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No matter how massively confident or supremely successful you are, being naked can make even the queenest of queens feel too vulnerable or a little insecure. 

Loving your body, your curves, your strength, your skin, the intoxicating way you move, can all be yummy ways to practice self-love. And those are just the start. We've listed a variety of sexy ways to free yourself from self-judgment and start feeling better naked. Like all things pleasure related, the journey is as delicious as the destination so take the time to indulge, play + stir that inner fire for yourself. 


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meditate sans clothes

Meditation gurus says it's one way to better connect with your body so you feel and experience the energy you're moving through you.

do downward dogs... naked

Naked yoga is a legit way to help yourself become more vulnerable and intimately connected to your body. If you've got hang ups, group classes and workshops, like Naked Yoga Therapy, can help you become much more compassion and loving toward yourself.

enjoy a sensual shower

Is there a better way to start (or end_ the day than self-lust? "Hop under the shower and feel the water running through your hair and down your body and pussy," says Dr. Christina Jerger, an embodiment and femininity coach for female entrepreneurs, executives and celebrities. "Feel the touch on your skin when using your yummy shower foam. Enjoy this steamy moment and fully tune into your senses. Let your thoughts drift away, smell, and feel." Afterward, she advises us to take time to apply a rich, creamy body lotion, touching and exploring all parts of your body to massage it in. If you don't have a DND sign, this is your sign.

pleasure your naked skin with silk

Keep your body feeling treasured by wrapping it in silk or other luscious fabrics when you're lounging but have to keep your clothes on. Pay attention to how the silk or other textures feel as they move against your skin. What parts of your body get stirred? What parts of your body do you notice and appreciate? What feels pleasure?

pussy gaze

Can you pick your own pussy out of a lineup? Spending time in front of the mirror seeing and appreciating how your vulva looks can help you love your body more including the areas (like your pussy) that you take time to notice.

experiment with new sensations in the buff

Wartenberg wheels, temperature play, different fabrics like silk versus leather. Discover more about what you like by playing with new or different sensations. Close your eyes and experience how toys, fabrics, temperatures feel against your skin, on different parts of your body, using different pressure. How does your breath change, your body stir, your mood shift? You in your pleasure doesn't get much sexier, naked or not.

listen to erotica naked

Sure, you can argue that the end goal of erotica is getting naked but what if you start naked and instead of jumping directly to your hot spots, you start igniting other parts of your body first? What's it like to stroke your toes or calves while you listen? Does your neck or waist beg to be touched? See what other pleasure zones you can find while exploring your naked body.

take your time getting naked

Instead of hurrying through the process of getting clothed and unclothed, what if you strip off (or on) deliciously, seductively slow. What you could feel the silk straps of your panties slide down your inner thighs, tickling your calves and slipping onto your toes? And what if that slow simple act gets you to really look at the curves of your thighs, your silkiness of your calves and the arch of your foot. And what if this slow yummy strip-off shows you once again that your naked body truly is art. 

make a naked vision board

How to make a doing a vision board not suck? Fill it with empowering images of how you want to look, act and feel naked. What affirmations can you add to the vision board? What accessories can you add to celebrate your new mojo — sky-high stilettos? A g-string and a faux fur coat? Nothing but gold body jewelry? Hang the board where you'll be reminding of the sensual mindset you can have.

create sexy affirmations

How do you speak to yourself? What do you think when you see yourself naked? If your inner critic needs a reset, rethink your mantras and make them more erotic to dial up the lust, love and power so they ignite your most powerful self.

take sexy breaks during the day

Got 15 minutes? "This is your time to engage in sexy daydreams, visualize your juicy fantasies, listen to spicy audios stories or pleasure yourself the way you like the most," says Dr. Jerger. Get creative with how, when and where you find me-time. "Spice up your lunch breaks (your colleagues will wonder where you got that sexy glow from!), your Sunday afternoon (works also while sitting at the coffee table with your family) or any moment in between," she says.

get naked all around the house. 

