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If you're ready to unleash your inner goddess and reach new levels of transformation in all areas of your life, may we suggest putting tantric bodyworker and empowerment coach  Cheyenne Sapphire on your bucket list? This captivating force of healing and third-generation witchy woman blends multiple modalities — tantric dance, polarity play, archetypal somatics, role play, inner child work, kundalini activation, visualization, body movement and so much more — to customize a unique journey of healing, self-discovery and self-expression for you. Her work is designed to help release trauma and blocks so you're free to live a more fulfilled, joyful and self-actualized life personally and professionally. 

Cheyenne's background in dance, tantra and intuitive healing helped her summon her own life force energy to overcome the physical pain and struggles, which she now uses to help you manifest your own dreams. Check out our interview to see how she uses her innate wisdom and unique expertise to help you harness your own sexual, sensual and spiritual power. Or to book training, workshops or 1:1 coaching, visit her site.


cheyenne sapphire
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how does your integration of all of your areas of practice — e.g. quantum healing, kundalini activation, sound healing and tantra — help people achieve deeper emotional and sexual healing?

cheyenne sapphire

First, even in the integration, is the intersection of them all. It's like these are those points at the edge of a cliff. Think about when you're stepping at an edge of a cliff and you're about to reach a new reality essentially in many different ways — hopefully the cliff isn't too high, if you're about to jump off into water, right, into a whole different medium or into a valley. So it's these edge places where a lot of growth can happen and then you face your fear. Am I ready to jump? Am I not? Am I ready to go into this new reality? So I just wanted to point out right from get-go that the bridging between different spaces holds an immense amount of potential.

Going into the body, the woman's womb is the bridge between spirit and matter. Also, at bridge, that space has a hell of a lot of potential. So I like to work with these intersections, and it seems to happen just naturally. It's not like I ever intend to and then I reflect and go, huh, well, it is really powerful to expand between these areas. With the Kundalini life force energy that I work with, the Kundalini, which is a Sanskrit word for our life force energy, is essentially the most powerful energy that a human — and animals have it, too — has within them essentially. For most people, it lies dormant at the root of their spine. So when you work with this energy, it opens up your chakras. I like to visualize it almost like a water balloon and then the Kundalini pops it and the water comes out.

If that water has been in there for a while and it's stagnant, we know stagnant water isn't healthy. We know that's where mosquitoes breed, bacteria grows. So it's like all this water comes out. And at first, it might be overwhelming because you're seeing, oh my gosh, there's all this water, what's happening? The mess… but then it evaporates, we let it dissolve and it clears the pain and makes space for more flow to occur essentially.

it's so powerful. you use the language of “it bursts” which, if the energy has been stagnant for a while, could feel overwhelming?

cheyenne sapphire

Absolutely, Kundalini can definitely be overwhelming. It's really powerful, and a lot of people describe it like a lightning bolt. There actually are scientific reasons that I demonstrate for how the electrons and protons in your body are magnetizing to each other during a Kundalini Awakening, which is similar to how lightning works in the real world. It can feel like fiery heat, tingling, orgasmic, and it's orgasmic because our life force energy is creation energy. Think about it. Creation energy is sexual energy. We all came from sex, right? So that's why it can be so orgasmic as well. Also because you're completely letting go and dissolving the ego, and we know that an orgasm is when you're completely letting go. In French, it’s called “the mini death. It can also create convulsions in the body. It can create shaking, spontaneous movement, kriyas, which are different hand movements, and scream sounds. It can look beautiful, it can look terrifying, it can look weird and bizarre. It’s definitely a full-on cathartic experience.

thank you. so how do the more unique aspects of your approach, like polarity play and archetypal channeling, help your clients discover more about themselves and live more authentically?

