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If your mind's in overdrive and your libido is, mmmm, less so, you might be "achieving" your best life but not really living it. Symptoms include, but not limited to: feeling burnt out or exhausted, trouble setting boundaries, being disconnected from your body, your intuition, your desires. Sadly those issues seem to be a little too common for most of us trying to keep up with a system built on masculine power, but luckily there's an easy way to turn back on your flow, femininity and creative life force. And her name is Dr. Christina Jerger. After experiencing all of the above (and more) in a high-performance, c-suite career, she decided to find a new, happier, healthier way of being which ignited her feminine power and balanced out her masculine. The result is a luscious new way of being and a new business, Femsaloud, that helps other women use their innate fire to live better, sexier and more fulfilled in their bodies and lives.

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📸: dr. christina jerger, femsaloud.com

what's one trick you have for women for getting into your body that we can start doing today, maybe even before we start the day?

dr. christina jerger

I highly recommend staying in that gloomy bed mood the moment you wake up. Don’t immediately check your phone and start being in your head again, thinking. Instead, tune into your body, feel yourself, feel the sheets on your skin. It's perfect if you have a man next to you, but if you're by yourself, just have some sexy thoughts or something that still lets you feel something. The feminine is in the body and the masculine is in the head. So every time you think something, you get stuck in the head. And the body is everything about your senses and feelings, your intuition. So stay there a little bit longer when you wake up. Think about something sexy or feel the sheets on your skin. On top, take time for your morning routine, whether it’s a workout, shower or applying your makeup. Have a conscious look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy yourself.

why do female entrepreneurs or execs need a femininity coaching program or makeover when femininity is often seen as weakness?

dr. christina jerger

That's exactly where I'm coming from. So feeling or seeing, understanding the feminine as something weak or something too emotional or too sexy even or unprofessional in the workplace. This is how I grew up and I know so many women who grew up with those beliefs as well. Being feminine and being beautiful, sensual and sometimes sexy, too, that's authentic, that's natural, but in the workspaces you feel like, "Oh my God, I have to adapt. I have to wear a suit. I can’t show myself in an authentic and sensual, emotional way. And that's exactly the need female powerhouses have who have been part of this Boss Babe movement. Everyone is pushing, right? Everyone is working so hard and still feeling that they are not good enough or what they're doing is never enough. So they push further and then they get this badge of honor of being a Boss Bitch or Boss Babe or Boss Lady. Doesn't make any difference how we label it, it’s super unhealthy and leading so many women to burn themselves out.

Ambitious women actually crave being feminine. They crave, “Oh my God, Christina, I finally want to relax. I have enough. I am chasing achievement after achievement in my career or in my business. And I just want to calm down. I just want to be.” It's great because there's a need to feel something. Some of the women I worked with have told me, "I cannot even cry anymore. I cannot feel anything. I don't know what's going on. And I just see it. I can feel it. Something is off, but what is it?" And there’s actually an Anti-Boss Babe movement happening. This is how my femininity makeover program was born to help women to tap back into their femininity.

can they tap back and still have achievements? Is it just the approach?

dr. christina jerger

Sure, for me it's always both and having a healthy balance of the masculine and the feminine. Both nurture and support one another, they are like the yin and the yang, they complement each other. You need masculinity in yourself to create structure in your life and achievements. Of course women want to have a career, and we want to have success and we want to feel good, and we also want to have a purpose, which is also part of the masculinity. Then you have the femininity, and this is the part where you can relax. This is the part where you can take care of yourself and surrender, let go of control, be playful. And that's the beauty of it, you can have the benefits of both the masculinity and the femininity.

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📸: dr. christina jerger

so it sounds like you're saying there's power in femininity, it's just a different kind.

dr. christina jerger

Right. It is because it brings out the part where you can rest, receive and just be! Femininity brings out the opposite of hustling and chasing. It brings out the, “I'm just surrendering and enjoying my life as a woman.”

your bespoke coaching sessions, they're described as both luxurious and life-changing. give us an example of what a VIP day looks like and some of what the takeaways might be?

dr. christina jerger

My coaching always happens in real life. For me it's important to meet the woman in person to understand and support her the best way possible. Every VIP day is completely bespoke and tailored to her needs. So before we start working together, we’ll have a conversation. I need to get to know her. What is she experiencing? What symptoms show up? What does she like? What places does she love going to? Where does she feel the most alive?

