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lunatic femme waist harness luxury lingerie
lunatic femme luxury lingerie harness

It wasn’t always the route she took to get home, but on warm, summer nights like this, when the colors hung in the sky like a swollen Georgia O’Keeffe painting, Lucy liked to take the scenic route. Hot, humid air swooped around her as she made her way through Greenwich Village, and beads of sweat trailed down her inner thighs.

As she walked through the door of her apartment, she was met with the blare of sultry music.

“Babe!” Jay belted out in a jovial roar from the kitchen.

Jay was exuberant, robust and had a zest for life that Lucy longed for. In the year that they’d been together, Lucy attested that Jay was, perhaps, the only man on earth that could loosen her up enough to truly let in more life. He had a way about him that allowed her to trust him without doubt.

She dropped her work bag in the foyer, kicked off her shoes and rounded the corner to the kitchen, catching Jay’s emerging smile that mimicked her own, which was slowly spreading across her flushed face.

“Well, you’re too happy for a Wednesday night, my love,” she said. “What on earth is going on?”

Jay offered her a cocktail as he pulled her in for a kiss, reaching behind her neck and pulling her close to taste her mouth. “Oooh, sweaty and salty. Just the way I like it,” he teased.

Lucy rolled her eyes but she secretly loved how much Jay adored her seriousness.

“I have news… Daddy got a raise!”

“Fuck yeah!” Lucy said, her face beaming.

As Jay wrapped his arms around Lucy and lifted her off the ground, his left hand cupped her ass, lifting her pleated skirt and revealing just the slightest bit of cheek. He was already excited, but the feel of Lucy’s balmy ass cheek under his palm made his cock stiffen.

He set her down and looked in her eyes. “Go get dressed. I’m taking you out to dinner.”

Lucy did as she was told and scurried down the hallway, disappearing into the bedroom as she heard Jay shout out from the kitchen, “I set something on the bed for you.”

On the white duvet lay a simple, black waist harness and a shiny crystal plug. Lucy stared down at her gifts with a curious smirk while she worked to make sense of them. She bit her lower lip before picking them up and tiptoeing back to the kitchen.

Jay was preparing a snack and moving to the music that was echoing throughout their apartment.

“Um, what’s this?” she asked, pulling both items from behind her back.

“What’s what? The lingerie or the butt plug?”

Jay countered in his signature smart-assy way.

“Well, I was more interested in hearing your intentions because I think I know what these are,” she said, stroking the luxuriously soft fabric of the waist harness.

“I saw this,” said Jay as he took the harness from her, “a couple weeks ago. I got it for you because I knew that delicious ass of yours would look divine in it.”

Lucy lifted up on her tippy toes to kiss him. “Thank you, my love.”

“And this…” he said as he snatched the butt plug from Lucy’s fingers, ”this is for you to wear to dinner.”

“Excuse me!” Lucy’s jaw dropped, shocked at the prospect of doing something so naughty.

Jay took her chin between his thumb and forefinger and kissed her flushed lips before turning her around, patting her on the bottom and shooing her back down the hallway.

Lucy looked back at him as she bounced away once more with a girlish screech.

Jay’s cock throbbed as he watched her skirt sway against her curvy bottom.

When Lucy emerged 20 minutes later, she’d changed into a short, floral summer dress, her makeup was refreshed, and her dark, curly locks were pulled up into a high bun that was piled on top of her head. Tendrils framed her still-flushed cheeks, which matched the tint she’d dabbed on her lips, and the stainless-steel, crystal-capped butt plug was positioned nicely up her bum, just for Jay.

Lucy wasn’t normally a pleaser, but Jay brought it out in her. There was practically nothing she wouldn’t do for him, or him for her.

“Let’s get out of here.” Jay urged Lucy out the door, down the steps and into a taxi.

As he scooted in beside her, a hint of her leg garter peeked out from under the hem of her minidress. 

Jay’s eyes met Lucy’s as he slid the pad of his forefinger along the soft, silky band that clung to the inside of her fleshy thigh. His heart pounded as he thought about what she’d look like bent over, the hem of her dress hiked just above her ass crack, the luxurious straps of the harness framing her treasures in the most elegant but erotic way… her ass cheeks spread ever so slightly so as to capture a glimmer of the buttplug buried deep inside her. It was such a forbidden thought, yet one so tantalizing...

Jay’s imagination often got the better of him, causing him immense trouble as a boy. It was both a blessing and a curse, and he’d found a way to make his daring disposition an asset as an adult, choosing a career where unbridled imagination was a necessary requirement. As a director, Jay knew how to set one hell of a scene. This was something that drove Lucy crazy most of the time. If things weren’t to his liking, he’d arrange them so that they were perfect, in his eyes. Lucy was his muse, his spark, his hard-on.

As the sun began to sink below the buildings, they arrived at an intimate, moody little restaurant where they were seated under a softly lit chandelier. Jay pulled Lucy’s chair out for her, allowing her to take a comfortable seat.

“Ooof!” Lucy grimaced.

Jay leaned over her shoulder with a lazy grin. 

“Everything okay, my love?”

“I forgot for a moment that it was in.”

For something that took so long to insert, she was surprised at her momentary lapse of forgetfulness. Her comment roused a laugh out of Jay as he took a seat across from her.

Lulled by the cozy ambiance, they dined, laughed, supped, celebrated, and were lured into each other’s shared energy, which seemed to build exponentially in intensity.

Lucy sat back and plopped a raspberry from their shared dessert into her champagne glass, then licked the rim as she looked across at Jay.

“Look at you,” she purred. “Observing me from over there.”

Jay grinned.

“Does it please you to know what I have in my ass?”

