because foreplay needs a slow, drippy, sexy AF playlist

When you want that lusty, yummy, drippy, last-all-night soundtrack to dive into your pleasure, cue this up, lover. Think dark r&b, achy electro, metal-punk, brassy rock and stretchy-slow hip-hop that stirs and tempts your body, inspires your inner hedonist and sparks your cravings for sex that lasts deliciously, infinitely long. Hit play and take yourself to the edge and back, over and over with Dana Dentata, Tanerélle, Mad Season, Pour Vous, Tricky, Ayelle, The White Stripes and more.  Want more curated sexy playlists for all your moods, mindsets and lingerie? Follow us on Spotify xxx

Share what types of foreplay-ready music makes you take things deliciously slow below…

xxx, Lunatic Femme

ummmm did someone order foreplay?

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