sex tip: use your lingerie as inspo for yummy dirty talk

Life's too short to keep all that dirty talk inside. If you'd like to up your game when it comes to talking dirty, you don't need to go from silent to porn star (not that that's the goal...), but if you're looking for some inspiration, we say start with your lingerie. Not only does provide endless creative sparks for pleasure and play, it helps take the focus off you and put it on an object which can lessen the vulnerability. We've listed a few of our yummiest lingerie pieces below and how to use them to kickstart your dirty talk game. If you don't have these pieces, use what you have that makes you feel luscious, romantic and of course a little naughty. The key is that you feel ignited first, so start there. And remember, you're not trying to sound like anyone else but you so stay authentic and let it flow. Good girl. 


PS remember this is supposed to be fun, so play...

talk dirty bustier unatic femme
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dirty talk luxury lingerie

talk dirty tip: 
get super specific

Ask your lover describe what you’re wearing, how the silk hugs your curves, the lace teases their gaze. If there are strings, untie them. If there are zippers, unzip them. You write the story with your actions and prompts — "am I untying this for you? do you like how my ass looks in this lace?" do you like how I dress up just for you?" — then let them add their spice.

talk dirty bustier unatic femme
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talk dirty tip: 

make them guess what's underneath

We love when lingerie hides a big reveal... and this bustier does. Its zip-off, double-lined silk cups zip off to reveal your sexiest pasties, naughtiest nipple clamps, absolutely nothing at all, a sweet surprise or some combination. Let them guess what you're hiding underneath and up the stakes with rewards if they answer correctly. It's a surprise and delight moment with a sexy payoff that you can tease them through from beginning to end.

talk dirty tip

go insanely slow

Another pro trick is to slow the fuck down. A lot of the sexiness in the sheets can come from the anticipation, the build, the unknown. So whether you're slowly peeling off layers or building a fantasy or reveling in your body and theirs, slowing down gives you more time to play. Using your lingerie's features can help. Got a zipper? Ask your lover to unzip you, but they have to follow your cues or commands. Or perhaps they remove your leg garters with their teeth. Your g-string with their mouth. 

talk dirty bustier unatic femme
sugar trap ouvert booty harness with detachable garters

talk dirty tip: 

peel off one piece at a time

Ouvert pieces, like harnesses, crotchless panties and other open styles, show your lover that they're sooooo close to nirvana. Tease them with the eye candy and make them ask for permission to touch. Or, layer this multiway harness over a thong panty (like styled above) or other lingerie sets to taunt them even more and see what they're willing to do get you to strip off each section or piece one at a time. What will you do? How bad do you want it? If you behave, I'll let you strip off a piece...

talk dirty tip: 

put your scent on them 

Spritz your most delicious play pieces — like our SNKX harnesses — with your signature sultry scent then tell them if they behave themselves, you'll mark your territory aka them. Tell them you're going to drag this harness over every inch of them and make them yours. Tie them, restrain them... or vice versa... and let the power play begin. If you don't have a signature scent, your pheromones work just fine.

talk dirty lunatic femme
lunatic femme inquisitor bra with ohm thong

talk dirty tip

see anything you like?

Once they describe everything they see through your sheerest layers, tell them exactly what you want. I want you lift my dress and bend me over. I want to you slip me out of this dress with your teeth. I want feel your mouth on me. I want you to slip your fingers under my dress, this lace, my thong... Adding layers adds to more exploration, more play and more pleasure. 

talk dirty tip
ignite their imagination

With their eyes hidden from seeing you, describe the lingerie you're wearing and let them guess what awaits when they open their eyes. Guide their fingers to touch what you're describing — the sheerest mesh over your nipples, the softest silk grazing your neck, the tightest wraps on your thighs.

talk dirty tip

tempt them all day

Take pics of your lingerie just dangling from a hanger... send them with a message to get ready. Maybe another partial pic of you in it later... let them know you're getting ready for them. Maybe a message that you're waiting wearing nothing but you're lingerie. Or you're getting yourself warmed up for them. Paint a sexy mental image that's your all-day foreplay and dirty talk in one.

talk dirty tip

adorn them in your lingerie

An easy way to inspire your naughty mouth is to dress up your lover in lingerie you're wearing. For instance, the garters on our supper club harness detach.... so why not re-attach them as a collar around your partner's neck? Or wrap around their cock for a makeshift cock ring. Maybe this is a Would You Rather? Would you rather I use my g-string to tie you up? Or put it in your mouth to see how I taste?

talk dirty tip:

tie them up first

If your partner likes to touch, maybe put an end to that by untying the ties on your bodysuit or blindfold and securing their hands and feet to each other, to a bedpost, to a chair... get creative and describe the process as you're doing it. No ties, no blindfold? How about sexy g-string? Once they're restrained, now you get to take the second tie of your bodysuit and drag it over their body, teasing them with your words, your play, maybe even your strip. Let them know you're going to tease them mercilessly, tell them your going to tickle their body with your silk. Maybe you'll let them smell you, taste you, breathe you in. Ask them what they want.

talk dirty tip:

worship the fuck out of them

Worshipping each other's most sacred spaces is literally dirty talk in action. Let them worship your pussy through sweet talk, flirting, gazing, stroking and all-around celebrating how if looks, feels, smells, works... Trade with your partner and worship their cock or pussy. Sometimes talking dirty flows more naturally when you've got a mission... and this one's all about making your lover feel like a king or queen. Not sure where to start? Compliments.

talk dirty tip
be the tease 

Put on a naughty lingerie fashion show and be your own emcee. Use a sultry, sexy playlist to inspire your own lingo. Be sure to cover yourself with a kimono and little by little reveal more of what's beneath the silk as you walk your catwalk. Rinse and repeat with your most irresistible pieces.

How do you use your lingerie, toys, surroundings, body to talk dirty to your lover (or yourself)? Comment below with your dirty talk sex tips.

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