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Are you getting enough pleasure in life? If you’re like most of us, probably not. But living a full-on, turned-on life by finding small moments of big pleasure can be the difference in creating a life you love versus one lived on auto-pilot. It doesn’t take loads of time, money or effort to find opportunities for the things that drive pleasure — play, curiosity, discovery, for instance — it just takes intention and attention. We asked LA-based sex and femininity coach, Dr. Christina Jerger, to join our founder, Stacy Baker Masand, in discussing how to create a Pleasure Makeover in your own life.

For even more inspiration, check out their original interview in Dr. Christina’s new carpool series, The Women, on YouTube, where she invites women to talk all things pleasure, play and femininity. Or grab a 1:1 coaching spot on Dr. Christina's calendar for a customized Pleasure Makeover


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📸: pleasure makeover x role play

what are some of the yummiest ways to add pleasure to your life?

dr. christina, femsaloud

First of all, what are pleasures? It’s too easy to say, pleasures are kinks, sexual preferences, and some wild and wet dreams. However, pleasures are so much more than that. Every time you use your senses, you experience pleasure. It’s that cappuccino from your favorite coffee shop, that vacation to Greece with all flavors and adventures, feeling the sun kissing your skin, or smelling your lover’s perfume on your skin and getting reminded of last night. Life is pleasure and your senses, such as seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting, grant you access. Once you start making use of your senses in whatever way possible, life and moments are so much juicier, more memorable, and simply sexy AF. Life itself becomes a turn-on.

stacy baker masand, lunatic femme

I love the idea of life becoming a turn-on and completely agree about the power of your senses and how they can create or amplify pleasure. They’re also a really delicious portal to discovering what else ignites you. Try the discovery set of a fragrance or incense instead of your normal go-to scent. Grab the mini candles or travel packs to see how other scents move you… or not. From a taste POV, I love creating “condiment dinners” which are basically boards filled with a few bites of all the random fun jars, tins and bottles you find at bodegas or markets. Or any time you can create a tasting flight… of bourbon, of hot sauce, of chocolates, of olive oils, basically anything that titillates or stokes your palate. When it comes to touch, what textures, temperatures, compression do you like and how can you experiment using lingerie, sex toys, lubes, feathers, leather, pillows, candles? And visuals, obviously visually I’m obsessed with lingerie, but not just on body. I love it strategically placed where a lover can see it… hanging over your mirror as a reminder to wear or as a way to channel that part of you that wants to come out to play. 

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📸: how slowly can you dress (or undress) your lover?

what important role does lingerie play when it comes to pleasure?

stacy baker masand

Lingerie is a really powerful way to start unpeeling the layers of self-discovery. See how your body changes through different fabrics, colors, embellishments. How do certain pieces invite your body to open or surrender? What makes it feel like playing or teasing? What turns it on? What pisses it off? What makes it shy or romantic or apprehensive? Lean into what feels good and see where it can take you. Next you’ve got all the pleasure that comes from adorning your body with exquisite fabrics. How does it feel to celebrate, worship and cherish your body through pieces that ignite you? And last, lingerie can be such an easy hack for play… role play, blindfolds, power dynamics, edging. What you wear can help you try on different personas and take boredom out of the bedroom. And out on the streets? It becomes your secret… or not.

dr. christina jerger

Lingerie is incredible, it’s the layer directly touching your skin. Lingerie is nothing just for a lover or that you are going to start wearing after 9pm.If you wear lingerie, nothing is actually closer to your skin in that moment and that’s amazing for your feminine. I love wearing some sexy pieces under my suit or business outfit. No one has to know, it’s my little spicy secret for the day. It makes me feel more confident, sexy and sensual. Of course I will enjoy my days more, meetings turn out better, flirting on a date yummier.

"I love seeing lingerie as a muse! A muse that allows me to be myself, not getting judged for what I like and it’s that pure empowerment to try something completely new."

— dr. christina

lunatic femme pleasure makeover, dr christina jerger

how can lingerie help you explore what gives you pleasure?  

stacy baker masand

I like to think of lingerie as a muse that inspires you to amplify, channel or play with different moods, sensations, pleasure points, personas….different pieces can give you permission to try things you’ve been interested in…or freedom to play more… so it’s not just about sex.

If I’m looking to play more, I’ll pull out my lingerie and do a little fashion show, looking for new ways to mix and match different pieces or looks to wear both at home and out to play.

dr. christina jerger

I love seeing lingerie as a muse! A muse that allows me to be myself, not getting judged for what I like and it’s that pure empowerment to try something completely new. Lingerie opens my horizons to see more, feel more, try more. Can happen in the safe space of a bedroom and far beyond in the playground life. On a dinner date, on a weekend getaway or just during your lunch break. Completely on your own or with a lover. A lover can be great to unlock new perspectives and even more pleasures.

how can you use your lingerie to flirt, tease or play with your lover?

stacy baker masand

We have an entire playbook article with really juicy ideas for this, but one of my favorite ways to use lingerie is to inspire dirty talk. Do they like the way the panties cup your ass? How does the ultra-fine mesh glove feel when you tickle it down their back. Ask your lover if they’d like to peel your lace panties down your thighs. Would they like you to blindfold them and then what… Use what you see or feel to inspire your words, sounds, compliments or questions.

dr. christina

Lunatic Femme has so many amazing play pieces! Get creative first with how you wear lingerie and then let your lover play with it. The next time you can ask your lover to pick your lingerie for a night out or for the playtime at home afterwards. Dress me, undress me. Do it slow, put it on again, do it again. Lingerie for me is the ultimate piece that connects two lovers and helps to make fantasies real.