A transformation can be hard but should be fun and life-changing, too. Thus, a VIP day with me is a luxurious experience. We don’t just journal or meditate, we really do the female embodiment work in real life. We take the actions. It’s sensual and feminine throughout. Whatever her needs are, we do sensual eating, screaming, blindfolding, just to name a few exercises. So it makes sense that we do the exercises in incredible places. We can go to a spa and do the exercises there. We can go to the beach, we can walk, we can talk. Or have a chat and a nice drink at a rooftop or try a new fancy restaurant while we do the healing work. It’s a unique day for every woman. If she wants, we also prepare a makeover. It's not just the mindset transformation, on top comes a visual makeover. I have stylists and personal shoppers, and we make her beautifully feminine on the outside as well.

and it just takes one day or do you continue working with them?

dr. christina jerger

The VIP day is the shortcut we can take as I know ambitious women are very busy. As life happens, I also offer monthly mentoring where we work together long-term and address different areas of a woman’s life and keep adjusting when new topics and situations show up. Women can reach me anytime like when they say, "Christina, I have a date tonight. Let me know what I can do?" I'm always open to support them. We can also do quick fixes and SOS things and whatever is needed. I want them to be successful and thriving in all areas of life and life happens 24/7!

"Embodying the feminine affects all areas of life because we are holistic beings."

— dr. christina jaeger

what are some of the ways you use lingerie in your coaching practice?

dr. christina jerger

Lingerie is one of the most important things when it comes to femininity because it's directly on their skin, it’s the first layer. It’s about how they feel when touching the fabrics and when wearing it, how it makes them feel so sexy. One exercise I love doing is mirror self-talk. Women have to hop in front of the mirror with beautiful lingerie and do a body scan, watch themselves and look into their own eyes. Whatever they need, I have affirmations they can say or different body positions they can hold and things they can do in front of the mirror to boost self-love and confidence. It's definitely a big part of the work we do — it's about feeling it, activating the senses again, and literally feeling yourself in front of the mirror.

what are some ways reconnecting your feminine power shows up in people's lives after they work with you?

dr. christina jerger

Embodying the feminine affects all areas of life because we are holistic beings. When women start working with me, they noticed different symptoms showing up. So whether it's mental health or burnout tendencies, because they work so hard, or painful periods, infertility or simply missing that sexy and sensual feminine glow. Some women struggle massively with dating and their relationships. Let’s face it, a masculine man (as we all want him!) isn’t attracted to “Miss Independent” and a masculine powerhouse. That’s the polarity.

After the femininity makeover, women just feel different, they feel themselves and are authentic. They attract opportunities and people out of the blue without much effort, that’s the feminine magnetism. Life starts to feel juicy and fulfilling. They become irresistible!

I like what you said about discovering things they didn't really know about themselves. We are on autopilot so much. 

dr. christina jerger

So true. It's like when they realize, "Oh my God, I'm a new person now. I take care of myself. I love myself. I can be compassionate. I'm grounded now in my feminine and I can let go". Before that, they were just pushing and chasing things and people, and after the transformation they can go with an open heart and live an orgasmic and easy life. It's beautiful.

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📸: dr christina jerger

how can we learn to express more feminine power with our lovers? 

dr. christina jerger

I think first of all, women have to get to know what they really like. So what kind of pleasures, what kind of things turn them on. Part of my coaching is a pleasure makeover. It's not only about the sexual kinks, it's also about what kind of food actually is a turn on. Or situations and moments. Like to walk barefoot on the beach, sleep naked, or have a sunbath. We know how we feel during an orgasm, so this is what situations should feel like if you are turned on by them.

Once women really activate their senses and understand what gives them pleasure, they can do more of that and become confident with being authentically feminine, also with their lovers. She is able to communicate her needs, let go and surrender to a man, because she is so unshakably rooted in her needs. He is able to take the lead as the man and create that sexy polarity every woman craves, he fully claims her! It’s going to be intense and very intimate!

How has Dr. Christina Jerger inspired you to turn yourself back on? What will you do today to keep your feminine power activated?

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