use these sexy resolutions to boost your sex life year-round

Instead of new year, new you, we like to think of it as new year, sexier you. We don't need to be fixed, but we could use a heftier, lustier dose of passion, pleasure and play in our lives. Rather than the same old resolutions as last year (more exercise, more balance, healthier diet), why not dial up the heat by committing to working on things that deliver a juicier life? We've got 13 places to start and if these don't do it for you, tweak them so they work for you. Just remember, it's supposed to be fucking fun. 


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stoke my flames. 

It’s simple math, the more you do what ignites you, the more ignited you are. We suggest starting Jan 1 and then never ending.

rethink my sex bucket list. 

You're in a constant state of growth and evolution, so it only makes sense that your moods, mindsets, moments and appetite change, too. Use this time as an opportunity to get curious, stretch into your personal unknown and add some new, delicious experiences to your To-Do fuck list. 


stock (or re-stock) my sex bar. 

If you've got you're entire treasure of dildos, vibrators, masks, lubes, harnesses, cuffs [insert your fave thing here], stuff into a single drawer, it's time to upgrade to a sex bar. Got one already? Then now's the time to re-stock, add, play. 


get to know myself better.  

Do the same things still turn you on? Is there more to explore, more to unpack, more to discover? The more you know about you, the more easier you can tap into your superpowers. 


brush up on my skills.  

Whether it’s for you solo or both of you, dialing up your techniques can inspire creativity, curiosity, passion and lust. Stoke that sexual flame with a workshop, a sex shop or just your sweet-ass imagination.

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find pleasure everyday.  

Start a pleasure list that includes all the things that move, stir or ignite you from the small to insanely, lusciously, fvck-yeah big. Knock off something every day, and if your vision is radically large to achieve in a day, take little steps in that direction and watch the magic happen.  


schedule solo play. 

We know you know you should probably masturbate a little more. We're only saying that because if you're like most of us, you put yourself (and therefore your pussy) last on the TLC list. It's a new year, get a new lease on that v and take her for the ride(s) of her life. 


turn my boredom back to passion.  

Bust up your bedroom routines by identifying what’s stale or needs a little injection of passion. It doesn’t take a complete overhaul to make small, meaningful changes to bring back excitement. 


wear what makes me feel luscious.  

Curate and organize your lingerie closet/drawer. A lot of things change in a year, including your lovers, your lusts, your passions. Even though you once loved that bustier or wore that bodysuit like a uniform, it's okay to take what no longer "fits" out of rotation. Donate gently worn items that no longer work for you. Mend what’s fixable or toss items that are beyond repair. Add pieces that make you feel insanely delicious... a new bra and panty set, a bustier that rocks your curves, a garter you can't keep your fingers off of. 

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be more spontaneous. 

When you start letting your desires, opportunities and body drive in the moment, you discover more moments to fill with passion.  


take a body movement class. 

Nothing makes you feel more alive in your body than using her, working her, seeing her power in motion. Sign up for a zoom or in-person class to get those endorphins — and that body love — flowing.  


turn your space(s) in to places that turn you on. 

Dim the lights, light the candles, throw a stunning, fvck-off faux fur throw on your couch, turn your bed into a fvck palace you don't want to leave. Ambiance is everything, so set the stage for a yummier life. 


find a new mantra that fits me. 

A daily affirmation reminds you who you are and what you’re up to. If it doesn’t light your fire, it’s useless, so make sure you’re clear about what the you today needs and desires. 


laugh more… in bed. 

Sex is supposed to be fun. Bring back the pussy play


What sexy resolutions are you test-driving this year?  👇💋

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add new lingerie to your resolutions

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