Need a little fire in your sheets, your legs or your soul? We found 13 sexual spark igniters that deliver tips, tricks, how to's and everything in between so you have your best sex life, relationships, foreplay and self-pleasure possible. 
Read, follow, cue the lust.
sex experts to follow
Dr. Emily Morse
She’s been called the Dr. Ruth of our generation. She must have a twin because she’s literally everywhere with two podcasts a week, a live hotline for questions, an IG feed that gets serious action and a weekly blog that answers questions we didn’t even know to ask. With all that orgasmic energy, empowerment and living, she must be onto something.
Ericka Hart (She/They)
The laundry list of skills and accreditations next to Ericka’s name reads like that of two or three people combined: activist, sex educator, racial/social/gender disruptor, writer, podcaster, cancer warrior, patriarchy dismantler and more. When she’s not teaching sex ed to both kids and adults in NYC, she’s tackling injustice in workshops, at events and via her platforms. Follow her on Insta.
Shan Boodram (She/Her)
What do you get when you mix a background in sexology, a psychology degree and a certification in intimacy? A sex-dating-love-relationship practice that Shan Boodram calls “kinda like Dr. Ruth meets Rihanna.” She hosts weekend workshops, retreats and private coaching sessions designed to give you the love life you dream of. Can’t make any of those? Nab her book The Game of Desire or stan her on IG.
Kim Anami 
Looking for a sex guru who can weightlift 10 pounds with her vagina? Step right up. This queen of pleasure is down for making your life as sexually thriving, orgasmically charged and passionately headboard-banging as humanly possible. Hit up her podcasts, blogs and IG if you’re up for the kind of life-changing sex tips that have your neighbors bitching behind your back.
Jessica Drake (She/Her)
Want a happier, healthier sex life? Meet Jessica Drake, sexual self-help pro, educator, activist, “mattress actress” and writer/director/producer of the Guide to Wicked Sex series. Follow her feed for instant inspiration, then head to her blog for tips and tricks on everything from BDSM, foreplay and fantasies to Skype sex, stamina and lingerie. 
Tyomi Morgan (She/Her)
Ya know that saying “you don’t know what you don’t know?” Deep dive into Tyomi’s world and you’ll uncover the truth behind that expression. If you’re in the mood to brush up those skills, grab mad-hot new ones or school yourself in the latest, she’s got your back (and front). We love her weekly sex positions, but you’ll also find videos, tips/tricks, health reports, how to’s and answers to your sexiest questions. Tap her IG for her vibe, then hit her site for more. 
Joanne Portia   (She/Her)
Got something on your mind that's just too [awkward, embarrassing, uncomfortable, unpopular...] to talk about? Enter Jo, the Queen of Messy Conversations. After growing up in an immigrant family that didn't talk about sex, Jo has committed her work as a sex and relationship coach to those hard-to-have convos (with ourselves and others) we need to face in order to unleash our soul, sexual freedom and true selves. She co-hosts Nothing Confidential podcast on taboo topics, plus offers sexual empowerment coaching. Follow her on IG for daily inspiration.
Jess O'Reilly   (She/Her)
When it comes to sex, we love a quadruple-threat. Dr. Jess is a sexologist, bestselling author, international speaker and television host of Marriage is a Business. With a speciality in relationships, her podcast and blog are playbooks for navigating the nuances of communication, orgasms, discovery and more. Follow her IG for your daily dose of sexpiration.
Gigi Engle (She/Her)
We have fitness coaches, life coaches, business coaches, why not a sex coach? Paging Gigi Engle to the front… As a certified sex educator, feminist author and soon-to-be psychotherapist, this sexpert serves pleasure-based ed to help you get the yummy sex life you want (and deserve). Her IG is here and don’t forget to grab a copy of her new book All the F*cking Mistakes.
Sandra Daugherty (all pronouns welcome)
Sex ed pro and podcaster Sandra Daugherty travels around the country teaching pleasure, communication, mental health and more with laughter, joy and inclusion. Follow her on IG or Patreon for advice on everything from tips and tricks to fidelity, life changes, dating and identity.
Erika Lust
This Swedish erotic film director, writer and producer has re-imagined porn through the gaze of the feminine and the focus of female pleasure. Between her The Happy Vagina podcast and her educational YouTube series, you’ll find super innovative ways to amp up pleasure (think cooking naked, yoga for orgasms, pole dancing in the moonlight). For an instant libido boost, check out her crowd-sourced erotic short stories or follow her feed.
Sophie Bekkering
Think Tantra, think breathwork, think erotic power, think full sexual potential. If any of those ideas arouse your interest, let Sophie Bekkering be your guide. After re-igniting her own sexual spark, she’s found her purpose helping the rest of us awaken, activate and supercharge our sexuality, sensuality and aliveness. If you’re ready to deep dive into your self-pleasure, start with her IG feed.
A’magine (formerly known as Amy Jo Goddard)
Ready for your best sex ever? You can either book a private session with A’imagine, apply for her 9-month virtual Fire Woman Program or read her Woman on Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence to tap into your deepest, yummiest, richest desires in and out of the bedroom. Check out her feed for sexual empowerment on tap.
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