, then down, then back up as Theo stroked slowly, deeply inside of me. I could feel myself getting closer. Staying in the vulnerability of how much I was willing to be seen with not just one man, but three. I was about to let myself come.

And with a long, breathy exhale, I reached up to kiss Theo as he dipped into my dripping pussy, I laid back on the bed, my heels rocking with every thrust. I pushed my clitoris out ever so slightly into Luke’s mouth, opening myself to him even more fully. 

The more I opened, the more I could feel. Until the most unbridled, writhing orgasm unfurled from deep inside my pelvis. An audible, very unpretty groan came from my mouth and as I looked up from a state of pure ecstasy, Tom’s eyes met mine as he leaned in to kiss me. I melted into him.

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