how to put sex art on your sexual bucket list

They say sex is an art form, so why not put your and your lover's acrylic-coated ass prints on canvas and make a lasting impression for your wall space? Sex art isn't a new way to spice up your bedroom game, but it's definitely among the sloppiest and most delicious. The idea is to lay down canvases, coat your canvas (or bodies) in paint then bang out a work of art while you roll around fvcking (and, well, "painting" using your parts as brushes). Only you'll know if this practice is enough to replace your other, perhaps more mainstream, hobbies, but at the very least, it's a delicious way to up level date night, create an indelible shared memory and dabble in DIY abstract artwork. If nothing else, it'll give a juicy story when guests ask where you scored your latest piece.  xxx

how to make body art and sex art

To make your own sex art, you can buy an easy DIY Love is Art kit that gives you everything you need except an art fvck buddy.

spice up your sex life with sex art

Or you can follow a few easy steps and wing it:

You'll need: 
• a large piece of raw canvas (gesso'ed or primed is best so it doesn't soak up the paint) 
• a plastic drop cloth that's a few feet larger than your canvas (remember, you're going to be rolling around on this baby)

• tape to lock down your drop cloth
• floor space (not a bed) that's cushiony enough to fvck on — probably not concrete or cement. Pro tip: clean before you lay down the plastic and canvas to prevent dust, pet hair, random gunk getting into your paint
• non-toxic paint that's safe for bodies
• a loofah or body scrub to remove color off your body post-painting
• a canvas-stretching kit that matches your canvas size
• a picture hanging kit

how to make body art and sex art

 The steps:
1) on a clean floor, spread your drop cloth and tape it down so all the friction doesn't move it
2) get naked (Pro tip: cue some music, get some foreplay in before you drop the paint because it dries quickly and you're on the clock)
3) pour, squirt or throw paint on canvas
Pro tip: putting color on canvas (vs your body) makes it go further
4) fvck your heart out on the paint-filled canvas
5) shower quickly using the loofah or scrub (Pro tip: prep your bathroom so the path is clear, fast and easy when you're paint-covered) 
6) let painted canvas dry
7) take canvas to an art store or use a DIY kit for stretching
8) hang that sexy bitch

How are you spicing up your sex life with sex art? Comment with your secrets.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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