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“I need this so bad!!! Please, please don’t be late,” Seraphina whispered to herself in a hushed plea to the traffic gods. She rushed over the hill and in six-o-clock, rush-hour traffic, and that meant there was enough stop and go to make even the most sane person feel mad.

Seraphina was the embodiment of the modern-day, independent, city woman: constantly on the move, juggling work as an operations manager at a big PR firm, social commitments, and the ever-present demands to have her phone on and be available at all times.

She thrived in her high-powered job, but the stress it brought often left her feeling as though she were teetering on the edge of a breakdown. She knew her limits and that week had finally had a come-to-jesus moment with her team.

“Okay!  It’s time we all set some boundaries! Our work should not be our life and as of today,  no more all-nighters, no more weekends. It ends now.”

She didn’t stutter. Seraphina wasn’t meek, or mild, for that matter, and when she spoke, people listened. As if that wasn’t enough, Seraphina had a style that was classically chic, edgy, with a pinch of gothic that no one could replicate. It wasn’t just that she was hot, it was that she was hot in her way.

She was one part quirky, two parts sophisticated, and three parts messy, artistic genius. Men respected her because they had to, and women loved her because she was real and they wanted to be her and be close to her magic. This was one of the reasons she was respected, but that came with a cost. She reached her limit and finally put her foot down.

“I’ll be leaving at 5pm every day and I expect all of you to do the same. I have shit to do in my personal life and I won’t be apologizing for that,” said Seraphina before she withdrew into her office to gather her things.

Nevermind that her office had been a whirlwind of deadlines, meetings and emails, and she’d just navigated through a particularly challenging client negotiation. She needed to walk out. She glanced at her watch. It was either this or a breakdown. She chose this…

Sera had heard rave reviews about this oasis of relaxation simply called Spa, and this was her destination. She navigated her car through the city's congested traffic, her mind still racing with thoughts of work. She couldn't help but feel the urge to check her emails at every red light, but she resisted, holding every bit of release for that moment when she walked through those magical doors and had permission to simply receive: a feeling she felt more seldom than she preferred.

One simple word, nothing more, nothing less, and she knew the moment she stepped over the threshold of Spa that she had entered a sanctuary.

Away from the chaos of her daily life, the soft, gentle scent of lavender and eucalyptus washed over her. Soothing music played in the background, immediately putting her at ease. Finally, a safe space to let go, Seraphina thought as she pulled her trench coat off her bare shoulders.

She was greeted by the quintessential, serene and oh-so feminine receptionist.


“That’s me.”

The receptionist led her to a dimly lit room. "Your therapist will be with you shortly."

Sera undressed and lay on the plush massage table, leaving on only a pair of simple white panties and a black, silk choker around her neck. Her Scorpion Ring Collar was something she rarely took off. It was symbolic to her. 

Given as a gift for her birthday by her best friend, Sera always felt a sense of safety when she wore it. While the choker hinted at her confidence and the expression of her sexy, she also knew that it drew people in. It was a conversation-starter, and had often come in handy during a spontaneous romp. 

She thought about taking it off for the massage but there was something that felt safe in keeping it on, especially when the rest of her was nearly stripped naked.

She felt the physical weight of her tension bearing down on her. Her shoulders hunched, her back ached, and her mind still raced with thoughts of unfinished work.

As she began to wonder whether this massage could truly make a difference, the door to the room opened, and her therapist, Johan, entered.

Johan had a calming presence, his voice, deep and bassy, wafted over her body like a warm cloud rolling in from the Atlantic Ocean. Without even seeing him, his presence felt like a soothing balm for Sera's frazzled nerves.

"Hello, Sera, I’m Johan,” he introduced himself as he closed the door behind him. He gently readjusted the sheet covering Sera’s plump, naked rear end and dragged the palm of his hand over her leg from her thigh to her heels. “I’ll be your therapist today. I'm here to help you relax and unwind. Is there any particular area you'd like me to focus on?"

Sera sighed, realizing that she couldn't expect Johan to fix everything in one session, but she certainly wanted him to try. "My shoulders, please," she murmured. She paused, attempting to find a way to condense the tangled web of stress her muscles were holding. “My hips are so tight,” she added.

“Women hold so much tension and even trauma in their hips. That makes sense. I’ll work on your hips. Is there any part of your body that is off-limits?”

