add these online sex classes to your holiday wish list

What's a better, sexier, hotter gift than learning better, sexier, hotter ways to play?  In the spirit of the season (giving), why not give the one you love new skills that benefit you both by improving everything from connection, intimacy and communication to finally land those shibari rope tying skills. We've found a slew of new online sex workshops to bang out for beginners and pros, singles and couples. (If you missed our first round ups of online sex classes, here's one, two and three, so get on it lover.) 


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take your worship skills up a notch

What better way to indulge in cock or pussy worship than with an erotic massage completely dedicated to cocks and pussies? We're loving Be Educated's yoni massage and lingam massage, which pack more than 3 hours each of instruction, from techniques, breathwork and anatomy to edging and full-body stroking. Buy a monthly pass and get both for $30.

master shibari rope bondage skills

Self Serve Toys offers an intro-level class with all the skills you need to have your lover tied up by the end. Think types of knots, restraints and hands-on training for two types of ties. $10; If you're looking for more advanced classes, check out Studio Kink's collection of online shibari classes that up-level your skills in less than an hour. From $35.

how to do rope bondage online sex classes

discover how to have group sex 

If you want to be more of a team player, Self Serve Toys also has a how-to for group play. You'll learn all the basics from how to negotiate your needs, communicate desires and  make sure you get your needs met to taking that first awkward step when it's go time. $15.

learn the art of fisting 

If fisting is your thing, or you think it might be, this super-detailed guide for how to fist should make your wishlist. It's got your basics, like anatomy and how to's, to more advanced play like self-fisting, anal stretching and more. From $35.

make the kind of impact you'd like to make

If you think impact play is just about giving your lover a good whack, this class just might be for you. Oh Yes Please features a host of different classes and workshops that teach you the right way to play, communicate, negotiate and more using everything from hands to floggers and canes. Courses last anywhere from 2 hours to 15 depending on your level and how much you want to learn.

discover how to have outercourse like a pro. 

Through her Velvet Lips Sex Ed platform, sex educator Marla Renee Stewart hosts dozens of instant, in-person and online sex workshops from the art of seduction, dirty talk and kissing to anal play, dick teasing, introductory kink and threesomes. On our wishlist this year is her How to Excel at Outercouse, which includes everything you need for non-penetrative play from seduction and positions to sparking sexual creativity. And if there's a class you'd like to take in private, reach out to Stewart about her coaching rates. 

beef up your sex bucket list 

Every wonder what else you can put on your sex bucket list? Sex coaches Vanessa and Xander have solved that problem with an extensive online sex workshop focused on creating the perfect list for you. Not only will it help you figure out what your desires are and how to talk about them, it also gives you 100 ideas to get you started. Sexiest part is the price: $19. Once you burn through your bucket list, add their Masturbation Masterclass and Ultimate Foreplay Guide workshops to your To Do list.

What online sex classes are on your sex bucket list?

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