dr. cat's Rx for boosting pleasure? an erotic mantra

Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD, LMFT, is a licensed psychotherapist specializing in sex, trauma, and ketamine-assisted therapy (KAP), an author, yoga teacher and international speaker dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality and our bodies. Dr. Cat is the founder of SexLoveYoga.com, an online platform integrating various schools of thought including science, tantra, yoga, and psychedelic therapy, host of the podcasts Sex Love Psychedelics and Erotically Wasted and co-founder of Un.done women’s sensual yoga experience. Here, she explains why an erotic mantra is the daily pleasure-boosting practice you need now.



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what’s an erotic mantra?

Dr. Cat

An erotic mantra is a phrase or word that’s used to support you in remembering a quality belief that you would like to embody.

 why do I need one?

Dr. Cat

We all grew up with various messages about our bodies, our sensuality, our expression and our needs. Some of these messages were supportive and some created more inhibition in us. This inhibition was designed to protect us from the pain of rejection, ridicule and abandonment; yet, the cost to stay there is our pleasure and fully expressed selves. Taking the time to repeat an erotic mantra, as well as visualizing the embodiment of having the quality or belief, can support us in rewiring our core beliefs. Repetition is the secret sauce here. The more we embody, visualize, verbally declare and PRACTICE living out the mantra, the more integrated this part of us becomes.


how do I create an erotic mantra?

Dr. Cat

First, tune into what your current struggles around your eroticism look like. Remain curious toward yourself as you explore — these can be vulnerable acknowledgements. Next, identify what qualities or beliefs you would like to embody for yourself. For example…

“I am a woman who loves sex.”

“My body is a safe place to be in.”




Imagine a model of this quality or phrase. Who comes to mind? Imagined or real, notice what it’s like to embody this quality.

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what if I don’t really believe it — what if I’m not there yet?


Dr. Cat 

Is there a movement, a practice, a stance, a touch that you can pair with the phrase or word? It may feel silly to do this practice, at first. We may not fully believe it ourselves, but it can serve as an intention for us to direct our attention and efforts toward achieving or integrating.

how do I apply my erotic mantra?


Dr. Cat

The best way to incorporate this practice is to pair it with a habit or daily ritual that you already have. For example, you can say your mantra to yourself when you look in the mirror while getting ready. You can repeat the statement while you lovingly wash your body in the shower. You can hold it in your mind while you engage in a movement practice, like yoga or dance. The important key is to not only say or think the words, but to really bring the sensation of it into your body, as well.

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