turn this catsuit outfit into a romper in 3 sexy steps

Whether your play date is in the sheets or out in the streets, our sexy little catsuit outfit can be worn with two legs, one leg or no legs worn as a romper. Just add faux feather or fur coat, some fuck-off jewelry and either sultry, strappy heels or thigh-high boots. If you're staying in, we suggest pairing with a spirit-forward cocktail (think manhattan or vieux carre), a blindfold and your favorite lovers. Or if you're out in the wild, we suggest letting your lover undress you in an exceedingly luscious start to foreplay.


step 1: unzip your catsuit

Part of the yumminess of this catsuit is getting it on and off your body, especially when a lover is involved. The calf zippers allow for a tighter, sultrier fit as well as easy entry. Not to mention, they create that sexy back seam that runs from just below your ass to your heels. With soft AF european mesh, your lover will have so many places to graze and stroke, as will, throughout your playdate.

step 2: untie your catsuit

After one or both legs are unzipped, depending on the look you're going for, start to untie the strings that connect the leg to the bottom of the romper. Pro tip: if you're letting your lover untie you, blindfold them to make them slow down.

step 3: after untying, remove catsuit leg

Continue slipping the strings out of the leg grommets all around the legs so you can easily slip off the mesh legs to reveal your romper. Whether you're the one undressing or being undressed, now's a sexy time to play with eye contact. 

step 4: remove catsuit legs + style as romper

Style with heels or thigh-high boots for a completely different look. You can also top with a short feather jacket, a long blazer or a lusciously soft long sweater for a play on texture.

step 5: pair these pieces with your catsuit for more ways to play

How will you style your catsuit for play at home or in the streets?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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