Get intimate with yourself by spending the evening sans clothes. From stargazing, cocktail crafting and downward dogging to reading your sexiest new novel. If full-frontal isn’t in your repertoire, going topless is a sexy gateway.

wear seductive lingerie pieces under your clothes.


Wearing tiny, featherlight lingerie sets or pieces can help you feel sexier when your clothes are on and ignite your lustier side all day so when you're home and naked again, you're already warmed up with self-lust.

get creative in the buff

Painting, throwing pottery, writing takes on a whole new level of liberation, vulnerability and self-love when you do it in the nude. See how creative you get and use that sensual life force to show your body some insane amount of love and gratitude.

experience foodgasms

There's a reason they say food is erotic. "Sensual eating is like having amazing sex, so why not couple them up?," says Dr. Jerger. "Take out your strawberries and that hot chocolate sauce then play with them. Feel the food in your mouth, on your tongue, taste it, suck on it, let it drip from your fingers while being naked." 

up-level your masturbation routine... naked 

How can you seduce yourself more? Are there new sex or masturbation positions you want to try? Edging? Blindfolded? How does your body respond to the bliss of pressure, the delight in the squeeze and release of muscles, what other parts of your body ignite? Take your time and take in entirely new ways to play.

soak in an erotic bath

If you book a spa night in, make it more erotic. Sensual oils, a hand-crafted cocktail, a new waterproof toy. Do you have luscious spa towels? A yummy, sexy candle? A massage candle? Post-soak, stay undressed until you need to leave the house again.

accentuate your assets

Create your own harnesses, restraints, wraps and tethers to highlight parts of your body that need a little more self-love. Seeing them in a sexy, sultry new light can help you love yourself more naked.

sleep nude

Invest in luscious sheets that ignite your skin whatever those textures might be... silk, satin, flannel. Maybe you add a faux fur throw you wrap around your naked legs.

moan like a goddess

We can't hear you!!! "Use your beautiful voice to intensify your sexual plays and pleasures," says Dr. Jerger. "Hum, moan, sigh, make sounds, everything that feels good for you! Hear your voice and feel how the vibrations go all the way down to your womb space, activating your sexual energy." If you're feeling shy, start when you're alone and if you're super shy, let background music help you surrender.

make spa days an everyday ritual

Giving your skin nourishment and TLC takes minutes a day. Use epsom salts in your bath, salt scrubs in your shower, luxurious post-soak body creams and oils. Scent your towels in aphrodisiac scents that make you feel more sensual and indulgent as you dry your body. Tiny moments of pampering can keep you in the headspace of loving yourself naked.

up your bedroom skills with an online sex workshop or class

Sometimes boosting your confidence in other areas can impact your mojo in others. For example, if you're shy in bed, what if upping your tool kit, language or skill set gives you the confidence you need to unlock more freedom.... and love for your naked body? Book a class, practice naked.

let your pussy be worshipped

If you're partnered up, try worshipping each others most sacred spaces. Let them worship your pussy through sweet talk, dirty talk, gazing, stroking and all-around celebrating how if looks, feels, smells, works... Trade with your partner and worship their cock or pussy. Noticing how much their is about someone else's body can help you love how your body looks naked, too.

play games with your lover naked

Never Have I Ever questions come to mind. Imagine a whole new level of intimacy. Or, just connect to each other by asking sultry discovery questions while staying in the buff.

blindfold yourself naked

Whether your fucking, listening to an audio book, eating a gourmet meal or dancing.... blindfolding yourself puts your focus on senses other than your eyes. How things taste, feel, smell, sound and liberate your naked body in ways it loves to experience. 

create a sexy shoot

Whether you're alone or with a lover, getting video and images of your body naked can show you just hot irresistible you look. Try dimming the lights, using a red light bulb or ambient candlelight. Play with shadows and angles until you finds images you love. 

visualize ways to spoil your body

Take pics of the lingerie, accessories or play pieces want to add to your sex closet so you can keep sultriness top of mind. Keep those images on hand to remind yourself of how deliciously your body deserves to be spoiled. Reward yourself for a sexy mental game.

How do you celebrate yourself and your body so you feel better naked? Comment below

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