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When it comes to most things love and lust, we like to take a cue from improv’s “yes and” technique to keep the flow the going. Sometimes, however, stopping what’s in motion is a good thing because ultimately whatever's flowing isn't necessarily flowing in the right direction for you. We've listed a few habits, vices, obstacles, speed bumps, mental hurdles, etc., that can stop your momentum, keep you stuck or dim your light, all of which can prevent you from living your most luscious life.  Check them out, and if they're an issue for you, consider nixing them. 


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Moving on autopilot rather than living in the moment and keeping your senses alive (and yourself present) with textures, scents, music, flavors. 

Comparing yourself to everyone else's super-orgasmic, deliciously hot, mind-blowing life (especially on social media) versus making your life juicy in your own way. 

Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, your partners, your relationships, your sex life.

Sticking with people, situations or habits that you know don’t ignite you inside.

Waiting… for permission, for help, for a text, for a shout out, for a thank you — go get what you want.

Letting your inhibitions instead of your desires drive your actions.

Saving life's little luxuries for special occasions (wear the bustier, eat the chocolate, drink the champagne... you deserve it). 

Giving up... on everyday desires and big dreams.

Holding back... from wants, desires, goals, dreams, risks, chances, self-expression.

Staying mad or nursing a grudge.

Overscheduling yourself, leaving little to no time for play.

Forgetting that every ounce of power you need to do anything smolders inside your cells just waiting for you to give it oxygen.

  Ignoring your gut.

Working in bed when there are so many other things to do there.

Keeping yourself small, dimmed, less than your full yumminess for someone else. 

Replaying the past... it's worse than being stuck, it's being in reverse.

What are some things keeping you from squeezing all the juice out of life? How can you shift to start living more lusciously? Tell us in the comments below. 


xxx, Lunatic Femme

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