We love an excuse to be naked, especially when studies show it can boost our self-esteem, improve our bedroom skills and up intimacy with our partners and ourselves. We've got 33 things you can do naked but obviously there are a fuck-ton more (we didn't even dive into the sex-specific ones so stay tuned...). 
Feel free to share your faves in the comments section ;)
things to do naked
decorate your body in jewelry.
Body chains, bracelets, metal garters, rings... celebrate your skin by adorning it like the queen she is.
netflix and... naked.
Even if a movie isn't the goal, snuggling up with a flick (with or without the fvck) is a whole lot more intimate sans clothes.
fight with your partner.
Experts say that arguing when you're naked adds vulnerability so you see the person and topic in a different, more compassionate and authentic light, while helping diffuse the anger. Plus you're a step ahead when it comes time for makeup sex.
This one is probably best reserved for at-home negotiation with a partner but it's a good way to shift the balance the power. ;)
play mixologist.
We love the creativity and craftsmanship of making a sexy cocktail from scratch. doing it naked it the ultimate pre-game if happy hour is solo.
downward dog.
If you haven't tried yoga sans clothes, are you even living? Good news, today's a new day to hit that mat in just your skin. Think vulnerability, think authenticity, think freedom.
play scrabble and invent a new genre.
Think, every word has to be related to the body/sexuality. Technically, you can probably turn most board games naughty with a little imagination.
get in the kitchen and get your hands dirty.
Let's test this theory: what sounds better to you... A) creating a charcuterie board or B) creating a charcuterie board naked? See?
Step 1) Burn the French maid’s outfit. Step 2) get those rubber gloves and some heels and get to work. Pro Tip: Practice your Dom skills and make your (consenting) partner do the cleaning while you watch (naked of course).
do your lingerie shopping.
Imagine how you want to dress yourself up and down.
worship some cock and pussy.
This is all about the consensual celebration, adoration and savoring of the cock or pussy you're with, including gazing at, complimenting, touching and more with no pressure to do or be anything, anyone or anywhere else.
stroke every inch of your skin.
Explore your body with a fan, preferably made of feathers. If feathers aren't your texture of choice, find the one that is.
hunt down a new orgasm….
Cervical, anal, nipples, p spots… there are so many for your bucket list. 
listen with your body.
Finding new music is a great way to explore what moves you in new ways. Explore a variety of playlists to see how different genres, lyrics, voices feel in different areas of your body and how they inspire your movement — or don't. You'll gain more intimacy and connection to your emotions and heightened body awareness.
discover different erogenous zones....
Using different tools: a paintbrush, a chilled spoon, jewelry, leather, rope.
boost that immunity.
You can simulate a cold plunge in your tub or if it's winter and you've got an arctic breeze coming, streaking in your backyard just might be invigorating.
forest bathe.
Wear something you can easily shrug off your shoulders when you get deep in the forest. Note: we mean an actual forest, not Central Park or your community garden.
trade pedis with your partner.
You get to recline seductively in the buff while getting your feet massaged and toes painted. then you have to lie fairly still while they dry... of course, you have be willing to do the same.
call someone on the phone. 
Yeah, actually pick up the phone. And yes, keep the video off. This is a secret between you and you. Especially effective when you need a burst of mojo.
hang between the sheets.
Stretch your body, nap, eat breakfast, read... immerse your body in your senses (feel of the sheets, scent of a candle, music) and stay off social media.
On your balcony, at the beach, in your garden, in your cute neighbor’s garden…. just keep it legal.
tie someone up.
Handcuff, tie up or otherwise restrain your partner, leave them there to think about what you’ll do next.
    host a sushi party…
    their body or yours is the plate (or the menu).
    discover a new masturbation position.
    Masturbation, like partnered sex, can get monotonous, so let's turn that kama sutra lens back on you and mix it up. Bonus points if you can try a new position every day this month. 
    test-drive your toys.
    If you have trouble giving yourself time for self-pleasure, consider this a very productive battery-checking session.
    but make it erotica. Write down your passions, turn ons, bucket list items. Visualize (and fantasize) about your likes, curiosities, down to tries and explore how you feel about them.
    host a naked brunch.
    For advanced practitioners of nakedness, how about bring your crew along. (Pro tip: make sure the invite says “clothing optional” and it's a consenting guest list.)
    explore new scents.
    Dab you and your partner with different scents — woody, florals, spicy, on different areas of the body (wrists, neck, back of the k,ees, lower back, behind the shoulder…) and discover how different body parts respond to different scents, and how they all mix together to reflect the complex aroma of your whole self.
    If you work remotely, see how it feels to be the boss, in your own skin. And don't forget to mark February 3 as National Work Naked Day, so now it's official.
    take selfies.
    Get creative with lighting, mirrors, fabrics, toys... 
    make your own porn.
    And if you're not down to star, being a voyeur is just as fun. We love how MakeLoveNotPorn turned the social sex you're already having into the hottest, sexiest, messiest, realest way to tune in and get turned on.
    Try some portrait play in the nude... paint what you see/love in your partner and they do the same. Or say, fvck the canvas and paint each other's bodies with your most delectable, lick-off-able syrups.
    create a gratitude body map.
    Place words that symbolize what you appreciate in each other on all their special places (either sticky notes or write them with lipstick or chocolate sauce), and then read aloud what poetry your gratitude creates all over their body. (PS Studies show that saying aloud what you're grateful about in your partner increases intimacy.)
    Studies show getting zzz's sans your jammies leads to better quality sleep because you're less likely to get overheated. Scientists didn't test whether clean, fresh, yummy sheets also helped but we think that's a no brainer.
    Bonus: Get your sweet (naked) ass to a masturbation circle. They're designed to amplify, harness & channel your sexual energy.