meet geisha + her shroom chocolates for healthier brains, bodies + moods

So what if your chocolate "addiction" actually led to calmer moods, supercharged creativity, healthier habits, less anxiety, greater sensual flow and stronger relationships with yourself and others? Then you've probably been introduced to Geisha aka GG whose Geisha Haus and GG Shrooms brands blend functional, adaptogenic and psilocybin offerings with handcrafted artisan chocolates. 

And yes, they taste damn good.

Started by single-mother superwoman Geisha, the brand started in her Los Angeles home kitchen serving a small, curated Facebook mom group during the pandemic. Today she's grown to a dedicated space and staff that supports people through Los Angeles on their healing journeys. 

Whether you've got a sweet tooth or just a craving for more balanced health through plant medicine, check out Geisha's story + shroom chocolates.


geisha shroom chocolates ghiraradelli
📸: geisha aka GG

Tell me a little bit about your background — you’re a self-described medicine woman, alchemist and vibe creator — and what led you to microdosing shrooms.



I have always been a person that has always been the black sheep of my family. I've always been open to trying different things. When I was younger, I experimented with drugs and I actually went through a very dark period in my life where, I don't know if addicted is the right word, but I definitely had a severe use of drugs. I was going through the darkest point in my life. As a high school, I was experimenting with weed and going to raves and experimenting with acid and shrooms. Then when I was around my Saturn return, around 27, I got into crystal meth and eventually that led to cocaine and crack. 

So being a person that has gone through so many dark times and then coming out of that, I was diagnosed mentally ill and put on pharmaceutical medication to get to baseline. They kept telling me I was sick and as I was being prescribed this medicine, I started doing a lot of research on natural remedies and plant medicine.

With my knowledge now, and even back then, intuitively I felt like I was misdiagnosed because obviously I had been through a lot of trauma. All that drug use led me to live on the streets for a few months, and it was just pretty much rock bottom, the worst point of my life. So as I was coming out of that, I was prescribed a lot of medications, a lot of pharmaceutical medications, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, antipsychotic, all the things, and I hated the way they made me feel. They made me feel too numb and not able to feel anything, like my feelings. I wasn't able to process anything. I just felt numb like a robot.

I started my path of seeking healing through holistic and natural ways, and that lasted on and off for many, many years. From that moment when I decided I no longer wanted to be on pharmaceutical drugs, I never looked back. I never took another medicine that was prescribed for me from a doctor in terms of saying that I was mentally ill. I just didn't believe that that was the case. I knew there was something more to it.

Fast forward to recently, I would say about three years ago during the pandemic, I had started microdosing. And I did a little bit of research, and based on what I found, I felt like that was the right fit for me, so I started microdosing. And then I was a part of this Facebook mom group, and one day, one of the moms was like, "Oh, I don't want to drink alcohol anymore. Who's got the shrooms?" And so I don't know, I just had this divine intuition inside of me that just wanted me to share with her what I had been doing. So I just told her, "Hey, I make chocolates."

And at the time, I had never made chocolates out of them. I was just microdosing them on my own. So when she was like, "Yeah, I'm interested," I just started figuring out how to make chocolates. And then from that point on, it just has become this journey of finding ways to help, and I  figured out I'd make it in the form of chocolates. It kind of just started as me wanting to help this mom, and it just kind of grew word of mouth. So that's kind of how I started that microdosing journey in the pandemic. And then seeing how beneficial it was to other moms, and being a single mom myself, I just knew how impactful and wonderful it was. So I started becoming the Facebook shroom medicine woman. Everyone knew to contact me to get the goods. That's kind of how that started.

geisha shroom chocolates ghiraradelli

And then you started feeling that the microdosing, it helped you transition off of where you were at in terms of anxiety and into a new kind of state of mind or state of being?



Oh my God, wholeheartedly. So the pandemic started, and prior to that, I was already in a very rough spot in my single motherhood journey. I was struggling to pay my bills. I was struggling to keep my mental sanity. I wasn't able to care for my child full time on my own. I literally just couldn't afford it. And so my parents offered to help, and they were in San Diego, so I was doing a lot of driving back and forth to have him be cared for. He was little at the time. And then when the pandemic happened, he was right around the age of 6 or 7.

