sex up your mantra in just 6 steps

When it comes to personal mantras, there’s no one size fits all. That’s because we’re all on unique paths with different motivations, internal drives, mental games and personalities. What ignites you personally is a result of your distinct life experiences and circumstances. So… the juiciest mantras for you will be the ones that tap into your psyche, your dreams, your motivations, your history, which is exactly why DIY affirmations work better than trying on a generic one that suits the world generally (but not you specifically).   Once you find that mantra that lights you up, that stirs what’s latent or hungry or urgent, that helps you think beyond what’s been holding you back, you’ll feel its impact every time you utter it. Below is a simple strategy designed to help you uncover the words, phrases, concepts that will lead to you the most impactful, soul-igniting personal mantra that wakes you — and the universe — up.  Ready to cue the manifesting? 

Yes. Yes. Yessss.

create you own personal mantra

Step 1: Focus your mantra

Picture a goal you desire (landing a new gig, taking better control of your stock portfolio or perfecting your oral sex game), a state of mind you need (I’m powerful, I’m limitless, I’m magic, I'm sexy AF) or a reality you’d like to achieve (I want a healthier body, I'd like to be more vocal about my needs, I want to trust myself more). If you already have a personal mantra and just need to spice it up, start with that.

Step 2: Frame your mantra in the present. 

Acting as if you already have what you desire helps raise your vibration and the energy around what you’re manifesting. This means “I want more confidence becomes “I am confident.” This shifts your focus off wanting and onto being, which also aligns your actions.  

Step 3: Juice up your mantra. 

Because mantras are supposed to be tailored to you, feel like you on a cellular level and work for you, they need to sound like you. And, because you want them to resonate with you — and manifest all that big-ass amazingness you desire – they need to be you on overdrive, full-tilt, over-the-top in your juiciest, yummiest state. 

Going back to the “I am confident…” example in Step 2. Confidence is great but can you dial it up? “I am insanely confident”… “I am rich with fearless confidence”… “I am confident, fearless, alive with possibility.”  Another example, if your original mantra is “I want to land a new gig” consider whether that’s really what you want? Do you simply want any new gig? Probably not. A makeover might look something like this: “I’m so happy my new gig aligns with my purpose and lights me up creatively, intellectually and spiritually every day.  The more you charge your mantra with meaning, purpose and fire, the more charge your results with meaning, purpose and fire.  

Step 4: Test your mantra.

Say the mantra aloud. Does it hit different? Is it juicy enough? Does it ignite you on a cellular level, make you tingle, send ripples through your body? Does it really land who you want to be, what you desire, what you want to achieve? If not, keep charging it with meaning, reworking the language until you find a personal mantra that truly fits personally (like that black bustier with the perfect push-up cups... you know the one ;).

Step 5: Do an authenticity check. 

Are you honestly having trouble believing what you’re saying? Do you let it sink in? One of the keys to making mantras work is owning them, otherwise you run the risk of saying them on autopilot versus creating energy and action around them. One trick is to imagine saying your mantra to your friend, or think of yourself as a friend saying it to you.

Step 6: Take your mantra on the road. 

To keep those good vibes flowing, mantra magic isn’t one and done. Repeat your power words throughout the day when you're moving, walking, meditating so they become your belief system. 

How did you sex up a basic mantra? Drop it in the comments 👇💋

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