"I also believe in surrounding myself with sensuality, small ways to stoke my senses with very little effort throughout the day."

— stacy baker masand

what are small ways to sneak in more pleasures daily?

dr. christina

It’s all about the little moments and to slow down and enjoy being fully present. Can be the moment you put your makeup on in the mornings or have a slow shower. Feel it, feel yourself, use your senses. Throughout the day: How do your clothes feel on your skin? That sexy lingerie beneath, we just spoke about? Give yourself those little moments and make them big by giving them your full attention! When going on a dinner date, eat slow. Eat with intention and embrace and taste every single flavor of the meal. And of course, have slow sex instead of a quickie that night: kiss slowly, undress slowly, fuck slowly, and come slowly but more intense than ever. I can guarantee you experiencing pleasures slowly and with all of your senses will bring you to Mars!

stacy baker masand

I love a good sex bucket list and try to keep it updated with things I love or desire including life’s little pleasures. I also believe in surrounding myself with sensuality, small ways to stoke my senses with very little effort throughout the day. Candlelight at dinner, cloth napkins, new music. I’ll always stop to take in a sunset even if it’s just for a minute.

And recently I’ve been reading about the power of feeling gratitude not just thinking about what makes you grateful but also really experiencing the high-vibe feeling of little things you appreciate. It’s a really fast, easy way to shift your mood into just how much pleasure is around us every day. And it’s easy to tailor to the bedroom. Maybe you love the way your silk sheets feel on your skin, the way your lover wraps their body around yours, the way their breath feels against your neck when they whisper to you, how deliciously your body responds to your own touch.

And of course, my go-to is always to play. How can you flirt with yourself, your lover/partner and life in ways that feel indulgent, blissful and lusty? Look for those moments or create them. 

"Lingerie for me is the ultimate piece that connects two lovers and helps to make fantasies real."

— dr. christina

what are some ways you can start and end your day with more pleasure?

dr. christina

I think it starts with the moment you wake up. While still in that drowsy juicy state, feel the silky sheets on your skin. Maybe the sun shines through your window. Feel the warmth. FEEL! If there is a lover next to you, grab him for a moment and touch his skin. The first sip of coffee, smell it, taste it, literally as if it would be the last sip you could ever take! Proceed like that throughout the day and experience more and more pleasures over time.

stacy baker masand

I agree! I love those lucid, dreamy morning moments. Simply putting more passion into a morning kiss is a yummy way to start the day. Showering with a toy or a partner, taking a few extra moments post-shower to massage your skin with oil or lotion. When your intention is to squeeze more pleasure out of your day, it becomes easier to steal that time and make it juicy. As far as ending the day, I love reminding myself of little “miracles” or “magic” I might have witnessed. I’ve noticed it’s started to make me see them as they’re happening. The more magic and I spot, the more magical the days become. That to me is pleasure.

lunatic femme pleasure makeover, dr christina jerger

 what are some ways you can shift stress to pleasure and bliss instantly or easily?

stacy baker masand

I always turn to breathwork, fresh air or music. Or if you’re at home, a mid-day quickie with yourself is quick pick-me-up ;)

dr. christina

For me it’s those intentional shifts I make: Change the surroundings, put on music, dance in my heels, go for a walk and grab coffee. I agree, a sexy solo play during the day is on my list, too.

how can you find more pleasure in classic or go-to moves in the bedroom? what are some ways we can step outside the box or stretch our comfort zone when it comes to pleasure?

stacy baker masand

Maybe it’s about combining two things, like sex toys and missionary, face sitting and restraints, blindfolds and dirty talk.

Maybe it’s role play where your alter ego asks for the one thing you’re too shy to request.

Maybe it’s adding one kinky new skill to your bag of tricks… shibari rope-tying, new oral skills, booty play, temperature play…

Maybe it’s letting your partner tell you what he/she likes slowly, deliciously, step by step.

Maybe it’s playing somewhere else in the house or out of house.

The idea is that you create the playbook and get to add as many curiosities, pleasures and new adventures as you like — or not.

dr. christina

I love the ideas, Stacy! Combining two ways to play and bringing in a new third thing. Go crazy and bring in food, something cold, another toy, another person, another lingerie piece, change the environment. There are no limits. I’d always say, if you want to try it, try it! In my coaching program, I call this the “Pleasure Makeover”.

My clients literally start exploring the world with their senses. All things that turn them on such as food, surroundings, visuals, clothes, things they like to touch, smell, sexual kinks and more. In that moment they start expanding their comfort zone as they realize what they really like and of course who wouldn’t do more of what gives pleasure? I can highly recommend to explore your own pleasures and go live a juicy and sexy life!

What's on your Pleasure Makeover? Comment with your inspo below.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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