wanna feel sexier? hook up with these tips

We'll say it again, your pleasure is all about you and absolutely nothing is sexier. Turn off the phone or [insert distraction here] and try some easy tips for shifting into your pleasure zone so you feel your sexiest.

12 ways to feel sexy

You’re at your hottest when you’re in your bliss. And personally, we believe that we’re far more wired for joy, juice, lust, love, passion than we are for all of those daily demands. In fact, the sexier and more in the flow we feel, the more enjoyable everything else becomes, including our To Do list. 

We’ve shared a few simple tips for feeling sexier below… These might seem pretty tame but they work.

  Know your body. 

You’ve probably noticed one of lunatic femme's rules to live by is that it’s all about you. The issue is that most of us haven’t made the time to really get to know what makes us — our bodies — feel sexy. We get it, there’s a thing called life. But use this as your sign to spend a little more time digging into what gets your hips grinding, your skin tingling, your mouth watering just a touch. And even if it’s just a for a few minutes, discover something new.  

Set the tempo. 

Don’t take cues from Hollywood or the Valley unless you can climax in under 60 seconds with zero foreplay. And, is that really the goal? If your partner is a man, he’ll probably say, ‘Fuck yeah that’s the goal’ but back here in reality, that’s not how most women are wired (see previous bullet). Slow their roll and let the pressure, intensity and experience build for both of you.   

Cultivate your own touch.

Explore with your fingertips, your nails, the palms of your hand, the heel of your foot, your toe…. Wear a blindfold to activate your senses... Discover what movement, what tempo, what pace, what pressure titillates you. Become an expert in the art of touching, moving, arousing your own body, and we guarantee, they’ll be taking tips and pointers and learning to give you as much pleasure as you give yourself. 

Have something in your ear. 

Maybe it’s that sexy song that always takes you away to your special place. Maybe it’s that voice [an actor/actress, an ad, audible… who knows where you heard it but it’s stuck in your head and it gets you every time]. Maybe it’s that line from a movie, or that poem, or that prose you read as a little girl that made you melt… what’s your word porn? What’s your voice porn? Let your ears be the gateway to your pleasure.

Get your hands dirty. 

Dig them in the soil, knead that dough, run them through that bowl of salad as the water erupts from the faucet, eat with your hands…. Slip your fingers into the grist of life and let it make you feel alive, sensual, connected, erotic.

ways to feel sexier in shibari rope

Create something… anything. 

The same energetic flow that sweeps through us and ignites us, the one that spiritual and sexual and creative, is only different in how we express it. Want to tap into it? Throw paint, throw pottery, throw cheese on a charcuterie board, throw fabric over a mannequin. Doesn’t really matter what the creative endeavor is, just that you stir that God/universe/flow energy in you and really feel it. And when you feel it, so will they. 

Set the mood. 

Ambience is everything. Throw red fabric over a lamp. Light a match and set some candles blazing. Use your most delicious fragrance as room spray. Throw rose petals on the floor. Fill a vase [or five] with an abundance of blooms. Walk barefoot on the floor boards, or the carpet, or whatever turns you on. Bottom line is that when you surround yourself in a mood, it's virtually impossible to not be in that mood. 

Discover your kink.

We all have one. What’s yours? 

Bury yourself in a little erotica.

That lazy Sunday morning armchair reading doesn’t have to be a news update or that stack of unread biographies you “should” eventually get to. How about some a.m. dirty talk with your coffee? There doesn’t have to be an end game or a goal, other than it feels fucking good to get lost in the pages of a fantasy. 

Keep a secret. 

Maybe it’s your "sluttiest" lingerie (is there such a thing?), a black silk bodysuit you can't keep your hands off of, maybe it’s your body jewelry, maybe it’s your leather wrist band (that’s really a cock ring in disguise) or maybe it’s that stash of CBD lube you’ve got hidden in your clutch (or slathered on your thighs) for just the right moment. Mystery has a way of igniting our naughtier side. It’s up to you how you stoke it and when (or if) you reveal it.  

Upgrade your bag of tricks. 

Cruise by a sex shop, take a workshop, hit a strip club. You don't go full sex whip, bdsm, kink. Start slowly if you're not a pro. Stretching your boundaries and your skill set can help break up monotony, unlock hidden or latent parts of you, re-ignite your drive and more. Not to mention, a few kinky stories will up your street cred at dinner parties.

Smoke it if you got it... CBD, that is.

If it's legalized in your state, then we meant CBD or THC. Bottom line, herbal remedies can fast-track you into the feeling sexier in seconds flat. Pass the torch, please. What makes you feel your sexiest? Details please...

xxx, Lunatic Femme

feel your sexiest in kink-inspired silk

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