take our lingerie challenge + discover just how much pleasure you can add to your life

Who. Is. Up. For. A. Lingerie. Challenge? 
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Grab your bustiers, bodysuits, corsets, panties, bras, yummiest sets, sexiest styles and get ready to spice up your entire life, starting with your lingerie. 

We've got 30 juicy, pleasure-filled ideas designed to help ignite what stirs in you. Adjust these tips, tricks and mindset shifts  based on your own experience level and where you're at in your lingerie journey so you can bring that energy into your day-to-day life. Test-drive one, two or all of the prompts below to see what you can unleash, what you can learn about yourself and places you'd like to explore post-challenge. If you're already living a pretty sexy lingerie life, look for opportunities to mix up your routine, add new layers or unpeel what's not working. Remember: lingerie is just one of the many sexy ways you can add more pleasure, pleasure, curiosity and creativity to your life. Try them all and see how you can live more orgasmically (yes, starting with your g-string.)


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📸 lunatic femme sugar trap booty harness + supper club high-waisted thong

lingerie challenge:

showcase your assets.

Start with areas that feel most luscious to you. If your booty is where it's at, add a booty harness to your arsenal. Love to flaunt your curves? Break out the curve-hugging bodysuit you love and work it into your weekly style under your outfits or make it your Saturday uniform.

lingerie challenge:

book an hour with yourself in your lingerie.

Explore how your body, hands, feet, legs, etc., feel against silk, lace, satin. Use lingerie as an excuse to discover your body and how it feels all dressed up and sexy.

lingerie challenge:

think outside the basic cotton panty.

No shade to comfort, but if you're stuck in the cotton zone, explore other fabrics... mesh, silk, leather and see how that makes you feel. Does your attitude change? Do you stoke a little fire inside?

lingerie challenge:

add a butt plug.

If anal plugs are part of your pleasure and play, use them to help you reconnect with your body while you're wearing your sultriest, most self-igniting pieces. They can help you redirect your focus back on you, versus outside distractions, and remind your body to linger in this all-about-you moment. 

lingerie challenge:

take your game out in the wild.

Have you played with lingerie dressing yet? Worn a bra as a top? Paired a fuller-coverage panty with a jacket? Channel your inner stylist by wearing your most fuck-off catsuit, a pair of sultry heels and a hot AF feather jacket and see where the night takes you.

lingerie challenge:

style your sex positions.

It's hot to strip off your clothes and get down to business. And yes, naked skin against sheets is yummy, but challenge yourself to keep some of your lingerie on during sex for more eye candy for both of you. See how different styles — glam, kinky, romantic — change how you show up for sex.

lingerie challenge:

hire your local Domme.

Up your confidence levels in and out of lingerie with dominatrix classes that not only help you ask for what you want in bed (and life) but they help you shift power dynamics at home and in the wild. Dress code: lingerie.

lingerie challenge:

keep your pieces scented.

If you have a scent that immediately gets you in the mood, spritz your lingerie so when you adorn your body with a piece, it's giving aphrodisiac effects. Hang essential oil sachets in closets or stash in drawers, too, for that mental foreplay that keeps you ignited.

lingerie challenge:

uncover scent-ual lingerie.

Build on yesterday’s olfactory challenge and plan a perfume and lingerie flight. Wear your favorite lingerie piece while exploring which notes specifically arouse your senses — or maybe there’s a symphony of scent that wants to be played out, one body part at a time. Change lingerie and see how the scents arouse you differently? Can you use different scents and lingerie styles together to channel more pleasure and play?

lingerie challenge:

create a mini 7-day bra challenge.

Wear a completely different style every day and expand your lingerie palette — balconettes, demis, bustiers, halters, push-ups — with your sexiest erotic mantra on the wall or mirror in view. Keep the challenge going till you zero in on the specific style or styles that drive your body wild.

lingerie challenge:

spend a weekend in lingerie

Sex expert Kim Anami swears by weekend sex marathons for keeping relationship alive. We invite you to adding a lingerie marathon to your calendar. That's one weekend spent with lingerie as your uniform. If you choose to leave the house, then style lingerie as your outfit or sneak it underneath whatever you're wearing. See how much pleasure you can derive from adorning your body like a queen for 48+ straight hours.

lingerie challenge:

play with energy in lingerie.

Wearing your go-to, "love myself" style, focus on connecting to yourself, your sex toys, your partners can lead to deeper, richer, more intimate sex play. For starters, try this energetic trick for full-body orgasms from energy worker, Jamie Butler.

lingerie challenge:

try breathwork in lingerie.

Breathwork can help you better get into your body, up-level your energy, move your sexual energy, heighten your orgasms and extend their ripples through your body. Discover how you can change the dynamic by channeling your yummiest mood in lingerie.