And then, yeah, so once I started microdosing, I actually started microdosing when I got him back. So I had him full time for the first time in a very long time, so I was very, very overwhelmed with motherhood, with obviously all of us navigating how we were going to survive and work. And everyone had all these questions. How long is this going to last? And I just found that when I started microdosing, I was able to be more present and grounded in my own body, in my own mind, not allowing my mind and outside forces to dictate my emotions and my feelings and my trajectory of how I was going to move through all these difficult moments. It just made me feel so connected to myself.

Pretty much if I were to compare it to what I had experienced when I used to take pharmaceutical drugs, it was the polar opposite. It actually made me feel more, but not so overwhelming to the point where I couldn't handle it, but it made me tap into parts of myself where I had never been able to access that knowledge or access these feelings, where things started to make more sense to me. I was able to start connecting my traumas and my own behavior. I was more self-aware, and that's something I hadn't had in such a long time. So just that in itself was so mind-blowing to me. I was like, wow, if I really think and I really sit with it, I can find my own solutions within me.

shroom chocolates geisha
geisha shroom chocolates stand
geisha shroom chocolates stand

So then tell me about your microdosing chocolates in particular. About how many milligrams of psilocybin are in each? And in what ways can a person incorporate them into their day?



So when I started making the chocolates, for some reason, and it was really funny, too, I didn't really do a lot of research in terms of what the dosages were. I did some basic research, and then when I finally landed on the number, I just felt like 0.25 was a good number. So I started making chocolates individually, individual truffles.

And I had seen a few bars out there, and I didn't really like, kind of like the same way when cannabis was coming out and legal and people started making the edibles, I had tried all these edibles in cannabis and I didn't really understand the dosing. I was like, okay, some of them are lighter, some of them are stronger. It was kind like you had no idea what was going to happen if you ate an edible, and it was just frightening when you overdose.

I used to work in the cannabis industry for probably five years, so I already had the experience of consulting customers with how to dose themselves with cannabis and to just start off with a low dosage. I was basically a customer service rep for a delivery service as well as working at a dispensary so customer service was something that has always been in my kind of repertoire.

It was a very natural thing for me to be able to talk to the moms and answer questions. And so I kind of landed on 0.25 grams per chocolate, and I told them, because it's chocolate, it's really easy to cut them into quarters and cut them into half. And then based on what you're feeling or what your comfort and experience level is, you can start with the low dose and you can do every other day or maybe even do just two or three days a week, and then give yourself a break and then continue. So it was really weird. It almost came very natural to me, the whole system of how I wanted to basically steward the medicine out in a very responsible way.

And then after about a year of doing the microdose chocolates, a lot of the moms were like, okay, we love it so much and I think we're ready to graduate to the next level. We don't want to microdose anymore. What would be a macro for us? And so I was like, okay, let me just double the strength, and that way you don't have to eat so many chocolates. And so basically, I created the truffles and the individually wrapped chocolates because I didn't really like bars, because bars are hard to travel with and hard to kind of dose. And I felt like the instructions or the dosing guides on these bars were very vague. So I just created a system where I felt like it was kind of like a foolproof system of microdosing in a fun way where it's individually wrapped. You can grab a chocolate, leave the rest in your freezer, grab a chocolate, go be on your way. Moms are always on the go. You can eat half of it, save it one for later.

And then what it came out to be was all the moms started sharing them with their friends and family, because it's just like, oh, here, take a chocolate. So I really like the fact that we have individually wrapped truffles rather than bars, because it was very intentional. I wanted people to be able to travel with them, dose themselves easily, and be able to share and then store them properly so they don't melt.

For the people experiencing this for the first time, what do the effects feel like in their body? Some probably don't even feel it if you take a quarter, I'm assuming, because it's true microdosing, right?



Right. So the feedback I was getting when the moms, because a lot of these moms either had done ’shrooms maybe a couple of times when they were younger at a music festival or at a rave in their younger days, so these moms are coming to me with curiosity and wanting to know more information.