He nodded.

“And does it please you to know that your little gift reminds me of you with every little shift in my seat?”

Jay nodded again, mischief twinkling in his eyes under the candlelight.

On the table, melting beads of white wax dripped down the candlestick between them as they pursued an erotic exchange that grew in plot with each glance. The eros they batted back and forth soon began to unfold without words.

Finally, Jay reached his hand across the table, offering his palm up to her. Lucy reached out and drew a line down the length of his palm with the tip of her dark pink fingernail.

“Is this the place with the bathroom?” she asked, knowing this was indeed the place with the co-ed bathroom with its darkened corridor of private doors.

She’d always fantasized about having public sex but she wasn’t as daring as Jay. Who was she to risk getting caught, especially with Jay, who was not all that anonymous in New York City. They got stopped from time to time — she didn’t want this time to be the one they got caught for all the wrong reasons.

Lucy shifted in her seat, feeling her growing turn-on with every movement. It came from within, on the other side of what she perceived as pleasure… the mild discomfort somehow pushed right up against the line of pleasure and pain that was only fueling her growing desire for Jay.

He felt it, and waved just one finger to summon their waiter. 

“We’ll grab the check,” Jay said and the waiter scurried off to close them out.

He winked at Lucy. “I’ll go first. Sip your champagne for a minute or two, and then follow me into the back.”

Lucy obliged as Jay finalized the check and walked through the doors to the bathroom.

A long corridor of private cubicles carried the moody ambiance of the restaurant. Candles flickered between the sinks as sensual tunes echoed through the walls. Jay walked to the last door at the end of the lineup, walked in and closed the door behind him. He unzipped his pants and held his semi-hard cock in his palm. Anticipating Lucy’s arrival, he slowly stroked himself before her strappy red sandals walked through the door.

She locked it behind her.

His cock grew harder just seeing her tan ankles adorned in red straps.

She approached him silently.

He bent down and kissed her champagne-drenched mouth before grabbing her hips, turning her around and repositioning her over the porcelain sink.

“Jay!” she shrieked in a half whisper.

“Shhh… you’re mine right now.” He bent her torso over the sink.

She raised her head to look up at him as he pulled up her dress to reveal the exact image from his fantasy. Lucy’s round ass, her floral summer dress gathered perfectly just above her crack, her Chandelier Waist Harness framing her waist, hips and thighs like a piece of erotic art. He gently pulled her ass cheeks apart to reveal his glistening gift nestled deep in her asshole, the refracted light bouncing off the center crystal.

Jay knelt between her legs and reached his mouth up like a starving, suckling calf, hungry for nourishment. His mouth cradled her outer lips as his tongue searched for Lucy’s juices until he could taste her… her flavor, her essence, her nectar. He loved the way she tasted, but particularly tonight after she’d been such a good girl, wearing all of her presents for his pleasure. He was hungry and he ate.

Lucy moaned just a smidge too loudly and Jay reached up to cover her mouth. “Shhh!” he said with a more authoritarian tone than she was used to.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I love you… I want to be…”

“You want to be what?”

“I want to be your… dirty little slut.” It was a sentence she’d always wanted to say out loud, a sentence every woman wrestles with, especially with the man she loves and is devoted to. It was one of the most contradictory feelings, which no man could ever understand. Yet, it was her desire. She couldn’t keep the naughty words from spilling out of her and onto him like a cascade of energy that fueled his fire.

Jay took it in, his hunger growing, growling, ravenous. The same contradictory feelings were coming up and out and through him — wanting to cherish and protect the woman he loved, while also wanting to fuck her and defame her at the same time… an intimate and nuanced set of emotions that only come up when you truly feel safe with your partner.

He suddenly felt so seen, understood, connected to the deepest part of her pussy, her heart, and he wanted to give her what she wanted.

“You already are my dirty little slut,” Jay whispered. “Now shut up and bend over like a good little whore.” As he expanded on her sentiments, Jay’s words filled Lucy with the most permission she’d ever felt.

Jay peered down at the gloriously tan, round ass bent over before him. My little toy, he thought as he began to stroke his stiff and ready cock. He moaned as he inserted himself inside of her and thrusted, her warm, wet portal sucking him inside even more deeply. Jay looked down in wonder and pulled apart her ass and flicked the top of the plug.

Lucy yelped with pleasure, feeling that very tender line between pleasure and pain.

As Jay continued to fuck her, he reached around to cup her pussy from the front. He had her in a chokehold of sorts.

Lucy was completely under his control, and she softened into him, melting against the thrust of his intimidating muscles. She gazed up into the mirror at him, under the spell of her ass, and grinned as her eyes widened. He was gone, in a trance, fully consumed in his desire for her.

His hands grazed over her sweaty curves as he pulled out. He usually came inside of her but he wanted proof of her power over him. He wanted to glaze her pretty, slutty little ass and ruin her harness, drench it in his cum.

He pulled out of her and began to stroke himself between her cheeks, until he couldn’t contain himself any longer and exploded all over her ass as she watched in the mirror with pride.

“Oh, fuck yeah. Oh my God, babe. What was that?” Jay stammered.

“Looks like I just got to be your dirty little slut,” she purred as he began to clean her up.

“Let’s get out of here before we get caught,” he said as he threw some paper towels in the trash and pulled her dress down. “Keep the plug in, okay?”

“As you wish. I’ll be waiting outside.”

Lucy washed her hands, fixed her makeup, exited the bathroom and made her way through the main dining room. She caught the eye of a waitress who gave her the quickest, slyest wink as she passed. Lucy smiled to herself and began to sashay between the tables, enjoying the squeeze of the sticky harness at her waist.

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