cheyenne sapphire

Another word for archetypal channeling is our archetypal somatics. It's where you're really embodying different archetypes and you can do this within polarity play as well, which is switching between yin and yang principles or between other polarities within yourself. So that's a little bit heady. What does this mean? So, a question to everyone reading, have you ever thought “I can't pull that off.” Or “that's for them, not for me,” “that’s for rich people, inherited wealth, not for me” or “that's for black people, not for me,” “that’s for young people or when I'm older?” This is creating separation between yourself and others, and also it's creating separation within yourself that you can't belong somewhere due to a root fear of being ostracized from the group. And so when we start to explore these different facets of ourselves that we might not have thought we could ever pull off in a safe setting, in a contained setting, meaning we're not out here on the street for the first time just embodying different parts of ourselves that were like “I could never pull it off.” So if any of you ever have ever said that, go into that feeling. Why? Screw the why. It doesn't matter, we're in the quantum right now. So let's go there. Let's pull that off right now, just 10 minutes. After that, we can go back to how we were. And then a timer is set and you can explore this. So what happens is you start to build confidence in yourself because you’ve finally done something that for 30 years, 10 years, six months, you've said you could never do. You start to build confidence because you're accepting parts of yourself, these parts that you might have denied or thought that was for you at a different time in your life or when I was younger or I'm too big for that now or whatever it may be… you're able to reclaim those parts of yourself that you might have pushed away or said those no longer belong to me or bring in the parts that you might have said that will never belong to me and when you get to bring it in, this is me. So you're coming into wholeness.

I like to do this action where I'm reaching my arm out and grabbing my hand and bringing back the parts of myself to feel a balanced, harmonious union.

cheyenne sapphire

this is so interesting because, like you said, it’s such a heady topic, but it also has such practical value not just with sexuality or creativity but how you show up in the world.

cheyenne sapphire

100%, and that's the thing with my work too, people couldn’t see the sexual aspects of it, and of course this helps in the bedroom, this helps you orgasm better, this helps you create better boundaries, consent with your partners and it literally helps you with everything in life. So it's interesting, when people say what was this gonna help with? Literally it's going to transform your life 1000% in every direction. And I know that's a fact. Every one of my clients. Yes, this is what will happen. People might come for different reasons, but it's going to shift your abundance consciousness, what you do for a living, work, how you relate to your parents, how you relate to your inner child, how you dress, how you walk into a room, how you negotiate in business. It's really beneficial in so many ways, again, because you're not one of the aspects in this particular question of the archetypes and polarity play because you're not pretending like that doesn't exist. You’re like actually that part does let me go here. So then, let's say in a negotiation, you’ve got to access this part of yourself, that's more, let's say boss or knows more about money, but maybe traditionally or in the past, you're not someone who's that good with money or you get awkward and your voice lowers because you don't want to offend another person. The list goes on and on. But then you practice being the CEO of the biggest operation in the world for 10 minutes, then when it comes to that negotiation practice, then you can tune into that version, feel how that somatically resonates in your body and bring it into the field in that moment. Then that conversation is done, feels made, you're going to lunch with your man, you can switch that out and just relax and surrender, because you’ve practiced this yin and yang polarity and you know how to switch between the two.

i’m obsessed with this. you’re changing the world.

cheyenne sapphire

It’s really fun. and this is the thing that happens with a lot of women that I work with. They are entrepreneurs, they’re CEOs, they're high up in corporations and they have to be masculine a lot of the time, then they say, “This is affecting my relationship,” and I say, “Of course it is. Have you practiced switching between the two and have you practiced doing activities that fully let you be in deep surrender or be receptive and then switching between them?” We’re mothers, we’re fathers, we live multifaceted lives, especially in today's world, and that's just how it is, unless you choose to fully ditch that, which is great, too. If not, we’ve got to be able to code switch essentially.

what are some of the transformations people have experienced working with you?

cheyenne sapphire

It varies in the different spectrums that we're talking about. On more physical levels, I've had women who haven't orgasmed in five years and then they do again in the first session. Or it’s energetically and then it's cervically and then it's like all these different ways. And I've had people simply love themselves and start new businesses. Two people in different programs, one person made 20 grand within two weeks and another person got a farm, this goal that she's wanted to do forever and then it just finally happened. Or met the love of her life or had a Kundalini awakening. Lots of my clients have Kundalini awakenings. Their whole life shifts, their genius unlocks, their spiritual healing capabilities unlock as well. And it's just really beautiful to be a part of their journey in this way.

