how many ways can you style a snkx lingerie harness? (literally we don't know.)

When we set out to create a lingerie harness that would morph to all your moods, stoke your inner fire and give you endless ways to play, we didn't know what we started.

Fast forward several months, piles of fabric samples (we opted for a stretch luxury jersey from Italy) and multiple grommet options, we landed on snkxTM. They come in 3 lengths: 3 feet, 4 feet and 5 feet with detachable handcuffs for connecting, creating, wrapping, strapping, tethering, tying, restraining and playing.

Here are some of our fav looks to inspire you.


snkx lingerie harness
snkx lingerie harness
snkx lingerie harness
in the boudoir. models: (l) @bendy_barbie_, (r) @polescilla

turn your snkx lingerie harness into a cupless bra

Who doesn't love an ouvert bra moment? Create your own cupless harness look by wrapping a snkx strap around your neck, crossing between your breasts and wrapping around to secure in back.

pair 2 or 3 snkx together to customize your look + fit.

Use our lnkx handcuffs to secure multiple snkx lingerie harnesses together to create a more intricate, strappy looks and a custom fit. Each snkx strap is 3, 4 or 5 feet long so their lengths can be doubled or tripled to get the look you love.

style snkx as a choker-harness

Wrap a snkx lingerie harness around your waist and breasts then cross at your neck and secure in back with a lnkx handcuff.

restrain a lover

Why keep a good lingerie harness to yourself? Snkx can be wrapped around your lover's wrists, ankles, waist or wherever to create instant handcuffs. Or if you've things to do, strap them to the bed, make yourself a cocktail and let them watch.

layer snkx over bodysuits

Pair our snkx lingerie harnesses over bodysuits to give you more looks, give a simple style more edge or to get you excited again about a bodysuit you've worn endlessly.

snkx lingerie harness pole dancer
model: @bobbibarricella; 📸: kelsey fugere

create an instant waist harness

This instant waist harness effortlessly pairs with your favorite bra and panty set to create a lingerie set in seconds.

style your instant waist harness or band with a crop top 

Add some edge to any belly-baring style by turning your snkx lingerie harness into a simple-yet-sexy-AF waist strap.

snkx lingerie harness

turn your snkx into a sexy one-shoulder look

That one-shoulder warrior look never stops giving. Use the handcuff lnkx to attach in front or back depending on the level of fierceness you're channeling.

DIY some sexy leg wraps

Our leg garters have hidden interior loops and outer D-rings to attach snkx straps. Pair two together in front or back then criss-cross and wrap down your leg before securing again at the bottom. PS they sexy AF hooked over a stiletto strap.

don't forget the booty

This baby creates the sexiest little booty harness with so many ways to style.  Wrap around waist then around thighs. Use the lnkx handcuffs to tether waist and leg bands together.

layer under a button-up

Add some edge to a button-up blouse or cashmere cardigan, unbuttoned just enough to reveal this grommeted little plaything underneath. Style with linx handcuffs in front for that blingy body jewelry look.

snkx lingerie harness

go full-body with your lingerie harness look

Snkx harnesses aren't just for the upper body. Style multiple straps together for an irresistibly kinky body harness effect. You're only limited by how far you'll let your imagination play.

wear as body jewelry under your robe

Adorn your skin with silky, grommeted straps everywhere they like to feel compression or need a little bling. Top with a silk kimono robe and either keep your secret or let your lover in on what you're hiding during a slow reveal.

How are you styling your  snkxTM tether, lingerie harness, play strap and wrap?

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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