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Her students knew her as the prestigious Professor Castillo — a tiny woman who packed more than a punch when it came to her work as a Women’s Studies professor at the University of Miami.

“Professor Castillo is hot, hot, hot, but God is she a pain in my ass,” was a common phrase heard around campus, especially from Sebastian, who often had something to say about his boss.

Sebastian had that nerdy but discerning appeal to him. A boy, in a sense, but oh so much like a man when he was truly focused on something. There was something peculiar about him that drew people into his energy.

His wit, authority and benevolence were what made Coco choose him to be her TA. Coco found his odd disposition intriguing, electric even, and he found himself quite captivated by her when she took command of the lecture hall.

It was Friday morning, 10 a.m., her final lecture on the suffragettes in front of a packed theater of 200 students, and Sebastian couldn’t take his eyes off Coco from his perch at the front of the lecture hall. She paced back and forth across the room in her long, black skirt, and the light thud of her heels pulled him in with every step.

However, when Coco paused and bent down to retrieve her tablet from her briefcase, and Sebastian caught a glimpse of her black, lacey bra through her button-down blouse, his attention came to a screeching stop. Coco’s salted-caramel breasts nestled firmly in the grasp of the silk-and-lace balconette bra, and the image, tattooed in his mind, was every bit of the MILFy fantasies he’d masturbated to in high school. Sebastian’s imagination ran wild and he was rendered semi-conscious from that moment on.

erotica lingerie bra lunatic femme

Everything on Sebastian’s periphery blurred at the edges as he zoomed in on Coco, bent over her briefcase, lightly breathing into her microphone.

Then, under his predatory gaze, Coco peered up at him from her clear-framed glasses.

Their eyes locked.

The room went silent.

Then it darkened.

Coco slowly rose to stand.

“Sebastian?” she asked, walking slowly toward him, her left eyebrow raised in amusement from his outward display of internal moral war.

“Yes ma’am?” Sebastian gulped.

“Did I just catch you looking down my blouse?”

Sebastian cleared his throat and straightened himself up in the chair. A heat grew between them — something subtle, then palpable, then tangible.

Coco stopped just toe-to-toe with him.

Sebastian rose to a stand as the tips of her

Louboutin heels lightly kissed his sneakers.

“I’ll ask again… did I just catch you looking down my blouse?”

“No, ma’am. I just… noticed…” Sebastian tripped over his words in a moderately glitchy stumble.

“Wrong answer. Try again,” she said softly.

“Perhaps I caught a glance of your silhouette as you were retrieving your tablet but I believe it was in the name of being attentive to see if you needed my assistance. I am your TA, after all.”

“Good. Now call me Professor. I do believe you forgot your manners when addressing me, didn’t you, Sebastian?”

Sebastian’s cock rose to attention hearing her speak with such authority and ease while looking him straight in the eye. He peered down at the structure of her face. The slightest glisten of moisture highlighted her sculpted cheekbones and her long, dark lashes framed her round, espresso eyes as she gazed up at him.

“Sit down,” she commanded, with more authority this time.

Sebastian did as he was told.

Coco removed her glasses and turned to put them on the podium.

The students had all disappeared and all that was left was The Professor and Sebastian, in the blaring floodlight of his desire.

Coco turned to Sebastian with a half smirk, looked him over and pondered aloud. “I wonder what the punishment is for TA’s who look down their professor’s blouses at the University of Miami. Do you happen to know, Sebastian?”

 Sebastian straightened under her authority but couldn’t help but feel excited by her command over him. He loved that there was nothing manufactured or done about her. She was small and fit, but a quintessential woman with natural curves, stretch marks and a somewhat round lower belly from having two babies in her early 20s. In his eyes, she was the ultimate MILF fantasy… and she was now dominating him in the most auspicious of ways.

“I do believe you’d have to decide that for yourself, Professor.”

“Good boy,” she whispered, as she unbuttoned one of the buttons on her blouse.

Sebastian’s cock hardened again and pulsed under the zipper of his jeans, now half erect.

Coco knew full well that she had a certain kind of magnetism that men loved, especially younger men, and she’d always felt quite at home sinking into her dominant side. Using her charm for as much leverage as she could pleased her in a sinister way.

“You know, I know you were looking, Sebastian.” 

Sebastian nodded.

“Do you like that I have full command over this lecture hall, Sebastian?”

“Yes, ma’a… hmmm… Professor. Yes, Professor.” 

Sebastian’s mouth began to water as Coco raised her right leg and placed the ball of her high heel into the nook of his leg and crotch. 

“Good. So what would happen if I let you see what you wanted to see in the first place? Would it really be that bad to just show you, Sebastian?”

Sebastian leaned back a little, allowing Coco to have her way with him, and took her in, understanding now that he was not being punished like a petulant child, but that he was being rewarded with his ultimate MILF fantasy. 

Coco placed one foot either side of his legs and straddled him, slowly lowering herself to sit right in his lap. “Maybe… you just need to go all the way there and see what it’s like,” she dared him as she unbuttoned another button on her jade-colored blouse. “You have been an exceptional TA this semester, Sebastian. And I like a good TA.”

Coco, now having unbuttoned her blouse all the way to her waist, pulled the fabric down around her shoulders to reveal her gorgeous tits, sitting up nice and pretty in the grasp of her balconette bra. 

Sebastian’s mouth, just inches from her warm cleavage, was practically dripping, just like his hard cock under his jeans.

“Do you want to taste them, Sebastian?” she asked, anticipating the obvious answer.

“Yes, Professor. Yes, I do.” Sebastian leaned in and inhaled her essence. A combination of musk, pepper, neroli and amber emanated from her collarbone, drawing him into her scent even more.

Coco slowly reached down and freed her left breast before reaching behind his head and bringing him in to taste her sweet nectar.

Sebastian obliged and Coco followed with the other side. His parched lips suctioned around her delicate, sweet nipples. His mouth wet with turn-on and bravado, he traced the outline of Coco’s full breasts with his tongue over and over until her head fell back under his touch.

“Sebastian. Sebastian. SEBASTIAN!” Coco’s voice cut through his euphoria.

Stunned, Sebastian was yanked from his fantasy back to the present moment. As 400 eyes burned through him, he rose awkwardly to stand, his hands smoothing the front of his jeans, his face flushed.

“Yes, Professor?”

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