“No,” Sera was quick to respond as she raised her head slightly. She paused to actually think about it: was there a part of her body that she wouldn’t want him to touch?

Johan was girthy, handsome, Dominican and strong in his face and jaw. He could be a linebacker, not too terribly tall but built like an ox.

“Hmmm… my arms can be kind of tender towards the inside. Other than that, I think I’m okay.” She continued to scan her body for parts that were truly off-limits to someone else. “But I love to have my head and scalp massaged, so maybe a little bit of that, too.”

“I’ll keep that in mind as we go.”

His hands had such a firm pressure and his bassy voice felt like a weighted blanket over her tight body. She had vaguely fantasized about what it would be like to cross that line with a massage therapist. Hadn’t every woman? To be honest, that episode of Sex and the City nearly scared the entire fantasy out of her, but it was just a fantasy, after all. How could a fantasy hurt? She would never act on it, after all.

The dimly lit room swirled with a soothing blend of acoustic guitar notes. As Johan began his massage, Sera felt her worries start to slip away, her muscles start to melt  just a little and the weight of her body begin to surrender to his touch.

Johan’s strong hands hovered over her body with a quiet strength she could feel even without many words. With every knead, the knots of tension in her shoulders and back began to give. It was as if he was extracting the stress from her very core.

Squirting a pump of oil into his hands, Sera listened to the wet swish of lubrication warming as he rubbed his palms together before pressing them firmly along either side of her spine and gliding upward. Johan's hands seemed to work like magic, erasing the stress that had been consuming her.

Sera peered through a tiny hole in the sheet draped over the headrest. She could see Johan’s enormous feet under her as he stroked the meat of her shoulders. The ridiculous and juvenile thought about the connection between the size of a man’s feet and his package came and left just as quickly.

It had been a while since she’d seen her Parisian lover. He usually had business several times a year in Los Angeles, but she hadn’t seen him in over two months. She was starting to feel the void inside of her needing to be filled… ideally with strong masculine energy. Sera believed every woman had a primal feminine need to be filled up by a man; energetically, yes, but… also physically.

Johan worked his way down her body, eventually folding over half of the sheet, revealing her left leg and bottom along with her white panties. Sera didn’t get many massages and she was hesitant to fully undress, having not been to this spa before. Although she’d heard only positive things, she was the type of woman to proceed with caution at first and when she felt safe, she tended to open up more.

As much as she tried, she couldn’t help but wonder what her hot, male massage therapist was thinking. Was he like a doctor? Could he look at a naked woman’s body and not be affected because of how many bodies he sees, or did he find her attractive? She flinched at her momentary, idiotic thought. She was just trying to get a massage and unwind. Why was she so consumed by these thoughts? Why couldn’t she just relax and receive? Why was it so hard to quiet her mind?

“I’m going to start on your hips now. Is that okay?”

Sera no longer had the mental strength to keep things together and for the first time in months, she let her legs fall apart. She was no longer able to hold the physical control she’d been trying to maintain for so long. She had to let them just fall. With each stroke and knead, Sera could feel herself drifting into a state of relaxation she hadn't experienced in a long time.

Johan pressed the pads of his fingers into her muscles with one hand, and used his other hand to glide up along the length of her long, tan leg. He let out a slight groan.

Sera could feel his immaculate presence on her body and soaked it all in. Something stirred right on the other side of her clitoris hearing him put so much heart and muscle into his work.

She stopped herself yet again. Why was she having these thoughts? This is a massage, Sera, snap out of it! As Johan continued, it became clear that she was not able to just snap out of it. The cork had popped on Sera’s body and Johan was giving her every single thing she needed. Her only hope was to stop thinking so much and allow herself to actually enjoy what she enjoyed without judging it so damn much.

As Johan’s hot hands glided up the length of Sera’s upper hamstring, the edge of his thumb trailed under her panties. She thought nothing of it. Then he did it again… gliding up the length of the back of her leg and once again his thumb went under Sera’s white, satin panties. Then again, and again.

“I didn’t know if I should take these off or not. Are they getting in your way?” she whispered.

Johan let out a half giggle. “I can work with anything. Are they getting in your way, Sera?” He paused with confidence waiting for her answer.

