jocelyn chambers: pie slinger, music maker, idea machine (+ other sexy superwoman $hit)

If you think that being a Hollywood composer for film, TV and ads is impressive enough, you haven't met Jocelyn Chambers. This self-described "creative-composer" has stretched the term multi-hyphenate to a completely new stratosphere, all before turning 25. She's worked on ads for Mercedes, Spotify, HBOMax, scored a masterclass, collaborated with the Houston Ballet (at 17), earned a coveted spot in NBCUniversal's Composer Initiative, founded Sweets by Jocelyn, a business she built when she was 9 that still thrives today, landed on Hulu's Bakers Dozen for her mad chefing skills, wrote a book and started "The I Am Loved Podcast" in her spare time to empower herself and others. 
(Whatever divine genius she's channeling or creative flow she's tapping, we'd like to score some, too.) 
Given all her creative prodigy and polymath firepower, naturally we asked her about sex playlists, self-discovery and charcuterie boards for lovers.
Put her career on your watch list and enjoy the read... 
jocelyn chambers
You describe yourself as a “composer-creative”... what does that mean?
Jocelyn Chambers (jc) I don’t believe in only pursuing one career in my lifetime! If I’m interested in multiple things, I’m going to do them all. I spend most of my time working as a composer, and I spend the rest of my time baking at Sweets by Jocelyn, brainstorming for my podcast, and envisioning my next 1,000 creative endeavors. Why should I choose when I can do everything?

"I’ve learned that my capacity of love for others has only increased with the love I’ve given myself." — Jocelyn

jocelyn chambers
You serve at the altar of your DNA — meaning you’ve said “creativity is who I am” — how do you stay true to who you are while cultivating your craft(s)?
jc Life on social media is so messy, because we’re constantly inundated with the newest captivating thing. I always feel pressured to make my art flashier so it garners more attention, so I check myself, knowing the moment I start to make my art look shiny and captivating, it’s no longer for me. With music, I use texture and color to create feeling. With baking, I use flavor to honor old traditions and create new ones. I’m allowed to expand/add/subtract, and as long as I’m doing that for myself, I know it’s right.
jocelyn chambers bakers dozen hulu
Between your appearance on Bakers Dozen as an amateur baker, your “The I Am Loved” podcast, your numerous awards as “firsts” as a composer, you are the epitome of ‘go big or go home.’ How do you stay both ignited and confident?
jc I know I’m in such a tender time of life, and that my “bests” are continuing to come. For example, 21 was the best year of my life. And now, 24 is the best year of my life. I’m so excited to figure out what new year will add to my year of bests. I stay ignited knowing that I choose to say yes to everything (within reason). I stay confident knowing that, as my therapist says, I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be! My journey is fully unique to me and I’m so excited to be living it, loving it, and reflecting on it.
Your “The I Am Loved” podcast focuses on self-love... what have you learned about yourself since starting that journey?
jc When I was 20, 3 years before starting TIALP, I started treating myself with love. I washed my face (huge component), bought myself matching scented bodycare, took myself out on dates, and told myself that I was fully worthy of love exactly as I was. That changed everything. I’ve learned that I love taking care of myself in really extravagant ways, like going out for a high-end meal or getting my brows done. I also love taking care of myself in smaller-scale ways, like taking long drives in the mountains, or drinking lemon Manuka honey tea while watching Schitt’s Creek.

"I always feel pressured to make my art flashier so it garners more attention, so I check myself, knowing the moment I start to make my art look shiny and captivating, it’s no longer for me." — Jocelyn

I’ve learned I love doing new things — trying new foods, going to new places. I’ve learned that I love involving my friends (and romantic interests) in the things I treasure doing alone. I’ve learned that my capacity of love for others has only increased with the love I’ve given myself. I’ve learned (and am learning) how to respectfully release relationships, jobs, plans, etc that aren’t for me, knowing what is for me will come when it comes. The list goes on!
jocelyn chambers composer
As a composer, what links to you find between music and mood... and how do you use music to create different moods?
jc I think music is mood! When I listen to a piece I think about how I feel and what colors I see when I hear it. Because I’m synesthetic, I often use color to decide how I want the music to feel, what instruments and textures to use, and how to execute. For example, I wrote the score for short documentary In Favor of Fetus,  and that score was a very cool-toned blue that ranged from icy to deep ocean hues. From there, I decided I wanted to write the music in flat keys (because I love their warmth), and I used a string instrument palette. You can find a few pieces from that project HERE.
jocelyn chambers creativity
Pro tip: Step 1, save time by taking your calls from the bathtub. Step 2, add bubbles, a lover, a cocktail. 
If we wanted to create a lustful playlist of foreplay songs, how should we curate?
jc When I hear the term “lustful playlist,” R&B and jazz immediately come to mind. I have two playlists on Spotify just for this. One is mostly R&B (and needs to be updated) and the other is jazzier and much more traditionally romantic. They really focus on vocals and instrumentation. It sets the mood, but isn’t overpowering for sexy times. The first time I had an overnight playdate, we listened to jazz the whole time. I’ll never forget it ;)
If we wanted to explore our moods or emotions using music — for example, create more self-love or help release fear or move happiness in and stress out of our bodies — how should we start?
jc Every summer, I curate a playlist with all the music I’ve been listening to in the past year. That music changes depending on my experiences and often goes through sections of joy, melancholy and overall nostalgia. Think of the music you listen to when you’re shaking off the day, the song you played when you learned you got the job, or even the song you played when you learned you didn’t. Music creates feeling! So draw from what you’ve heard that’s evoked feeling and build from there.
sweets by jocelynsweets by jocelyn
Since you’re also a baker, we have to ask, if you were to create a “charcuterie board” of sweets for a lover, what would you put on it?
jc A pie flight, with my Bourbon Cherry, Peach Thyme Cobbler, TexMex Margarita Lime pies, Lemon Rosemary cupcakes, Chai Chocolate cupcakes, and something light like a cream puff that we can eat plenty of.
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