So when they started telling me their feedback, some of them reported just a sense of calmness, a sense of a slight mood elevation and being able to, instead of coffee or while they're taking the rest of their supplements, incorporate that into their morning routine. Some moms told me they would incorporate it into their nighttime routine. It would help them sleep and relax after a busy day. After a few days of microdosing, they all told me it was a sense of peace, peace of mind, a sense of being more present in the moment as opposed to just running and gunning and just being on autopilot.

shroom chocolates geisha

You've kind of talked a little bit about the short-term benefits and I'm wondering about the long-term, because they say psilocybin — the macro dose or the hero's dose — is the equivalent of four years of therapy. Is that something you've experienced?



Yeah, a hundred percent. So being someone that has had many, many failed attempts of finding a good therapist or being sent to a psychiatrist or a psychologist, coming in and having to share why. The first question a psychiatrist will ask you is, "Oh, why are you here?" And I'll be like, "Oh, I feel depressed." And they'll be like, "Oh, okay. What's making you feel depressed?" And then I share a little bit of what I'm going through. Obviously, I can't open up everything that's happened to me, because that's so much trauma, where do we begin? So I'm kind of just telling them what I had on my mind on that day, and then it was almost immediately and swiftly they'd be like, "Okay, we're going to give you X, Y, Z medication and you're going to take this with it and then call me in two weeks."

And I'm like, "Okay." And there was never any guidance as to other things I could do, exercise or breathwork or meditation. Or what's your diet like? Are you drinking enough water? Are you getting enough rest? There were never any more questions that made it seem like holistically as a whole person, what are you doing to really take care of your mind, soul and body? It was just like, "Okay, let me give you this medication and you should be feeling better right away." And I didn't. I didn't feel better. I felt very numb and like a robot, and I wasn't inside of my body, or I didn't have control of my own mind. It was on pause almost. That's what my mind felt like.

So when I started microdosing, and then obviously, with that came exactly what I just said, looking at my entire lifestyle really. It was such a tool. As soon as I would feel overwhelmed or I forgot to microdose that morning, or even now, any time things get really overwhelming for me, I'm just like, okay, it's time to microdose. And then automatically, I just feel this sense of calmness.

Overall, since I started microdosing three years ago during the pandemic, I've probably done a macrodose maybe six times, to be honest, because I really do look at this medicine as medicine. I'm not trying to use it as an escape. When I do it, I do it so intentionally. So the few times that I have macrodosed, I would say three have been in ceremony with other women. And that's actually something I just started doing last year.

And when I tell you the healing powers of processing trauma with other women, just not even like… we're all talking about it together. It's being able to feel those emotions and being able to have someone there to assist you in terms of knowing that there's a person, a woman, really, two women in my case, holding space for you in a way to where as a woman, you know how painful that is. Without speaking to each other, you just feel that energy. There's so much space being held for you in that moment where you're like, holy shit. It's almost like if you could feel what being a nurtured baby feels like, just all your needs cared for in that one moment, just being held, that space held for you.

That was such a game changer for me. I felt like after I had experienced that, I never looked at myself or community or friendship or relationships the same way because it's just truly, we are all connected. This is all energetic work. When moms are like, “Okay, I'm curious. I think I'm ready,” I am super open to sharing my experiences just because the first ceremony I ever participated in was with two other mothers. And the way I started this journey, and then it became a business was because I wanted to help mothers, because these were mothers that were already helping me. I was already servicing these moms because at the time, I was doing a small business as a meal prep, a personal cook, so they had already trusted me. I'm already cooking and serving them with food.

And that's kind of my other love language, serving people, nurturing people, making food. That's my jam. So for me to be able to make chocolates and be creative, but then infuse them with a medicine that I felt was so beautiful and so connected to Mother Gaia and Mother Earth, and just the connections that it has led in my life in terms of the people that I've met and the relationships that I've been able to cultivate, and just even more so most importantly, that relationship I've been able to cultivate with myself has changed the trajectory of everything. How I raise my son, how I look at myself, how I love myself, how I connect to people, even in the most basic ways. I just feel really grateful, and I feel like it's a privilege and an honor to be able to steward the medicine, and I try to do it in the most responsible way and the most intentional way.

geisha shroom chocolates stand
geisha shroom chocolates stand

In terms of creativity and sensuality and energetic flow, how do these chocolates impact you?



