best lingerie shower gift ideas for your next bachelorette party

Wedding season means bridal showers, and bridal showers mean you’ve got the perfect excuse to spoil your bestie with a sultry gift that guarantees she starts as deliciously as she means to, um, finish. Whether she’s a stunning festival bride or a drop-dead-sexy bride, we’ve got the best lingerie gifts that will ignite the fireworks on her honeymoon night.



her dream bodysuit

Introducing the ultimate shapeshifter. She can pair with her naughtiest pasties, style it over her sexiest tank or free the nipple! So many detachable straps, so little time. Plus,  24k gold-plated hardware and a removable harness. I mean, what’s not to love (and lust)?

pair with

Bordelle Bridal Bow Nipplets ($91), because luxurious leather “bow” pasties paired with the 18 bodysuit scream, honeymoon suite.

best lingerie shower gift ideas, pasties
📸: bridal bow nipplets by bordelle
lingerie shower gift, sexy bodysuit
lunatic femme dèjá vu 18 bodysuit


a bodysuit with attitude


For the gal who likes to sweat the details, this organic peace silk and stretch lingerie lace multi-way with 24k gold-plated hardware and removable choker begs to come undone. And get reimagined. Over and over and over….

pair with: 

LELO DOT™ Cruise clitoral pinpoint vibrator ($199), because she’ll appreciate the unique elliptical motion, unmatched stimulation and absolute precision.

best lingerie gift bodysuit
📸: lunatic femme dèjá vu 11 bodysuit
lelo vibrator
📸; lelo dot vibrator


the fairytale lace bra

Peek-a-boo, skin-baring leaver’s lace, smooth AF organic peace silk, hand-wrapped, silk-covered straps, custom metal hardware — this dreamy demi bra will have her (and her other half) weak at the knees.

pair with:

Zalo Rose Rabbit Thruster in strawberry pink ($99), because she’ll swoon for the rose tip and squeal with pleasure for the dual stimulation.

best lingerie shower gift lace bra
📸: lunatic femme inquisitor lace bra
lelo vibrator
📸; zalo thruster vibrator


a breathtaking silk + lace bra

If she loves a classic, she'll adore the exquisite quality of this multi-way bra — including silk-covered straps that won’t pinch and a hidden, interior, patent-pending pocket for stashing whatever she might need in a pinch. (Lube? Lip gloss? Condoms? Check!)

pair with:

Upko “Moist Eyes” Pearl Bracelet/Anklet ($89), because, pearls — and the triangular elastic buckle means she can never be parted from her partner again. Sigh.

best lingerie shower gift ideas, handcuffs
📸: UPKO pearl bracelets
lingerie shower gift, sexy bra
lunatic femme balconette bra w/choker
zodiac sign


a 2-way silk kimono robe


She’ll pride herself on finding endless ways to reinvent this double-faced, organic peace silk kimono with detachable sleeves. Gorgeous worn next to the skin in the boudoir, luscious worn out as a jacket, sexy AF worn as a dress...


pair with:

Maison Close Latex Stockings ($215), because how hot will she look wearing these out with her stroke of midnight kimono and nothing else.


a wear-everywhere statement piece


As if she needs a prompt, this sexy little plaything will inspire her to pop the cork and turn any room into her very own catwalk. Sexy worn with jeans. Serious under a blazer. Sizzling when it all comes off later.

pair with: 

Maison Close Bunny mask with tail - Les Fétiches ($45), because she’ll adore the nod to Helmut Newton… and how hot it looks with the 33 bodysuit.

zodiac sign
bunny mask


her kinky go-to lingerie harness


She’ll be looking forward to all the ways to play with this game-changer. Like, creating her own kink-inspired set by hooking the detachable upper and lower straps to other sexy pieces (like the inquisitor demi lace bra and the ohm high-leg thong) or unhooking the straps and wearing the waistband solo as a sexy accent over a catsuit? Prrrrrr.


pair with:

Upko Double Bar Nipple Clamps and Clitoral Chain Accessories Set ($89), because she loves sleek lines… and a shamefully pleasurable pinch.

best lingerie shower gift ideas, handcuffs
📸: UPKO nipple clamps + clit chain
lingerie shower gift, sexy bra
lingerie harness w/ bra + panty set


 a choker that gives you control

She’s the boss, and her wedding will be the best… which means come wedding night, she’ll be more than ready for her other half to take the reins. P.s. the hand-made silk tie and optional shibari rope tie (also included) can be used to bind hands or feet, too.

pair with:  

Kiki De Montparnasse Truth Or Dare Rhinestone Riding Crop ($364), because it delivers just the right amount of sting.

best lingerie shower gift ideas
📸: kiki di montparnasse riding crop
sexy lingerie gift for brides
lunatic femme choker collar necklace


luscious forever panties


Organic peace silk, leaver’s lace, Belgian mesh, silk-covered, removable ties, custom hardware — she’ll sashay all the way through her honeymoon and back with these high-waist leg-lengtheners that scream, meow

paired with:

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace 24K Gold ($149), because she’ll appreciate a drop-dead-gorgeous gold pendant necklace that doubles as a pleasure power center.


best lingerie shower gift ideas
📸: crave vesper vibrator necklace
sexy vibrator panties
lunatic femme boa panties


lingerie to harness her naughty side


This provocative piece will really make her blush. But hey, she’ll thank you post-honeymoon for drawing out her inner hellcat. (Cuz you know she has one.) Whether she wears it alone in the honeymoon suite or tosses it over a bodycon outfit while out to dinner — she’ll enjoy seeing someone else blush for a change.

pair with: 

Maison Close L'Exaltation Fan Les Romantiques ($42), because she can cool off if things get too hot. Or play a sexy game of peekaboo!

best lingerie shower gift ideas
📸: maison close fan
sexy lingerie gift for brides
lunatic femme flatiron harness + bodysuit


 a DIY 4-in-1 corset


At her wedding, everything is unique and made by hand, so you know that this DIY-minded bride will appreciate the exquisite detailing and jaw-dropping versatility of this multi-use piece that will offer hours of play and self-expression.


pair with:

Kiki De Montparnasse My Tie Cuffs ($124), because she’ll have so much fun tying and untying these luxurious lambskin and red silk cuffs.

best lingerie shower gift ideas
📸: kiki de montparnasse cuffs
sexy lingerie gift for brides
lunatic femme waist cincher + boa panties


a thong that puts the ohhh in om


Whether she’s sitting on her meditation cushion or working through the Kama Sutra, she’ll feel sublime in this luscious lace-and-silk thong featuring a hand-wrapped, silk-covered elastic tie both at the waist and hips that can be shown off — or removed to tease, restrain, and put the squeeze on someone else... 

pair with: 

NJoy Pure Wand ($120), because she loves a direct connection to the divine… and her favorite Spot, whether it’s G, P, or wherever feels good.

best lingerie shower gift ideas
📸: njoy stainless steel wand
sexy thong panties lingerie gift
lunatic femme ohm thong panties


an invisible sense of freedom


Free-spirited beauties will appreciate this barely there, micro g-string that feels like nothing and looks like everything. High-performance Belgian mesh and Japanese luxury elastic means it’s no lightweight.

pair with: 

Maison Close Lace Socks ($16), because she loves to play the coquette. And you can’t get more dreamy-sexy than these bow-tied beauties. 


best lingerie shower gift ideas
📸: maison close socks
sexy g-string panties lingerie shower gift idea
lunatic femme veil micro g-string

What sexy lingerie shower gift ideas are on your wish list?

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