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"Hey baby, what's your sign?" takes on a whole new level of meaning when you're armed with Nadège's (she/they) bestselling new book Sextrology, a sexual and astrological deep-dive into understanding each zodiac sign's sexual subconscious, secret erogenous zone and lust compatibility. The goal? Your highest, juiciest potential in sexy, personalized detail.
Who better to tell you why you're drawn to polyamory or like the back of your neck licked than a sex scholar, professional astrologer and bestselling author? Nadège’s erotic wellness brand, Pleasure Science, has been empowering erotic lives since 2019 through events, workshops and coaching, and you've probably seen her in Cosmopolitan, Bustle magazine, Kink.com and the History Channel. Follow this self-proclaimed sex nerd on Instagram and TikTok for news, tips, research on sex, plus a sneak peek into her event calendar (we met her when she hosted an online shibari workshop). Grab your copy of Sextrology or a virtual Sextrology chart reading with  Nadège, and in the meantime, check out this yummy interview to see why you need to be in her orbit... 


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You just released your new book, Sextrology, what are some ways we can use this book to go deeper into our sexual journeys?



One empowering way to use the Sextrology book to understand your sexual subconscious. In this book, I explain each zodiac sign’s sexual archetype — helping you become aware of your erotic patterns and understand why your instincts inspire certain actions.  I also explore lust compatibility, which is something I wish our culture normalized more. There are so many ways to explore romantic and erotic connection, like an open marriage for instance! When we normalize our capacity to lust we normalize the feelings of honesty and sexual pleasure.  


Your book says that our sexuality can help us reach our highest potential — how? 



Sexuality is one of the core areas of life. Keep in mind, sexuality does not mean “having sex”. You can be asexual and use sexuality to reach your highest potential.  The key to sexual empowerment is understanding your needs, desires and boundaries — and honoring all three of these things. When you can stand in the truth and constant evolution of your sexuality, you are standing in the power of your worth. 

"Psychology has found that your sexual needs will find a way to get met, regardless of if you are conscious of them or not."

— Nadège

And what is our highest sexual potential? 



This is one of the great questions of life, like discovering what your life purpose is or who your soul mates are. You define your sexual potential by learning how to listen to your inner voice. What do you need in order to feel cherished and open? How do you feel safe and ready to receive pleasure? What type of sex life do you want? This is a lifelong journey, and books like mine can help you find clarity as you walk your path. 

I love that you say that the info in your book is designed to be “digested with a curious heart” — for those who aren’t innately curious, what are some ways to start stoking sexual curiosity? 



I think that everyone is curious; it is about honoring where you are at in your life and finding your version of excitement.  If you are someone who is going through a time of low libido, recognize that this happens to everyone. Nothing in life is permanent and it can help to give yourself permission to feel uninterested in sex.  If you are someone who has never been interested in sex, you may be on the Ace — or asexual — spectrum. This is a beautiful and vibrant community, feel free to email welcome@pleasurescience.com for resources on asexuality or Ace influencers you should be following! There are also people who grew up in communities that associate sex with shame and purity with worthiness. This can make you feel like you are corrupting yourself if you succumb to your sexual curiosities. I’m sorry if this happened to you, it is not your fault. Studies show that it is very healthy to enjoy masturbation and sex. It can improve your immune system and brain chemistry, specifically how your brain processes emotions. At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to be sexually curious. Honor your curiosity and take all the time you need. 

And for those who feel like they’ve tapped out their curiosity, how can you continue to peel the onion of your sexual desires? 



If you feel tapped out, take a break! Sex is an energetic activity and we can burn a lot of carbs when we do it. All great athletes take breaks during a game and need an off season to lay low. You want to know why they do this? Because there is power in the pause. Don’t feel like you have to push yourself beyond your limit to please another person or prove something to yourself. Honor your limits and see what discoveries you make in your time of rest.

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I’m a Pisces so naturally read that sign first :) and was surprised to read that one of our main erogenous zones, feet, have more nerve endings than penises. Beyond, say a good foot (or wherever) rub, what are some off-the-radar ways for any sign to re-engage erogenous zones? 



Give yourself or your lover a massage while being blindfolded. Blindfolds heighten the sensation of touch, better allowing us to find arousing body parts. If by yourself, add to the mood by playing sensual music and lighting scented candles. Allow your fingers to slide over different areas of skin and see if any areas feel arousing. Keep in mind that parts of the body that fold tend to be sensitive (knees, arm pits, fingers, toes, etc.) If you are doing this activity with a lover, I recommend agreeing that there isn’t an expectation for sex. This is an intimacy playdate! Set the mood as desired and grab your favorite massage oil. Remember that communication is lubrication, so use this exercise to practice giving each other feedback about touch. Whether you are doing this solo, with a lover, or with several lovers, it can be a delightful game that engages new erogenous zones.  

What’s one Sextrology hack we can do today to have better sex later today? 



Buy my book! ;) 

You’re also a trained Dominatrix… what are some aha moments you’ve gotten from that practice? 



That the best sex happens when you feel comfortable and safe enough to talk about your needs and say, “no, thank you” without fear of retribution.  Also, leather is really sexy. 

When it comes to pleasure and self-discovery, what are some ways we self-sabotage? 



Psychology has found that your sexual needs will find a way to get met, regardless of if you are conscious of them or not. This is why seeking out a sex therapist or qualified sex coach/mentor can be very helpful. One of the biggest ways we self-sabotage is by ignoring the connection between our sexuality and our mental health.

"At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong way to be sexually curious. Honor your curiosity and take all the time you need."

— Nadège

Finally, we’re obviously a lingerie brand and I’m wondering what are some ways people can use lingerie to discover more, play more, etc.? 



Lingerie is a sensual tool that all genders can use to connect to the body. From a visual perspective, wearing lingerie can be self-esteem boosting. It can feel empowering to see your body, flattered by lace, in the mirror and accept yourself. Lingerie is also a delicate luxury. You are worthy of luxury and investing in lingerie can be an empowering reminder of that.  Lingerie can also be a way we reclaim our body after people call us ugly, fat or misgender us. Lingerie reminds us that we get to indulge in our beauty and celebrate it no matter what.  Of course, it is also a very fun way to seduce a lover! 

How did this sextrology hot take with Nadège stir or ignite something in you? 👇💋

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