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"Don't make a big life decision before you have an orgasm." 

Dr. Emily Morse, Sex with Emily



"I think it's really important that when we become more aware of ourselves and we keep being intentional, and we prioritize sex in our lives, that we can really expand what joy is to us. We can expand on our feelings. We can have orgasms in different ways… Be intentional about prioritizing sex in your life." 

interview with sex expert, author Marla Renee Stewart 



"What happens when we avoid feeling and expression... especially the 'negative' emotions... is that we numb and cut ourselves off to the positive emotions, too. We block ourselves in both directions. Feeling it ALL is how we can actually stay most alive and embracing the duality of life, which is by definition tantra and how we can stay in the magical flow of true living." 

interview with Candice Leigh, Naked Yoga Therapy 



An Electric Life looks like living and creating with purpose, pleasure, passion in every aspect of your life. It's about understanding that there is gold to be mined from the dark as much as there is from our brightest moments, sometimes more. It's a true love of life as something sacred and to be honored and lived to its fullest. In a nutshell, it's leaving this Earth with no shoulda woulda coulda's left behind. 

interview with sex, life and movement coach, Anjua Maximo, founder of Electric Life coaching.



"The way we get [our power] back is by doing self-worth work every single day. In our bodies, our pussies, our desire, our vulnerability, our hearts... find your worth in all of those areas." 

interview with life, intimacy and relationship coach, Katie Henricks



"Lube it up! Just a few drops of this slippery stuff can expand your pleasure options exponentially. Lube isn’t simply a solution to a problem. It’s an essential part of pleasure for all types of sex play and it’s no surprise that those who use lube have more satisfying sex lives. So let your creative side shine as you lube it up." 

— Jessica O'Reilly, Sex with Dr. Jess



"I love to laugh during sex. Laughter is important to me all the time, but sometimes there’s this sweet moment that happens and you connect and laugh together while you’re having sex… I love that." 

interview with Jennifer Tracy, author, host of MILF podcast



"I feel like our eyes can lie to us so easily. They'll only see what we want to see. And if we were to use our other senses, especially how do I feel? How do I feel with this person, not touched by, but how do I emotionally feel with this person? You can call that checking your gut, heartfelt instinct, empathic, clairsentience or sentience. But if we check in with how we feel with a person, then when you align with that and you can feel your whole body goes, yes, yes, yes. And you will be swept away not just spiritually, but you'll be swept away mentally, emotionally and physically." 

interview with Jamie Butler, spiritual medium


"Now, when I speak of moaning, I don't mean the high-pitched screams you hear sprinkled with profanity that you hear on your favorite flick. I'm speaking about the low, vibrating sounds that seem to come from deep within. The moans that let's you know she's losing herself herself and enjoying you. That is the place every woman should be during sex in order for her to truly reach orgasm." 

Sex expert Tyomi Morgan, founder of The Cowgirl Workout 



 "I wish everyone would read the book Magnificent Sex by Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz [Routledge, 2020]. She describes the eight components of extraordinary sex, taken from interviews conducted with thousands of people over 15 years. My biggest takeaway from that research, which hopefully will be yours too, is that extraordinary sexual experiences are not reliant on position, orgasm or technique. Rather these components include things like embodied presence, vulnerability, empathic communication and authenticity. I want people to focus on those things, rather than the latest trick they picked up from a Cosmo article. Seriously, read the book. It’s a game changer." 

interview with sex + weed expert, Ashley Manta, the cannasexual 



 "Sexual energy, no matter its mood, is inherently creative. It’s a powerful energy that can be big and rambunctious. We all need to be in deeper relationship with our sexual energy because of how exiled (and distorted) it has been for centuries. Working with the different moods of your sexual energy is a way to be in relationship with it and the many ways it expresses. When we are in relationship with our sexual energy, we can harness and direct it toward anything we want to create including success, joy and pleasure in our daily lives." 

interview with Lara Catone, life coach, host of Powered by Pleasure podcast 



"I think sex is adult play. We get to be creative and have fun. I think being creative in how I access pleasure and kind of problem solving, too, and be willing to take risks in my relationship, and redefining our relationship so that we can feel like we're sexy cause we're two individual people versus like the way I think sometimes when you've been together for a long time, it feels less sexy." 

interview with Alex Fine, founder of Dame wellness products  



"I would say that to keep your creative juices flowing is the sex longevity tip that rock stars cultivate. The second chakra rules our sex organs, but it also is the energy center of creativity and abundance. Cultivate your creativity to keep your sexual longevity alive." 

interview with herban alchemist Dr. Gabrielle Francis, NYC-based rock doc, naturopath, chiropractor, bestselling author 



"...acceptance is sexy. That's something I'm learning. Acceptance of everything, your age, your body. Your life choices. And just simply being yourself. Just keep it basic. Acceptance. I keep saying acceptance, because it keeps popping up in my soul. Acceptance. That's sexy… it's never about the physical." 

interview with Faren Collins, founder of Farever Art 



"I think the metaphor is that if you live your life for you, not for or by someone else’s standards, you’ll eventually find your community, your tribe and your passions. Your vibe attracts your tribe. What vibe are you putting out into the world?" 

interview with cannabis baker, Christina Wong, Fruit and Flower  



"Cannabis-based products, both CBD and THC, can have a tremendous impact on how people have sex. I personally like to smoke a little one-to-one joint of hemp and cannabis. It just relaxes my whole body and mind before I take it down to pound town. It just can take you down enough to shift your perspective. You can just let go of the day's stress, become more open to receiving pleasure." 

interview with The Hemp Witch, Tessa Knudsen  


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