Few things are sexier than a true multi-hyphenate queen flexing her creative genius out in the world. We rounded up some of the best tattoo artists we've loving for their creativity, talent, entrepreneurial savvy, mentorship and passion.

best tattoo artists

When we need a muse, we pop onto any one of their feeds for instant spark and flow. xxx

Sarah Gaugler
Formally trained, globally renowned, NYC-based contemporary artist, Sarah Gaugler, uses both canvas and skin to showcase her works of art. Founder of Snow Tattoo, her tatts are a beautiful mix of poetry and intuition. Swoon. P.S. She’s also lead singer in rock duo Turbo Goth. Follow her on IG for more insane amounts of inspo.
Sarah Gaugler best tattoo artist nycsarah gaugler best tattoo artist snow tattoo
sarah gaugler best tattoo artist new york
Source: Snowtattoo.com
Katrina Jackson
Owner of Enigma Tattoo and Enigma Art Gallery, this force of nature landed on the heat map during her stint as co-star of VH-1's Black Ink Crew Chicago, but she didn't stop there. She's since become the first female black tattoo shop owner in Beverly Hills, scored a new production deal and just had her second baby. A true fine artist, her style features bold, realistic, portrait-style artwork.
katrina jackson best tattoo artistkatrina jackson best tattoo artist
Source IG: @kattatgirl
Ryan Ashley DiCristina
You might know her as the former host of Ink Master (Paramount Network). This true master of her craft creates stunning works of skin art with unique, almost ethereal, 3-D effects, using shadows, colors and detailing to make them appear like tattoo-body jewelry. Check out Ryan Ashley’s IG for visual proof.
Ryan Ashley best tattoo artist
Ryan ashley best tattoo artistryan ashley best tattoo artist
Source: @ryanashleymalarkey
Hannah Aitchison
Hannah landed on our best tattoo artists list not just because she’s talented AF, but also a true multihyphenate who feeds her curiosity and creativity through multiple channels, including her studio-meets-curiosity shop where she and her partners sell art and antiques, while she custom-inks your bod. With 25 years of tattooing, multiple cities and two TV shows under her belt, you can catch her artistic POV on IG.
hannah aitchisin best tattoo artisthannah best female tattoo artist
hannah best tattoo artist
Source: @badmissh
Jessi Cramer
Once you see how Jessi can transform a pair of ass cheeks with her art, you’ll be sold. She specializes in illustrative, black-ink-only, fine-line tattoos (custom, of course) inspired by the same techniques found in historical printmaking and botanical and scientific illustrations. Find this skating-cooking-knitting-tatting queen at Pittsburgh’s Curiosity Shop (with Hannah and crew) or for some amazing artistic visual candy, pop over to her IG.
jessi cramer best tattoo artist
jessi cramer best tattoo artistjessi cramer best tattoo artist
Source: @jcramer_tattoos
Lea Vendetta
Hot biker chick. Badass wake surfer. Tattoo artist extraordinaire. Also a redhead, so it all makes sense. Lea’s been doing her particular brand of fine line greyscale artistry for more than 25 years and it shows. We’re currently obsessed with her ability to capture brilliant emotion in the eyes. See for yourself on her IG or if you’re in North Carolina, swing by Family Tradition Tattoo.
Lea Vendetta best tattoo artist
Lea Vendetta best tattoo artistlea vendetta best tattoo artist
Source: @leavendetta
Tatu Baby
Who are we to argue with 1.7m IG followers? Miami-based tattoo artist and reality TV personality (Ink Master, Cartel Crew), Katherine “Kat” Flores (aka Tatu Baby), gets hotter by the minute. When not on set or inking the hottest bodies in entertainment, she’s throwing ink at Till the End Tattoos where she’s CEO and a self-taught master of realism. Get inspired here.
tatu baby best tattoo artist
tatu baby best tattoo artist miamitatu baby best tattoo artist miami
Source: @tatubaby
Yesenia Corsino aka Jessie
Badass women surround themselves with other badass women. Maybe that’s why you’ll find insanely talented Jessie at Till the End Tattoos, alongside fellow tattoo queen, Tatu Baby. Watch her at work on IG and get hypnotized by that calm, cool artist-at-work vibe that ultimately creates pure unmatched design and style.
jessie best tattoo artist
jessie best tattoo artistjessie best tattoo artist
Source: @jesyinktte
Cally Jo Pothecary
If Cally Jo looks familiar, you might’ve seen this brilliant and in-demand tattooist and fine artist on MTV’s Just Tattoo Of Us, a British reality show where she was a cast member on seasons 1 and 2. You might’ve also seen her work on celebs like Rihanna, Sienna Miller and Alexandra Burke. When this travel junkie isn’t global-trotting for inspiration, you’ll find her working her magic at Southhampton’s Custom Propoganda Tattoo Studio or on IG.
cally jo best tattoo artist
cally jo best tattoo artistcally jo best tattoo artist
Source: @callyjoart
Kelsea Weir McCree
Looks like Family Tradition Tattoo is also pumping out the creative genius with tattooist Kelsea Weir McCree whose vivid color play is simply addictive. Her work seems to be a blend of pop art meets fine art on crack, in the sexiest way possible. Check out her custom designs here.
Kelsea McCree best tattoo artist
kelsea mccree best female tattoo artistkelsea mccree best tattoo artist
Source: @kelseamccree
Donatella Azygous
Bodies, canvases and brands are all in Donatella’s wheelhouse. Whether she’s painting a masterpiece, inking a custom tattoo or providing creative direction to commercial clients, this artist is at the top of her game. If you’ve got several weeks to stay on a waitlist, hit her up at West Hollywood’s Shamrock Social Club where she’s leaving her mark on L.A.’s hottest bodies. Follow her on IG
donatella best tattoo artist
donatella best tattoo artist donatella best tattoo artist
Source: @donatella.azygous
McCrazylines aka Maru
Okay, if this is what “apprenticeship” looks like, we’ve been doing it all wrong. Looking at @mccrazylines feed, it’s riddled with the kind of artistry you find with seasoned tattoo veterans. In Miami, check out her skills at Till the End Tattoos (yeah, they’re serving up greatness over there), or grab a drink, settle in and deep-dive into her work for a shot of inspo.
best female tattoo artist mccrazylinesbest female tattoo artist
Source: @mccrazylines
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