“Actually… y… yes. Yes they are.” She began to shimmy the backs of her panties down over her rear end. As she arched her back and raised her hips off the table, Sera hooked both thumbs under the strings on each side of the hips and slid them down, not so gracefully. The sheet slipped off the side and Johan grabbed it just before it hit the floor… as he not-so-innocently admired Sera’s fuck-it mentality.

“Wow.” He tried to keep his shock to a whisper. Sera raised up bearing her naked breasts and body while she continued to pull her panties down her ankles and off her feet before quickly laying back down, face up.

“Is that better?” Johan found himself flooded with adrenaline.

As she repositioned herself on the massage table and he fixed the sheet to cover her, something in the room had changed. They both felt it. Johan felt it in the pulsing bulge that was starting under the zipper of his pants. Watching Sera’s ass arch up like that, then the flash of her real and bouncing breasts felt like slow motion to him.

Sera had surrendered to her body and was officially in a state of fuck-it, no longer allowing her time to relax be hijacked by her paranoid and meandering mind. She closed her eyes, took a few deep and slow breaths and settled in a little more comfortably as Johan’s hands touched her again.

The heat of his palms melted through the sheet onto each of her thighs as he pressed. Johan looked up and into her longing eyes as she closed them and lay her head back. She felt it… something in her hips had opened. Something in her that wanted to give way to the naughty fantasy of having secret and forbidden sex with her massage therapist. Could he? Would he? She wanted to find out.

“That feels amazing.” It felt like a relief to just open the flood gates of her own self-judgment and fear and not give a fuck for once in her life.

“Just relax and let me do my job. You’re safe.” Johan grinned nervously but the truth was, he had secretly wondered what was underneath the sheet and if Sera was just another ho-hum rule-follower or a woman who went for what she wanted. If she opened the door, he’d walk right in. And that’s just what she did.

His hands slid even higher up on her thighs, until he hit a trigger point and Sera’s inner thighs spasmed slightly, turning her on even more.

She wanted him to do his job. She wanted him to do his job so, so well. Sera reached down and slowly pulled back the white sheet to reveal her vulva to Johan without looking at him.

Johan’s lips parted slightly as he stared at her beautiful pussy then averted his gaze from her face. Her eyes closed, she nestled the back of her head into the pillow that Johan had placed there when she lay back down.

“Is this okay, Sera?”

“You did say ‘full body massage,’ right?”

“I did say that, didn’t I?” Johan smirked.

“Well then, I’ll just let you do your job, Johan,” Sera whispered, keeping her eyes closed.

Johan squirted more oil in his palms, warmed it, and spread it liberally up Sera’s thighs, edging a little closer to the magic place where her labia and upper thighs met. His fingers glided in a circular, upward spiraling motion toward her hip bone.

He moved to the other side and repeated the process. Sera released a small sigh of pleasure. Just him crossing that invisible line by one inch was enough to bring her a forbidden, psychological pleasure that melted all through her inner thighs.

Johan moved closer to the visible wonderland that lay before him. This time, he used his slippery thumb and forefinger to make the leap to the other side of paradise. He slowly slid his fingers on either side of one of Sera’s plump, bronzed labia; the side of his thumb gliding against her clitoris. Now using both hands, one behind the other, to thread Sera’s lips in between his fingers as he noticed her head tilt back with deeper pleasure.

“How is that pressure, Sera?”

“Perfect, keep going.”

Johan placed the heel of his palm over the mound of her mons pubis as he gently parted her slick, engorged lips slightly, before inserting two fingers inside of her. Sera gasped with elation. He checked her face for permission to continue. Her lips parted as her upper body began to writhe.

Johan stroked Sera’s edge between fear and total surrendered pleasure, pulsing the spot directly on the underside of her clitoris. A ripple moved through her body as he added a bit more pressure to her g-spot. She let out a sigh as Johan’s eyes scanned her electric, writhing body, his magic hands working in unison to the rhythm of Sera’s cues.

Johan’s thumb brushed over her clitoris with the cadence of a Michelin-Star-chef plating his best creation. Sera’s hips swirled and rose with waves of yes, her choker dancing off the slope of the massage table. Something uncontrollable began to rise inside of her pelvis… an overwhelming energy and urge to release. Her breath quickened, a chill chattered over her skin as she rode a wave of bliss rolling through her entire body. Her belly contracted and as it did, a burst of fluid released from her swollen lips.

