make sure your sex date has a happy ending with our sexy playbook

When everything on your date agenda is optional except the sex, you can still ensure this sure things had some surprise, delight and fun. We've listed some things to pack (or have on hand, if you're staying in) to maximize pleasure and minimize the “oh fuck, I forgot”s.


sex date: prep

mini speakers

Prep a sexy playlist to set the mood — and by mood we mean, your mood — then stash a set of portable speakers for creating discreet ambiance wherever you are…. beaches, backyard, terrace, rooftop, car top, topless, you get the idea.

sex date, speakers

stock up on edible aphrodisiacs

Think the freshest figs, the meltiest chocolates, the juiciest berries, oysters on the half shell…

update your cocktail cart 

While we're always down for whiskey, gin is a natural aphrodisiac and champagne is just sexy. Keep your bar stocked for seduction (of yourself or your fav lover).


gift yourself a pre-game soak

You don't need an excuse for a self-care spa moment, but if you did, a sex date is the perfect excuse. Add salts, oils, bubbles, scrubs, rose petals, the works. Sexy myth: legend has it that Aphrodite named the rose after her son Eros making it the sexiest, most erotic of flowers. Regardless, petals + bubbles + tub time shifts you into that pre-game mood.

prime your erotic engine

Whether it’s muscular exertion, building up a sweat, snagging a Swedish massage, or the feeling of feathers tickling your skin, know your erotic trigger and get your sexy pre-game on.

prep your power source 

Yoni eggs harness the energetic power of crystals while also toning up those interior vag muscles. Or, if you want to feel seriously tighter and stronger, work some vaginal weights.

erotic ice cubes

Not just for sexing up cocktails anymore, sexy ice cubes, like these ready-to-play rosebuds, do double duty when used for temperature play. Fill them with edible flowers for drinks or body play.

sex date pose

sex date: pack

sex date


find a sex date fit that won't quit

We love a bodysuit that doubles for play and more play. Slip this date-night lingerie under your sexiest fit (if you're going out) or pack it for after-hours play. If you're surprising your lover, remove the harness and re-attach when you're ready to tease.

pack (or stash) some mini lube

Whet your appetite and theirs with these lube minis to go by Personal Fav. They're mini versions of Whet, their silky, plant-based, aphrodisiac-packed formula made to add some sexy glide to your ride. Sexy fact: These beauties fit into our Rider Balconette Bra for sexy portability.

best sex lube

don't forget the condoms

I mean, do we need an explanation? Consider this your reminder to not leave it to a penis to provide.

curate your accessories

Slip your fave playthings into your handbag liek mini sex toys like discreet vibes, floggers, feathers, beads, whatever fits your sex-date mood.

clean up on aisle 6…

When your lover leaves a “deposit”, we love these insanely genius Dripsticks by Awkward Essentials that remove all messy, post-sex evidence that he was even there.

dripstick, sex date


stash your playthings 

Our Threesome 3-Piece Play Pack discreetly (and luxuriously) holds your favorite date-night lingerie and gear from toys, lubes and condoms to your silkiest, sexiest lingerie sets. The largest size features detachable shibari-style ropes for securing your lover's wrists or ankles if they're game.

sex date: to-do list

sex toy buffet

If you're staying home, lay out some kinky toys and see what your fuck buddy is up for — it’s a good opportunity to chat consent, boundaries, preferences…. even if they're a long-time lover.

role play

Do you usually take the lead? Do you always play the same roles? Switch it up. Your sex dates should be anything but routine.

book new sex digs

One of our fav sex-date aficionados books their hottest sex dates at the seediest (and, yes, cleanest), by-the-hour hotel featuring floor-to-ceiling (and ceiling) mirrors, plus tiles floors. It's high on thrills and 360-degree views so always worth the “splurge.”

change up the rules

If you're sex dating with the same partner, keep it fresh by creating new rules to the game. Blindfolds only? Only lips with tied up hands? No lips, only hands? Do you take turns stripping off a piece of clothing to keep it insanely slow and luscious?

test-drive something from your bucket list

Sex dates are prime time for play. Is there a new sex position you've been stretching your hamstrings for? A tongue move your g-spot has been fantasizing about? Ask for what you want.

start out in the wild

A sex club, a sex party, cabaret, burlesque. Treat yourself to some voyeuristic pre-gaming to build up anticipation even more.

What sex date tips, tricks + techniques do you reco for a luscious date, night, weekend of pleasure? Drop your tips in the comments below.

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