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Wearing lingerie as clothes might seem intimidating, but not only is it sexy AF, it's also extremely versatile and insanely freeing, especially with pro tips from celebrity stylists. And if you commit to the style challenge, you take your fashion possibilities and creativity to luscious new places by adding new options and new ways to play. While for most of us, a cleavage-baring lace catsuit isn't going to make it past human resources, remember that you can always layer by day and take more revealing risks after 5. Read below for some of our favorite ways to pair our skimpiest, sexiest nightwear for chic day-to-evening style. 


celebrity styling, lingerie worn as clothes


We’re not sure what’s more daring, harnesses with lingerie or harnesses as streetwear. Whether you’re into rocker-chic leather styles or softer, more approachable silk or satin versions, they easily layer over tanks, Ts and dresses for that instant ”below 14th” vibe.

black lace bodysuit

Probably one of the hottest, most versatile pieces of lingerie you can have in your fashion closet. They’re layerable and show-offable whether worn alone as a statement piece or paired with a denim jacket or silk blazer and high-waisted pants, skirts and more. If you’re not comfortable sporting the deeper-V or pure lace styles, layer a bra or bralette beneath them for extra coverage and support. Our version features a hidden “j”pocket to stash a joint, lube, condom + more.

celebrity stylist bodysuit with trousers

slip dresses

One of the easiest (read yummiest) ways to nail the trend (and feel goddess AF) is to pair your slip dress, mini or midi, with a leather jacket and, boom, you're out the door.  

black bustier top

We’re seeing these all over red carpets and city streets, dressed up and down. Wear them alone, layered over tanks and Ts or paired with jackets and trousers, pantsuits or a sheer duster. For a bolder look, wear it beneath a sheer dress or blouse.  

bra top with pants, celebrity stylist


Okay, can we just live in these? Wear them solo with your favorite pair of fvck off boots (belt optional), you’re good to go. They’re also amazing to layer under virtually anything from cropped sweaters and jackets to men’s shirts tied at the waist.   

catsuit celebrity dressing

mix-and-match bras and panties sets

Lace and silk push-up bras underneath suit jackets and cardigans are getting major play. While they lean into NSFW territory, they’re sexy AF for after hours. Let as much or as little peek out. If you’re feeling risque but don’t want to bear it all, pair them sheer tops or skirts that showcase their shape not your skin. For that effortless streetstyle look, pair a bralette with drawstring bottoms or a maxi skirt.

black bodysuit


Nope, not the terry cloth spa version you live in at hotels. We’re into silk charmeuse, lace, satin or even mesh styles that double as jackets over catsuits, jumpsuits or bodysuits. Literally any length works from short to floor-sweeping looks that work day or night. Tie shorter, kimono versions into longer tops paired with leggings or tied with a leather belt so they double as a dress. 

garter belts

We love them worn under skirts and shorts with boots especially when the garter is leather and grommet with that “I came to play” vibe. 

black bodysuit celebrity stylist

waist cinchers

Think like a celebrity stylist and shop outside of the traditional garter belt style into the sexy world of waist cinchers. Their compression makes them sexy AF to wear outside of a snug tank or T, to cinch a loose-fitting dress in lieu of a belt, or to turn a men’s dress shirt into a mini dress that accentuates your waist. If you’re into showing a little skin, opt for a thinner lace or leather version and rock it with a crop top.


Call us jaded, but we think stockings never really go out of style. A luxe pair of thigh highs peeking out from under a skirt is just enough tease to put you in your power.  Or wear your stockings or tights as leggings and see how far you can toss the rule book to the curb.

black choker celebrity stylist

black choker

Nothing says, “WTF that’s hot” like a sexy black choker worn with basically anything from a casual band T for that rocker vibe to your favorite date night dress with fvck-off heels. We love them worn alone for sleek style or stacked with chunky neck candy in various lengths and sizes. 

What's your go-to fit for that celebrity stylist look?

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