style lingerie as fashion for sexy day-to-night looks

Lingerie dressing isn't have a moment, an era or even a millennia. We're betting it's here to stay (after all, why would you hide your sexiest, most versatile investment pieces at home?). We've taken inspiration from the streets and sheets to bring you sexy ways to play with your lingerie for instant #OOTD and #OOTN.

style lingerie, model with lipstick


Use our recos to inspire your inner stylist to limitless levels. Once you lose the rule book, you'll love the freedom that multiway lingerie (and your creativity) gives you. 


style a bodysuit as fashion


  • Wear a silk bodysuit with high-waisted jeans w/ a blazer + your yummiest heels.
  • Pair a lace bodysuit with leather trousers, a collar necklace + an “own the room” attitude.
  • Layer your sexiest bodysuit under a sheer dress, skirt or catsuit
style lingerie, model with pizza

style a bra, bralette or bandeau as fashion


  • Just don’t wear a top ;). (The more stylish your bra’s look, the more it does the work for you.)
  • Go strapless with your bra for a stunning bandeau look.
  • Wear a bralette solo with skirts, minis, trousers + jackets.
  • Style an intricate lace bra beneath sheer tops for peek-a-boo effect.
  • Layer a sexy balconette underneath a cozy cropped, unbuttoned cardigan
  • Slide your bandeau under a silk button-down left open or a sheer style buttoned up.
  • Slip the mesh, jersey or lace bandeau over an LBD, latex catsuit or lace romper for a yummy layered look.
  • Tights, bra, kimono, otk boots, out the door.
  • Lace bra + low-cut blouse, dress or button-up lets you play with how much lace you reveal.
  • Pair your silkiest bra underneath a cropped sequins, lace or leather jacket for a glam play on textures.

style opera gloves as fashion

  • Pair them with almost anything from your basic tank and jeans to glam evening looks for an instant upgrade.

style lingerie, model with bustier

style a bustier as fashion


  • Just add trousers or a mini.
  • Rock our bustier with pasties, stackable g-strings and a statement necklace for the ultimate end-of-night tease. These bustier cups zip off to reveal pasties (or your nipples), while you slowly peel off the panties one by one.
  • Layer under a sheer top or a silk button-up left unbuttoned.
  • Slide over a catsuit, LBD or tight tank for that tease moment.

style lingerie, model with selfie

style a corset or cincher as fashion

  • Use a corset or cincher as a “belt” with body-con dresses.
  • Pair your corset with an oversized button-up, cardigan or blouse then use cincher as belt + add boots.
  • Wear a lace-up cincher as a top and style with skirts or trousers. Rotate wearing laces in front or at your sides for different looks.
  • Add a cincher on top of a tight tank or dress to make a sexier statement.
  • Layer a corset or a cincher worn as a bra under a tailored suit.

style a kimono as fashion

  • So many ways to play, over a tank and jeans, tank and shorts, catsuit, romper, LBD. 
  • Use it to create a high-low look, mix up interesting textures, add a little tease and so much more. 
  • Use the robe’s tie as a belt, wear sans belt or shop your closet for a piece that creates curves and ties the outfit together.

style lingerie, model in romper

style a romper as fashion

  • We love a versatile year-round romper look. In summer, simply strap on a pair of kitten heels and head out. 
  • Chillier nights call for thigh-high or over-the-knee boots and an oversized mens suit jacket or your yummiest, thigh-grazing cashmere cardigan.
  • Remove the cups in our 2-in-1 catsuit romper to give  that playfully sexy look in and out of the bedroom.

style a silk panty as fashion


  • Wear a high-coverage panty as a short with tall boots.
  • Layer a panty over a sheer catsuit for sexy coverage.

style leg garters as fashion

  • Pair your garters with straps (we love our snkxTM ) then wrap around legs to create a sexy strappy look from thighs to ankles.
  • Slide them on upper thighs with an LBD for a peek-a-boo effect all night.
  • Layer under a sheer dress for a little tease.
  • Slip over a catsuit for a sexy layered look.

style a lingerie harness as fashion


  • Use a silk waist harness as a sexy band with a crop top and skirt.
  • Layer a body harness under your sexiest dress with leg garters peeking through.
  • Slide a booty harness over a catsuit for a playfully fierce style.
style lingerie, model in harness

style snkx tethers-harness-straps-wraps as fashion


  • Wrap around your chest for instant warrior harness look under sheer tops.
  • Pair two together for bralette style over tanks.
  • Style around your curves to create a booty harness that works over a sexy little romper.
  • Attach at chest and booty for a body-harness look over a catsuit.
snkx  play strap
snkx  play strap
snkx  play strap
snkx  play strap

What are your fav ways to style lingerie both at home and out in the wild.

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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