morning habits you wont want to break.

It seems like all the high-powered, slay-the-day, own-the-world, make-millions-before-dawn executive books have us meditating, journaling, cold-showering and working out all before 5 am, but they leave out the lustiest ways to boost your mood, activate your creativity and jumpstart your body: SEX. We're no billionaires, but we can't help but think that sex and success aren't mutually exclusive. Certainly you can tally up a few orgasms and make a savvy stock trade all before noon (and maybe hit that spinning class)? Check out 11 lusty little morning habits you can incorporate to make mornings sexier and more satisfying, while also setting up the rest of your day for mad fvcking success. xxx

  1. Wake up before the alarm and snag a sloppy, messy O while you’re still in that half-asleep state.

  2. Grab a deep-stretch sesh under the sheets to get the blood and body moving. If you're lucky, you might get your limbs entangled with someone else's.

  3. Avoid your phone until your body wakes. Instead, feel the sheets against your skin, your lover's body, the smell of coffee, the scent of your bedding. Staying in the moment and off screens opens you to possibilities IRL.

  4. Really taste and smell your first cup of coffee, tea, whatever to activate your senses.
  5. Replace your morning success mantra ("I'm gonna slay my job") with a morning sex mantra ("I'm gonna slay those sheets/that vagina/that d" or, ya know, whatever works for you ;)

  6. If you’ve got a morning gratitude ritual, add to it… give yourself (or your partner) 5 compliments to deepen that connection.

  7. Share a sexy dream (or fantasy) to get that lust stirring. The more specific and visual, the better.

  8. Carve out a few minutes for coffee talk if you’re partnered up. Share what’s going on with your day, what you’re excited about or what delicious plans you have for their body post-work. Connected conversation in the a.m. can carry that thirst throughout the day.

  9. Sex up your shower → If you’re partnered up, join them. If you’re sudsing solo, then imagine you’re showering with your crush and take an insanely long time cleaning every inch of your body.

  10. Trade your breakfast of champions for a breakfast of sex warriors — a bite of gooey, rich dark chocolate or a piping hot croissant (not a euphemism) — put you in that indulgent frame of mind. It'll be a good reminder to burn extra calories later that day.

  11. Adorn your body in something ravishing whether it’s body jewelry, body makeup or your sexiest fvck-off garter belt — only you have to know it’s there.

What are you doing in the morning to have a great sex life?👇

xxx, Lunatic Femme

pair some lingerie with your next sex class

pair some lingerie with your next sex class