"Lots of my clients have Kundalini awakenings. Their whole life shifts, their genius unlocks, their spiritual healing capabilities unlock as well. And it's just really beautiful to be a part of their journey in this way."

— cheyenne sapphire

cheyenne sapphire
📸: cheyenne sapphire, shibari session

 it must feel beautiful to be facilitating magic like that. 

cheyenne sapphire

It absolutely does and it just feels so much greater than me. It's just God moving through me and so of course it is super beautiful and it's very rewarding, and so much of the time I’m just in awe as well. It's like, wow, this just happened.

how do your practices help clients reconnect with their bodies, connect better with lovers/partners and enhance their sexual pleasure?

cheyenne sapphire

Something that I do is I communicate with my body and different body parts as if I'm communicating with a 4-year-old girl. And so that might seem a bit weird at first, but hear me out. Let's say my shoulder is hurting. I had an injury recently, so my shoulder literally was hurting. Then I would communicate with my shoulder as if it's a little child. Imagine if a 4 year old came to you and said, “I'm hurting,” we're not going to go, I don't have time for this. I don't want to listen. That would be horrible, most of us wouldn’t do that. Instead I’d say, “Hey shoulder. What's up? I'm here for you. I'm listening. I love you. I’m sorry I ignored you in the last five hours and I was working. That really wasn't cool and if you're upset at me, I get it. If you're upset, let me hear it. Is there anything you need to say to me? You're still upset. I'm sorry. I know we'll take as long as you want. I'm here." So really engaging in that way, and that begins to build trust with your body. It also begins to rewrite consent stories in your body because I check in and I'll ask my body, “Is it okay if I can touch you right now?” 

So many of us haven't heard that before. A lot of people I work with have had their boundaries crossed, have been sexually abused, and then they have trouble with other partners and also with themselves, even touching themselves or loving themselves, or not knowing what to do or they feel really uncomfortable in their body. So you begin this dialogue and then that begins to build trust because let's say the shoulder hurts and then the shoulders say, “No, no, don't touch me right now.” Okay, whatever you say, I'm not gonna touch you. Take your time or you don't even need to take your time because I'm waiting for something. Okay, I love you. I'm here”. Then you might notice it softens, it says, “Okay, please touch me like this” and then I say, “Okay. I'm coming here,” and then I start doing that. And so it's building that trust and, again, rewriting that consent piece in your brain, in your psychology, of then trusting that when you say no, people will listen up against yourself. When you say yes, if the other entity consciousness wants to partake, then it will partake, because sometimes even with self-pleasure, we touch ourselves even when we actually don't really want to. Or we're trying really hard and then our body is like, I just wish you'd stop, and then we just do it anyway because we're trying to get off. Always bring forgiveness to yourself and most of us have done that, but what if you'd listen and say, okay fine, I'm not going to touch you? 

It’s a really foundational practice that I teach people first session, beginning of all my courses. It’s really important and then constantly doing that as many times you can throughout the day, really tuning in and asking your body, "How are you feeling? How are you?" Building trust is just the first part of this answer, because then what happens is when we start to listen to our bodies, we also start to notice things more because we're heightening our sensitivity and our awareness. We can notice that there might be traumas stored in the body.

