don't let that sexy full-moon fire go to waste. here's how to harness its power...

For eons, we gathered under the light of the moon to dance, to sing, to celebrate the sacred mystery of life. Under the light of a distant moon that rules the tides of the earth and our very own bodies, we communed. Whether we call it the divine feminine, la luna, or lunatic femme, we know deep in our bones that something wild and sacred happens when we attune to the rhythm and flow of mother nature. So, on Wednesday’s full blue moon in Pisces, harness the alchemical power of the elements — the moon, the stars, the sun, the sky, the wind, the earth — and throw caution to the wind. Step outside your comfort zone and invite mother nature in. Here are 21 ways to surrender to the flow of the universe and make literal lunar magic.


sexy full moon energy

1. Bask in the light

Moonbathe on your porch, terrace, rooftop, wherever you can feel the cosmic light on your skin(without getting arrested.

2. Hit up the local park 

City dwellers can convene their own coven by rounding up a bunch of friends and heading to your nearest patch of green. Shoes off, feet on the earth, strip down to your lingerie (or swimwear) and have a mini manifestation rave.

3. Forest bathe (clothing optional)

Combine the cleansing power of the forest with the light of the full moon for a magical meeting with mother nature. Go solo, with a partner, or grab a group of gal pals.

4. Make sound-bath magic 

Check your local event calendar, yoga studio, spa, gym or beach club for a sound bath experience.


5. Power up your sex toys 

Charge your crystal dildos, anal plugs and yoni eggs (and any other sexual, sensual and creative crystal objects).

 6. Add candlelight to your rituals

Eat, talk, read, play and fuck by candlelight tonight (and if candlelight isn’t already part of your nightly dinner-eating ritual, then use the full moon as an excuse to kickstart a sexy new habit).

7. Dance al fresco 

No silent disco near you? No problem. DIY your own moonlight-harnessing beats and move your body under the moon.

8. Create a solo dance party 

If silent disco isn’t your thing, or if your disco partners have other plans, move your body to whatever beats move you erotically, sensually, creatively and stir up that kundalini energy.

 9. Seduce + nurture yourself

Book some self-love and self-lust time, whatever that looks like for you. Let it end with a self-bang.

10. Roll up to your new goals 

Rollerblade — put on your glitter and your fairy dust and get out there and spin your wheels. Invite the whole world to participate in your race to the other side of the moon.

11. Ride (not that kind of ride) 

Go for a tandem bike ride for two. Where you and your boo can connect, find a fluid, sexy rhythm, and put some distance between the daily grind and the magical possibility that a full moon births. Bonus points if you cycle naked. (Or as naked as you can get away with.)

 12. Ride (yes, that kind of ride)

Take your ride off the bike and into bed with all the juiciness that play, discovery + intention brings when you focus on your lover + nothing else.


13. Skinny dip

Whether it’s the ocean, the lake, the river, the reservoir, the community pool or your own bathtub, strip it all off and dive beneath the water and let it move you to a more free-flowing place.

14. Howl. 

Seriously, howl at the moon. Or sing. Or speak out your affirmations, your manifestations, your don’t give two fucks. I am _____. Declare it and let the ripples begin.

 15. Dress your inner queen

Invest in something special to adorn your luscious body. Whether it’s luxurious lingerie or a gold temporary tattoo or a crystal gemstone, create a ceremony where you celebrate your body as the high priestess she is.

 16. Goal up.

Set new, juicy intentions for your next cycle of being, living and manifesting. What yumminess will create in your life? What magic will you make? If you need inspiration, pull some goals from your vision board or sex bucket.

17. Be grateful 

Give thanks for everything you’ve manifested since the last full moon. That ripe peach that dripped down your chin, that splurge on the sexy bodysuit you’ve been drooling over, that new connection you made, that hot workout, that hit job interview, that sexy date…

 18. Do something that scares you

 Whether it’s getting naked, getting vulnerable, getting outside, getting raw, use that big sky energy to get unstuck and get into a state of flow that is your superpower and your divine birthright. 

19. Let your hair down

Whether it’s long or short, coiled or straight, let it do its wild crazy natural thing. It’s not about perfection, it’s about expression. 

20. Set fire to the past

That thing you’re ready to release, that person you’re ready to let go, that pattern you’re done repeating, write it down on a piece of paper. Say, thank you for the lesson, and I’m done. Set fire to it and let it go. (And obviously, be safe.)

21.  Create space for what's new

Clear out your closet, your junk drawer, your lingerie drawer, your desk… Full moons bring endings — and the space for something magical to begin. 


Look at the moon. Literally, bathe her with your eyes. Take in her curves, her dips, her craters, her cracks, her luminous light. See her as the beauty she is and let her reflect your one-of-a-kind beauty back to you. 

How are you leveraging the magical power of the full moon? Comment below…

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