Johan knew enough about a woman’s body to know not to speed up when it’s doing… well… this. His hands and rhythm steady, he became fascinated by the gush of clear liquid pulsing from between her thighs.

Sera had never squirted before. If she were being honest, she wasn’t totally sure she hadn’t just wet herself. Had she orgasmed? Had she climaxed? It felt… sensitive, engorged, prickly even and somehow she was sure she had not had an orgasm, yet the sheets under her were soaked with the evidence of coming.

Sera slowed her breath as her body fell into a downshift; still in a meditative state, she continued to open her orgasm to this stranger playing an instrument with her feminine electricity. Her hands gripped the skin over her ribcage as it undulated under her fingers, groping her breasts and feeling her way up her neck and cheekbones, Sera ran the tips of her lavender nails through her long locks in the most delicious, no-one-was-watching kind-of-way.

But Johan was watching. He was tracking her every movement. Noticing she had something else inside of her, he continued without a hitch.

“Turn over and get on all fours.”

Sera did as Johan commanded. Leaning on her forearms with her curvy, bronzed ass in the air, Johan slid underneath her legs as he brought Sera’s lips right to his. His defined forearms wrapped around the tops of her thighs and with a primal thrust he hoisted her whole lower body on his face.

Sera’s body was at the mercy of his mouth. Wet, swollen and hungry, Johan began to eat her like a starving man. His tongue lapped up her generous juices as her head hung back in a state of bliss. Sera’s hands reached to the back of Johan’s head as she pressed his face even more generously against her open pussy lips, revealing her swollen clit.

Sera’s hips began to roll over Johan’s mouth and nose, his nostrils flaring under the weight of her body. Her smell was intoxicating. Not sterile or perfumey, but like… woman… a real, live, pheromone-expressing, sweating, orgasmic, woman, and he simply couldn’t get enough. He pressed his mouth against her once more and began to suck on her clitoris.

Sera’s labia were longer on the sides, not like some perfect porn star, but the way he preferred. A soft and tender bit of flesh touched each side of his mouth as he pulled her throbbing clit into his mouth. She rode him as he licked, gliding her wet slit over his ravenous face. Almost silent, but powerful beyond words, her breath quickened once again.

Not wanting to climax this soon, she slowed her breath as her hips bucked. Slow, deep, open, expansive, she breathed, bringing herself up and then back down from an orgasmic peak, intentionally not wanting to spill over. She was committed to staying in this state of surrender as long as she possibly could.

“You’re impossibly beautiful.” The words escaped from Johan’s diplomatic tongue. Even he was shocked to express something so vulnerable to a client. The naughty realization of what they were doing behind the closed doors of his place of work flooded his kinky mind for the first time since he’d touched Sera’s body, and he found himself even more turned on.

Sera reached back to spread apart her labia for him, sucking him right into her spot. He had edged her long enough. Her lubrication glazed his nose and cheeks as he committed to her pleasure once again. He stiffened his tongue slightly and honed into the energy of her desire. Johan let her guide him, tease him, use him. She delighted in the idea that she could be serviced this way.

The strings of her choker tickled down her back above his head as he felt her lift, then drop down and grind on his wet mouth, then lift and drop down and grind again, humping his face and hypnotizing Johan even more deeply. Until he heard her breath quicken and her body begin to pulse on top of his chin.

Short, quick spasms as her hips made mini figure-eights against him, vibrating into a pool of warm blue energy, his body became weightless as Sera’s head fell back again, her hair in a tangled trail sweeping along the giant hard-on under his khakis.

Sera’s breath slowed.

Johan slipped out from between her thighs as Sera lay down on her stomach. He walked to the front of the massage table and knelt so his face was in front of hers.

“You are absolutely glowing.”

 “That was the most amazing massage I’ve ever had…. I didn’t know I was a squirter.”

“Oh, you definitely are! I’ll have some tea ready for you outside when you come out.”

Sera took her time getting up and dressing herself, adjusting her choker, reveling in the fantasy that had just hit her over the head.

That’s the thing with fantasies, she realized: we can always keep them our dirty little secrets or we can bring them into reality. Both are acceptable, both are legitimate, both are hot. And that truly was the best massage she’d ever had.

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