Let's say you're tuning into your knee. I don't know the last time you actually tuned in to your knees and said, “How are you guys doing today?” If you do that, maybe your knees are slightly hurting right now. Maybe you can adjust the position that you're in and go, “Oh damn, I was just sitting like that and that actually wasn't a 10 out of 10, I’m sorry” and then you notice, oh wait, there's still some pulse in here. And then, damn, that’s actually connected to my hip. Oh, I think my hip is hurting and I didn't even notice. Let me stretch that out. And then that works. And that's on that basic foundational level of physical illness and then we can go deeper into trauma, into the psyche, into the emotional, etheric levels as well. Then it goes, wow, there's a memory in my hip. That was when I was 16 and that guy said this to me. Why is this coming up now? I don't know but I'm gonna breathe with it. Okay, I feel this is why I told that person last week that I didn't want to do that. And that's why the pain's coming up. It can start to unravel, again, bringing it back to that balloon popping, the water coming out for you to face it and deal with it in a new way because life is cyclical, of course, and sparks in a spiral like the evolution of our DNA. So then it's like, okay, looking at it this in a different way and I can be with it in a different way. From there, third step, you start to feel a lot of pleasure because you've now initiated that trust, rewritten the consent story, you're aware of your body more now, you've released trauma from the area. You're able to notice where that trauma is and welcome it and bring it to the table and it therefore dissolves. And then you start to become hella sensitive where you can just orgasm from someone gently touching your arm or your elbow or by looking at you or by thought alone.

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📸: cheyenne sapphire can help you channel your inner Domme.

some of your work helps people integrate both masculine and feminine energies – why is that important and is it something most of us can benefit from?

cheyenne sapphire

As we touched upon earlier with regard to the multifaceted lives that we live in, and how sometimes we gotta be more logical, forward-thinking, get shit done. Other times, we're in a space that's calling us to be receptive, to just trust, to flow, to relax. When we are so focused in one area and we are not allowing ourselves to do the other, that can cause problems in your business and relationships. A lot of women in particular have trouble receiving, have trouble letting go, or if they're constantly thinking because they're in work mode or taking care of the children, that's not really fun to be around intimately, like in a sexual context. That's not fun for either person really or even yourself, which is what matters the most.

what advice do you have for readers who are intrigued by your holistic approach, but feel apprehensive about exploring themselves on a deeper level?

cheyenne sapphire

This was an interesting question. I would recommend reading this book called "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield. This book absolutely changed my life. I read it maybe 10 years ago, and it's phenomenal. It talks about resistance in the context of creativity specifically, however, I think this applies to many areas in my life. And also what I actually need to do when there's resistance to certain elements in your life. A lot of the time it's because it's actually what you need to look at. So you're feeling resistance, maybe this is really important for you. Maybe you should go into this. I'm just gonna be straight up. I'm not someone who really sugarcoats things. I'm blunt like that. I live my life in terms of my expression and authenticity with these three pillars, which I go by: brevity, innocence and honesty. So tuning into myself, honestly, is this something that I really want to do? So if you're feeling like, wow, I'm feeling this holistic approach. Is there an expansion of your heart when you hear this, when you're feeling this, or is there a contraction? Either is totally fine. You can look into the contraction and think, okay, who's leading this contraction? Is it my boyfriend? Is it my ex? Is it my dad from when I was 5? Is it really me? If you're not sure if it’s really you or not, then you should probably do embodiment work…. When you're communicating with your body, you get to really understand where your yes and no is, and whose voice is speaking. 

Back to those pillars… then it's honesty. Do you really want to do it or is it society telling you something or is it your job? Just really tuning in to that. And then getting into innocence, does your inner child feel like this would excite her or delight them or is there an expansion with them? Yes or no. I have a pretty great relationship with my inner child, and I would recommend that to other people, too. Seeing how they're feeling about it. And then brevity. Life is short. Who do you want to be? Are you here to play small or are you here to play big?