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lingerie challenge:

create harness looks

You don't have to invest in a whole new lingerie wardrobe to up-level the pieces you have. Use a stretchy-strappy harness straps like our SNKX — or silk ties from panties or the satin belt from a robe — to elevated a black bra and panty sets, pasties and more. Play with different looks, experiment with kinky looks, wear against naked skin. See how your vibe and look changes with your mood.

lingerie challenge:

style a new magic hour.

Do you reserve lingerie for special occasions? Do you have certain pieces for date nights? Other pieces when you know sex is on the agenda? Try mixing up what you wear and when. This easy tweak can change your mindset and shift how you show up to each playdate.

lingerie challenge:

add an aphrodisiac.

Consider lingerie step 1 in aphrodisiac play (it's definitely visual). Now what can you add to deepen your arousal? Whether it’s food (raw chocolate, anyone?), spirits (champs or whiskey, your choice), a scent (jasmine, rose, vanilla…). Invite yourself to explore something sensorial and indulgent, yes in your lingerie, so you can stack your pleasure.

lingerie challenge: 

try mental foreplay.

Tease your lover with images of what you'll be wearing later. Try on your lingerie, send another little taste. Get their mind and yours on your lingerie game to make pre-gaming new, different, more luxurious.

lingerie challenge:

take your lingerie on the road.

New room, new bed, new look. Book a night in a hotel near new, style yourself in something new or newly styled and re-ignite your passion. If you're in the 'weekends are for staying at home' camp, turn your home into a hotel and channel that "new place to fuck" energy. 

lingerie challenge cupless bustier

lingerie challenge:

go cupless

You don't need to dance burlesque to channel all that sexy, strapless goddess energy. We love a bustier or bodysuit that you can layer over or under other lingerie for that peel-off moment or un-zip cups for that 24-k gold reveal.

lingerie challenge:

uncover kinks, fetishes + curiosities

High heels? Thigh-highs? Elbow-length gloves? Corsets? Chokers? Whips? Wrist cuffs? Body chains? Find the lingerie or accessory kink that revs you up. If you're already there, can you layer, morph or up-level by styling with new or different pieces?

lingerie challenge:

explore lingerie porn.

Cue up your favorite porn or social sex platform (we love MakeLoveNotPorn) to see what styles turn you on. How do they use their lingerie to tease their lovers? How do their bodies move in different styles? Let this inform your own body how it might like to play.

lingerie challenge:

become your own pin-up.

Dress up in your favorite, erotic gear for an at-home boudoir shoot and take some artistic, avante-garde snaps of you at your most sensual and deliciously hot. Then, drink in all that gorgeousness....

lingerie challenge:

learn the art of the tease

How naughty can your lingerie get? Look for style that unzip, or ouvert sets that leave peek-a-boo openings in all the right spots. Use them to visually taunt your lover all night, turn yourself on with possibilities or just practice your end-of-the-night strip.

lingerie challenge:

combine lingerie w/ audio candy

While wearing different items from your lingerie stash, explore how sounds stirs and stokes your body. Try sexy playlists, erotica, sensual meditation. Do certain sounds make you crave silk, play with lace, wrap yourself in a feather blanket?

lingerie challenge:

make the first move.

If your partner is usually the initiator, put on your fiercest lingerie set and surprise them by taking control. Or, if you’re usually the one in the lead role, play in a more passive, receptive place. Try this a few times with different lingerie outfits to see what other flavors you uncover depending what you wear.

lingerie challenge lunatic femme catsuit feather coat
📸 lunatic femme champagne room 33 bodysuit

lingerie challenge:

tie yourself up.

How can you use your lingerie and play pieces — cuffs, tethers, ribbons, straps… — to wrap them around ankles, thighs, arms, necks (gentle of course), your ass, and see what new pleasure points respond to pressure. 

lingerie challenge:

role play.

Lingerie, gloves, harnesses, toys plus makeup, hair, voice, talk, tone…. Discover what it’s like to play in someone else’s stilettos…. Uncover something new about yourself by pretending to be someone else. Even something as simple as opera gloves or a sexy mask can channel something new.

lingerie challenge:

wear something that scares the shit out of you.

Wear the thing you’ve always wanted to try but were too afraid. What’s the worst that could happen? Cupless bustier? A kinky bodysuit? Play harnesses that restrain your lover? It's like we always say, keep calm and carry a safe word.

lingerie challenge:

talk dirty about your lingerie

Whether you're a seasoned dirty talker or new to the game, using your lingerie to inspire all that naughtiness can keep things interesting. Ask your lover to describe what you're wearing, what your body looks like in it, what they want to do to you. Then put your own spin on the game.

lingerie challenge:

share your lingerie fantasies.

All those lustful fantasies playing out in your head? Whisper them aloud to yourself, your partner. Say aloud what you want, you need, you crave... and yes what you're wearing. Bonus points if you act them out in your lustiest lingerie set yet.

What other juicy ways to play are you adding to your lingerie challenge?

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