why is lunatic femme luxury lingerie?

 We’re glad you asked! There’s a very good reason why our bodysuits — and other silk and lace lingerie pieces — earn luxury pricing. Nine, in fact. 

And you’re going to want to play with every single one of them. 

luxury lingerie

01/ Leavers lace

It takes a team of skilled artisans weeks to create this exquisite lace, which costs up to 10 times more to produce. This includes: a drafter who sketches the lace pattern, a technical drafter who transfers the drawing onto a tracing, a lacemaker who sets up the carriages and threads, a winder who prepares the strands to weave the lace, tullists who oversee the loom, an inspector who scans for flaws, which are then fixed by a mender, before a colorist, scalloper and in-house designer add the finishing touches. Fit for royalty, the team at Alexander McQueen used leavers lace when creating Kate Middleton’s wedding dress.  

02/ Organic peace silk.

Our non-violent, cruelty-free silk is produced from cocoons after hatching, so there’s no harm done to the worms during chrysalis. Which is great because silk moths, like bees, are great pollinators, so they’re crucial to local botanical life. The process requires a lot less water, and no harsh cleaning chemicals, since the cocoons are naturally free from impurities. Another upside? Fair pay for silk farmers, spinners and weavers in rural India, which helps reverse migration from the big cities. Plus, with all the spinning and weaving done either by hand or solar machines, 70% of the process is zero-carbon. (Fanatical fact: Naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, silk is one of the strongest natural textiles in the world making it brilliant for luxury lingerie!)

luxury lingerie

03/ Japanese luxury elastic.

Eco-conscious, super-stretchy and ultra-soft, the sheen type on our elastic is one of the most luxurious in the world. A specialty item made exclusively for lingerie, ours has a stronger kickback for a super-snug fit (think, silky compression in the most titillating places).  

04/ Belgian mesh. 

Our low-impact, high-performance mesh feels insanely smooth against the skin while delivering a superlative fit, which is what makes luxury lingerie so coveted. Sourced and made in Europe, there's less of an environmental footprint. (Fact: Belgian fabrics have been coveted since the 11th century!) 

05/ Gold-plated hardware

Select pieces use either 14k-gold- or 24k-gold-plated hardware… because why shouldn’t your lingerie double as body bling? We know you like to play a little rough, so the beauty is, it’s tarnish- and scratch-resistant, with longevity and durability for days (because sometimes we all like to play a little rough).

06/ Custom metal trims  

All our hardware is customized to deliver your best experience. Think, flatter edges that lay against the skin, double-sided grommets, etc. We aim to make sure nothing pinches… unless you want it to (wink, wink).

07/ Hand finish 

 Due to the intricacy of our multi-way lingerie designs, many of our pieces are cut and finished by hand. We even hand-wrap our elastics in silk when the goal is softness over stretch, so the straps feel luscious on the skin. (Fact: it can take up to an hour to hand wrap each tie used in our bodysuits and panties!)

08/ French fancies 

Our underwires, wire casings and snaps are all from France, said to be the birthplace of the modern bra in 1889. The inventor, Herminie Cadolle, fitted bras for queens, princesses, actresses and dancers, including the legendary Mata Hari. And now in luxury lingerie for you.

luxury lingerie

09/ Legacy of body movement 

Our founder has spent more than a decade studying body movement, pole dancing and sensual, sexual and creative expression. Each multi-way lingerie piece invites you to touch, play, discover and explore your body as you unpeel more layers of yourself, your moods, your mindsets in the journey of expressing your soul. In and out of the bedroom. With or without a partner (or partners). When you shine in your truth, we shine in ours.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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