gift them more creativity in bed with lingerie harnesses + accessories

You'll never be out of creativity, inspiration and passion when you keep an open mind and an arsenal of play things, lingerie and toys. All of our lingerie is made to do more than one thing so you can style with our entire collection or whatever you've got in your fashion closet. 

If you're searching for inspiration, untie the strings on one our panties and tie up a lover. Remove the harness on our bodysuits and pair with an LBD to tease your lover all night. The options are as endless as your imagination.

Check out some of our lingerie accessories and use them as muses to inspire your playfully creative, rebelliously curious and unapologetically sexy side. Or, gift them to someone you love or lust to ignite all their 2024 play dates.


gift harnesses that play


These SNKX harnesses can be used as tethers, body wraps, harnesses or play straps, depending on your mood. At 3', 4' and 5', they can be worn alone or tethered together with our LYNX mini handcuffs.  

lunatic femme lingerie harness gift

gift a 4-in-1 blindfold-mask 


Not sure you want to tease a lover, try on some role play or give them a voyeur's POV? We got you. This 4-in-1 style comes with three ties — one silk, one sheer, one lace — to control how much you let yourself or someone else see. We love to use one tie with the mask and the other to tie down our playmate(s).

gift al fresco sex


Our custom play mat features grommeted corners designed to attach our SNYX harnesses to playfully restrain a lover. With almost 1-inch thickness, its plushness makes life easier on knees, elbows, wrists and whatever body part might be putting in the work.

gift them a collar or cuffs


This sneaky little collar-choker has extra-long ties that fully open so you can style over your waist, your thighs or if you're feeling naughty, loop them over a lover's wrists or ankles. We've heard it makes a worthy, silky, little leash as well. 

gift luxury leg garters


This delicious duo is made of the softest, stretchiest Italian luxury jersey so they feel amazing against the skin. Outside grommets let you attach ties, silks, leashes, garter belts or nothing at all. Hidden inner loops are perfect for attaching hooks like our LYXK. 

gift a peek-a-boo bandeau


Made from the same exquisite lace as our deja vu bodysuit collection, this versatile bandeau meets body band lets you style alone, under or over your outfits. This luxuriously lace design lets skin peek through so you can place it wherever you want to tease your lover.

lunatic femme lingerie harness gift

gift a booty harness with options


You can style this silk-and-mesh bb in a few sexy ways as pure lingerie or you can layer it over a romper, catsuit or swimsuit. Its unisex ouvert styling gives you the options to go sans panties when it's play time. Your choice.

What accessories are you gifting yourself or your lovers to bring more creativity to bed? 

xxx, Lunatic Femme

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