need creative ways to use a blindfold during sex? mask up + show up

 Blindfolds are one of the easiest, most creative and most enduring ways to introduce kinky play into the bedroom. Whether you're a pro blindfolder or new to the game, this sex technique works because it's all about the element of the unknown, the surprise, the anticipation, the curiosity. So even the simplest ways to play while blindfolded can be deliciously hot with the right lover, mood, energy and play.

We’ve put together a deliciously creative list for after you’ve blindfolded your partner. Use them to inspire new conversations, your own ideas and what feels amazing to you. Skip the naughty ideas that fall out of bounds for you both, amp up (or down) the ones that need more (or less) oomph and tweak those that need your personal touch. As always, comment below with kinky blindfold inspo of your own.  


PS Don't forget to always get consent, whether this is your first or 50th time blindfolding your lover and continue with on-going consent as you play. The idea is to create a safe, loving, respectful space (and keep it that way) while using agreed-upon boundaries, safe words and lines of communication, so that when they're blindfolded, the surprises are all yummy ones.

creative ways to use a blindfold on your lover

grab your blindfold, your playthings, your lover(s) + get creative


1. tease them.

Play, titillate and taunt their skin with different textures. Vary the pressure to increase pleasure and discover more arousal in their body. Ropes, crystal toys, feathers, creams.

2. dial up or down the temperature

We love good old-fashioned temperature play. You can use the textures above and heat or cool them in water first. Or, use stainless steel or crystal dildos, massage oil, candle wax….

3. change the balance of power. 

Well they're already wearing the blindfold so let's just say you're in control. How thrilling can you make this? What do you want your sub to do to you, for you, with you? (Remember to keep it consensual.)

4. switch locations. 

Your blindfolded lover might be used the bed, but luckily you're going to keep them guessing. Lead them to a new location, invite them to guess your new intentions once they get there. Make the journey long, luscious, maybe even place some clues along the way. 

5. partially restrain them. 

Sure you can cuff them to your bed or tie them to a chair but we like the idea of tethering their legs or arms to something sturdy so they can crawl around and feel for whatever goodies you've laid out… chocolates, champagne, sex toys… they're blindfolded so they have to guess or try whatever they find.

6. test a flight of lubes, sex serums and pleasure oils. 

What will you put on the lube flight menu? And how will you experiment…. let them taste it, try out your hand skills, massage their inner thighs, stroke their booty.

7. take deprivation up a notch. 

Keep them in that sexy state of anticipation and arousal by depriving more of their senses. Ear plugs… restrain their hands for zero touching… see how that changes their blindfold play.  

8. add a foot massage. 

Think the slowest, most erotic foot play you can deliver. Slow strokes, relaxing kneading, fist rolls. Vary the pressure, add in tools, use oils, get creative.

9. suck on their toes. 

Take your time and enjoy each toe, using your tongue, lips and mouth. Add in breath to create a tingling feeling.

10. give them a foot bath

Take the stress out of their day and prep them for some magical sex. Think bubbles, think oils, think mini massage. Sink them into bliss so their heads in the game at hand.

11. create new dirty talk

If you've got your go-to talk-dirty script, switch it up. Get naughtier, more explicit, more direct… and if you normally have trouble talking dirty, remember your lover can't see you so write down your thoughts and read them in your sexiest, most authentic voice.

 12. tease their hands or feet. 

Tickle, stroke, play with their fingers and toes using your favorite sex toys, oils, spirits, foods, textures. Let them guess your tools.

13. kiss them all over. 

Vary your style, your pressure, your lips versus tongue, your location. Surprise them with where and how you play with their skin and body. 

14. worship them. 

If you're a veteran at cock and pussy worship, how about a literally worshiping at their feet. Show their feet all the love, adoration and celebration you can.

15. massage their booty

Backs and necks get all the massage love, but a delicious butt rub can have talking with god in 17 different languages.

 16. love on their hands

Fingers and hands don't get the love they deserve either. Giving a blindfolded lover an erotic hand massage can be insanely sexy. Add in hand worship, hand-holding and other sensory play to keep them engaged.

17. lay on the compliments. 

When you're blindfolded you're obviously extra vulnerable, so rewarding them with yummy compliments can feel extra sexy. Tell them how beautiful their body is, how you aroused they're making you, how excited you are to touch them will take blindfolding to the next level.

18. make a new impact

If you've already got flogging, spanking or other impact play on your menu, how can you change it to subvert their expectations? A new flogger? A different toy, a pattern you've never used before, new tempos, new pressure.

blindfold your lover

19. get emotional.

If you have trouble sharing your feelings, your gratitude, your desire when you're looking at your partner, now's a great time to connect on a deeper, more emotional level.

20. edge them toward orgasm.

Edging, that slow build and backing off of orgasm, is a sexy kink on its own, but when blindfolded? You just add a whole new level of anticipation.

21. try penetration play.

Yes this is high on the consent-first list (everything is, but this really is). If they're down for penetration play, stimulate them with crystal, glass or stainless steel dildos, vibrators, clit suckers, fingers. See what textures and shapes feel the most amazing.

22. use their body as art.

With body-safe paint, CBD chocolate sauce, your favorite whipped cream, decorate them, write messages, see what they can decipher.

23. make them your pet.

Stroke them, pet them, make them beg for what they want. Kink gets kinkier when you double down with a blindfold.

24. add a remote control toy.

There's something even naughtier about giving your partner another level of control. First you're blindfolded, now you've given them a remote control to send you good vibes at their whim. Hotttt.

25. make it a double (or triple).

Adding more lovers can be just what your party needs. More hands, more tongues, more everything… see if your blindfolded lover knows who's who.

26. savor that booty.

Butt stuff lands directly in that consent territory (no one likes a sneak attack). But if backdoor play is in their repertoire and yours, grab the lube and get creative. Start with a massage, play with the perineum, stroke the anus with different textures and pressures. Ask for consent to insert lubed-up fingers or anal toys or if you're both advanced, fists or toes or feet.

27. take it al fresco.

Taking your blindfolded lover outdoors adds a new element of mystery. Your porch, a rooftop, a blanket in a secluded area, a sexy spot on the beach…

28. add some sexy AMSR sounds.

Erotic audio is a yummy way to seduce your lover. Try YouTube and play with your favorite sexy sounds.

29. read or play erotica.

Try our newly launched erotica, paired with our luxury lingerie, to get your lover in an entirely new head space. Find it on Spotify or in our playbook.



Bonus.... switch places + you wear the blindfold instead.

What are your favorite creative ways to use a blindfolded during sex? Comment with your sexy tricks below👇💋

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