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Are you down for the type of sex that's nothing short of a religious experience? The type that's deep, conscious, soulful, meditative and dropping you into another dimension? Experts say this type of “soul sex” isn't a miracle, rather it's simply an output of being in the moment, connected and vulnerable with your lover. It can slow and delicious or fast and savage, wildly spontaneous or a long, luscious weekend marathon of play. The bigger keys are cultivating that mindful, vulnerable connection you need to be open and soulful with your playmate. Check out our fashion inspiration, soul-snatching playlist and tips for going deep wth the one you lust or love.


your sexy shopping list for soul sex

soul sex shopping list

1. Veil Micro G-String by Lunatic Femme

2. Interlocking Circles Pendant by Tiffany

3. Silver Hoops by Jennifer Fisher

4. Knee-High, Pointed Boots by Schutz

5. Scorpion Ring Collar-Necklace by Lunatic Femme

soulful lyrics + sexy beats for wildly connected sex

Our Eye-Gazing, Soul-Fucking Sex Our Eye-Gazing, Soul-Fucking Sex is curated to take you deep into the moment for that transportive, soulful experience. Beats are intense and filled with that desire that sparks your cravings. Use these lyrics, tempos, artists and vocals to discover more about what moves your soul to another level.

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your soul sex playbook for wilder, juicier, more spiritual sex

1. seal it with a crimson kiss

Your soul-fucking sex date deserves an RSVP. Set the stage with an invite served up on a tray, written on embossed paper, in dripping red ink, with your lipstick-stained lips as the seal. If you don't own paper, improvise ;)

2. seduce them with scent

Heighten the senses with some erotic scents, like an aphrodisiac candle or incense that deliciously shifts the mood.

3. connect with your eyes

Look them in the eye. Sitting just out of finger’s reach, hold each other’s gaze and feel the heat start to rise from the deepest part of your body. There’s nothing sexier than deep, raw, naked connection.

4. get on the same wavelength

Start with energy play to align your chakras, your moods, your presence so you’re connected on a juicier, more soulful level. This also keeps distractions out and intentions clear. We loved the whispered technique that medium Jamie Butler teaches her students.

5. breathe together

Connect through sexy breathwork that syncs your breathing with your partner’s.

6. adorn your body with symbolism

Wear a symbol of your union — like a necklace with interlocking rings — as a touchstone of your deep, soulful connection. As your bodies intertwine, the cool metal on hot skin will remind you why you’re here.

7. make undressing an event

Undress each other slowly and mindfully. Unzip their boots, slip off their panties, unbutton their shirt. unhook their bra and deliciously slide it off their bodies so they feel and you see every touch. Bonus points every time you kiss the skin you just revealed.

8. take time to dirty talk their soul

Who doesn't love some good, old-fashioned hyping up of your cock and/or pussy worship. Celebrate all the deliciousness of whatever they’re working with, how it looks, how it smells, how it tastes and let them revel in your appreciation.

9. block the clock

Give yourself time on the calendar to sink into the moment and take it xxxtra slow. Sure, you can have an eye-gazing, soul-fucking quickie, but why not drag the living fuck out of the moment and make this baby last for hours.

10. be vulnerable

Baring your heart and soul takes courage, so center yourselves in the space by speaking from the heart. “I’m feeling scared. I’m excited. I’m really glad we have this time together….” Tell them what’s true for you, and vice versa, and watch what magic unfolds.

11. say thank you

Show appreciation for each other… for how they touch you, for how they show up, for the way they listen to your desires, for the way they help you uncover the pleasure you ask for, for how open they are to you.

12. start with some audio fucking

Music can convey what words can’t. To help transcend the ordinary, create a playlist of extraordinary tunes that reach deep and take you both to another realm where anything is possible. Or discover erotica that invites deeper levels of play and connection.

13. get filthy

Talk dirty. In the heat of the moment, speak the words that drive your lover wild. That might mean their favorite fantasy or their favorite poetry, just speak slowly and with lust and longing on your tongue. Pro tip: start dirty talking early in the day

14. keep that eye contact

As you move about the bed, the room, the whole house, keep that searing, soul-searching connection going by keeping your eyes locked on each other. Feel the body heat build.

15. switch up your positions

Play only with sex positions that let you maintain eye contact. Bonus: you might discover some new favorites.

16. let yourself play

Play cat and mouse. Hide in the shadows. Slink down the stairs. Make staying in sync a delicious game.

17. leave an indelible impression

Tattoo their name on your skin…. With lipstick, a red pen, red wine or melted wax. Let them know they’ve made a (soul-fucking) mark. And vice versa.

18. plan a part 2

Pledge to one another that you'll make time for soul-fucking sex on the regular. Whether it’s once a week or once a month, make a date to revisit that temple of lust. (If you’re single, make it a pledge to your self.)

19. rethink missionary sex

If that's your go-to for eye-gazing soul sex, amp it up with kink, tease, play, toys and more.

20. explore your kinks

Because kinky sex should inherently come with conversations about boundaries, passions, consent, safe words, it opens you for a deeper level of connection, openness, trust and vulnerability.

21. clear the air

Sex expert Kim Anami says in her podcasts that holding resentments about your partner can keep you from being connected to them so it becomes difficult to feel pleasure or reach an orgasm. If you want to reacher deeper levels of soulful sex, reach deeper levels of communication that keep you feeling positive about your lover.

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