I feel like when I am able to microdose on a consistent basis, or even when I forget to, and then I'm like, oh, I think it's time for you to check yourself. You're being a little too angry, or you're being a little too rewired into your old patterns of your reactiveness. I started to realize why I was behaving the way that I was, why I was attracting the relationships and the scenarios in my life that were very chaotic.

It just got to a point where I was like, I don't want to feel like, why is this happening to me? The medicine, basically, it was like a kick in the ass. It was a higher version of yourself talking to the lower version of yourself and being like, girl, get your ass up and stop victimizing yourself and ask yourself why the hell you're even in this position, and why do you continue to allow this type of energy to consume you? And I was like, whoa, what? Where did that voice come from? Oh, shit. Okay.

And then just being able to have these inner monologues or inner conversations of just being able to check myself really, and just not having to call a friend for advice or find a distraction to distract me from these overwhelming feelings. In the past, it would be sex or going out and having fun and going to a party. Not to say that any of that is wrong, but obviously there's times in my life where I wasn't just going out just to have fun. I was going out to distract myself from my own traumas. 

Being able to just take a microdose or even take slightly higher than a microdose and just be more in flow. I feel like I know myself a lot better now, so now I know exactly how to dose myself in order to use it in the right way. There'll be times when I can't access my emotions, and I am in a way blocking certain feelings.

So then when I feel like I'm in a space to actually process these emotions, I'll do it when obviously I don't have a busy day or I have some time to myself. I'll be like, okay, I'm going to take a little bit higher than a micro and I'm going to really cry for a good hour and just really allow myself to feel the pain or feel the sadness or feel the grief or feel the confusion or feel like, okay, I'm disappointed in myself, but it's okay, but let me feel that. And so I can process it and let it go instead of carry it with me and then project it onto my son or project it onto a random gas station attendant or something. You know what I mean? Not project my own shit on other people, basically. 

You also make gourmet adaptogenic chocolates using other types of mushrooms. Tell us a little bit about how we can experiment with those and whether any of them have aphrodisiac effects?



I'm actually just started getting into nootropics and adaptogens and herbs, and I just started taking them myself. Because I was doing the psilocybin chocolates, I wanted to create a sister brand or a parent company. A lot of people started asking me, "These are so good, but I don't want to get high — can you just make them normal?" And I was like, "Well, I'll still make them without the psilocybin, but I'll just add adaptogens." As I started to learn about all the different effects of these herbs and mushrooms, functional mushrooms.

We're actually developing a line of chocolates for the adaptogens right now in custom blends. And I don't have a website yet, but I'm working on it right now. And then we do have a whole line of adaptogen tinctures that are ready for sale. So anybody who is interested in that, I can give more information on that.

I started the company three years ago during the pandemic, making the chocolates out of my home kitchen, and then two years later, I was able to find a workspace. Now we have our own little chocolate factory so we're doing a lot of R&D and making a lot of small custom orders for people because we do everything direct-to-consumer. It's been really nice to be able to really talk to all of our clients and make bespoke products for them based on what they like. And it's been really fun because they've really been a part of our research and development. It's been a hand-in-hand type of journey. It just kind of organically happened that way.

Having the support of clients who are willing to support the business so that I can continue to experiment and expand the brand has been such a blessing, really. And that's kind of why I feel like this is more than just some chocolates. We are really cultivating community. We're cultivating resources. We are cultivating a network of other people that are well-versed in things that I'm not well-versed in, because obviously we can't do it all.

I'm just excited to grow and share, and if I don't know something, I will be very transparent about what I don't know, but I'll be super happy to share what I do know or what I've experienced. And then if there's someone I think that might be aligned with your energetic flow, I'll recommend someone from my network to speak to them. And it's just been really beautiful. 

shroom chocolates geisha

Tell me how people can get in touch with you.



So for the psilocybin products, they can reach me on Signal, and I call it the GG hotline. That's a phone number they can message directly on the Signal app: 323-523-1326. Or anyone can follow our Instagram pages. My personal page is @ggeisha, and then the GG shrooms page is @ggshrooms__. And then the future website will probably be Those are the three main direct ways to contact me, and I'm the one directly answering all the messages so they'll be talking to me first, and then someone from my team might be helping them. But if it's a direct message, it's usually me directly that they'll be able to talk to.

How did Geisha inspire you? Are you down to try plant medicine in shroom chocolate form?

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