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What’s hot in lingerie right now? We’re so glad you asked. We think it’s all about luxury that’s tailored to your mood. Designed to feel just right, worn when you like it and how you like it, with each piece taking you on a different journey every time you slip it on (or off). It’s edgy, confident, luxurious, limitless and empowering, just like you. Our most delicious picks come with all the bells and whistles and so many luxe details — think grommets, metal, silk, velvet, lace — that half the fun is getting lost in your body. Because timelessness never goes out of style, (and neither do you), we still love our updated classics and vintage inspirations.

See what we’re coveting right now.


Multipurpose Bands, Cuffs, Collars + Ties

What’s hot in lingerie is pushing the limits of fashion and tradition. Lace, silks, satin and even leather thigh bands peeking out from under a skirt, worn openly as a very visible, dangerously chic accessory or kept hidden so only you know your secret. Maybe it’s a silk tether worn wrapped around your wrists, leather bands laced up around your legs or chic fabric cuffs tied around your ankles or upper arms. A little industrial metal on your bra and choker or collar. It’s all about creativity and discovery.


Gorgeous Jewelry and Clips and Add-Ons 

Think body jewelry you can wear on and off your lingerie. Metal hooks and hardware, add-ons to wear beneath your clothes or as an accessory (think bangles). Can your body necklace work to dress up an LBD or a basic tank or T? What’s hot in lingerie is anything designed to defy boredom.

Over-the-top Bodysuits  

Just like Megan Thee Stallion says, it’s all about body-ody-ody and bodysuits are super hot in lingerie right now. Black lace, silk, satin, leather, deep v-cuts, side cuts and slits, yes all of it... tantalizing, sumptuous fabrics that feel so luscious you (almost) don’t want to strip them off. They accentuate your every curve with delicious luxury that leaves them (and more important, you) wanting more. Sure, you can pair a bodysuit with a sexy blazer, your fave jeans and sky-high stilettos, but we think they look best with a rye manhattan and a grin.

Catsuits At Home + Out in the Wild

I mean, come on. Toss on a necklace and boots or stilettos, you're good to go. And since leopard print is the new black, nothing's sexier than a catsuit in a cat print. #meow.  

Fuck Off Corsets + Bustiers 

These blasts from the past are still hot in lingerie because life is too short to not have a few vices and indulge them whenever we can. Originally a utilitarian garment meant to prevent the mere idea of pliable skin, we’ve since taken the patriarchy and turned it on its %^#^%$#%^$# head. The delicious irony? What was meant to confine us now empowers us to be fearless, unapologetic and unstoppable (thanks, patriarchy!). Modern corsets and bustiers are all about French and Italian lace, satin panels, tulle lining, buttons, boning … and more boning, if that’s your thing. Too sexy to be hidden, today’s lingerie sets and styles are meant to be shown off and paired with virtually anything… or nothing at all.

Exposable Lingerie Harnesses + Garters 

One of the sultriest pieces of lingerie, we love them for accentuating your best features and drawing attention to your waist and thighs. Conceal them and wear them for you, let just a hint peek out beneath a silky skirt, or flaunt them over a dress or even a tank and cut-offs. That said, nothing makes quite the statement as a stunning leather harness over a curve-hugging catsuit or black bodysuit.

Regardless of how you style it, lingerie sets should get you in a state of flow and seduction that’s all about you and no one else. It’s changeable, alterable, exposable, strip off-able, goes on fast and comes off slow. It makes you feel sexy, yummy, and lost in your body. And that’s what’s hot in lingerie….

What pieces are you coveting right now?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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