"People might come for different reasons, but it's going to shift your abundance consciousness, what you do for a living, work, how you relate to your parents, how you relate to your inner child, how you dress, how you walk into a room, how you negotiate in business. "

— cheyenne sapphire

what are some of the common challenges your clients face when beginning their journey with you, and how do you help them overcome them?

cheyenne sapphire

So a lot of my clients struggle with the fear of being seen in their authentic expression. I've noticed that's definitely a common denominator, which then affects them in intimate spaces, in the bedroom, so to speak, where they'll say, “I'm unable to orgasm” or “I'm scared to speak exactly what I want.” It comes back to that root of they’re scared to be seen in their authentic expression because of what that therefore means. That's a big one and, of course, expression like creativity and sexuality are two sides of the same coin, coming back to that life force frequency. Creation, God energy is sexual energy. So it makes sense that this expression is so related to sexuality as well.

cheyenne sapphire
📸: cheyenne sapphire. role play, anyone?

can you explain the importance of shadow work in your practice and how it helps clients uncover and integrate hidden aspects of themselves?

cheyenne sapphire

Shadow work is noticing essentially the shadows that you may operate in. We all have different shadows. I don't want to use positive and negative. It's like there are different aspects of archetypes that have more expanding frequencies to them and more contracting frequencies to them, and we all have both, so if we deny that and we say, “No no, there's nothing wrong with me” or not even wrong, but there's nothing, like “I don't do that” or “I don't judge people,” but I'm sure you do sometimes, unless you're totally enlightened and meditating 24/7, I’m 99% sure that judgments are coming through. You know what I mean? Just because you don't want to be judgmental… that's a different story. That's great. Of course, most people don't want to be judgmental, but it's just acknowledging these different parts of yourself. When we deny these parts of ourselves, then we can push them under the rug and then we pretend that they're not there, and that builds dust, right, which builds mites, it builds dirt. It's dusty. The air isn't clear. There's a filter over the clearness of your channel, but when you reveal the dust and you sweep it out, you collect it and you're bringing it into wholeness, you're not denying it, that can create more balance in your life because you're not letting these subconscious programs run your life in the real world.

So in the work that I do in my tantra sessions, we will do archetypal somatics to access these parts of ourselves that might be uncomfortable, that may be embarrassing, that might be creepy, that might be scary, that might be rude, and we bring them into the safe setting, in the container. So for the next 15 minutes or 5 minutes or 1 hour, we're going to explore this, and it actually creates relief because you're not pretending, you're dropping the mask. You're saying, this part is here and it's okay. We all have these parts of ourselves. Then it can be really beautiful and there's more of the kink element that I do, too. where you're really embodying it with clothing, dress, music, and all these different parts of yourself. it's like drama class, or acting, it's fun. You get to embody different parts of yourself that nowhere else you can. So it's really liberating. It's like, “Thank God. I’ve wanted this for years.”

freedom is such an underrated component of sex and creativity and expression.

cheyenne sapphire

Yeah, because we're constantly told what to do and how to act. In these scenes or in these sessions that I hold for people, it can be so liberating to just fully go there, and it's so fun. And again, it's a safe setting, and then the bell rings and we ground, we integrate, we do the aftercare, and then it's like, okay we released that so out in the real world. I'm not going to be a, whatever it is, a bitch because you were fully into it and then it's funny and your giggly secret.

"I live my life in terms of my expression and authenticity with these three pillars, which I go by: brevity, innocence and honesty."

— cheyenne sapphire

we like to talk about using lingerie as one way to help inspire creativity and tap into your life force by getting you to slow down, touch, feel, discover more about yourself – what are other ways people can turn on that life force energy with the work you do? 

cheyenne sapphire

I love lingerie and I love that aspect, as well the clothing that you wear and the sensations that it brings. To expand upon that, it's also creating the atmosphere for that as well. So yes to the fabrics, but what scents are around, the candles, mood lighting, different food, it's like creating a little scene for yourself. For tonight, we're gonna explore this archetype of myself, what this archetype eats, what they drink, how  they walk into the room and just start playing with that. 

what is the most rewarding aspect of your work, and how do you see your sessions impacting lives?

cheyenne sapphire

Honestly, it's when I see people light up within, and then they stand a little taller, and then they embody more of themselves in a freer, more liberated way, whether that's the way they dress, the way they communicate. They start singing, they’re more creative, they start owning who they like, what their kinks are, what their desires are. It's just so beautiful to see that spark light up in them and how that illuminates for other people as well. It creates that ripple effect throughout the globe.

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