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No one likes regrets, especially in bed. The idea is that when you're coming from a place of your truth, the experience elevates whether sex is solo or partnered. Check out some of the things we think you won't regret in bed for better sex— and share your own below. 

(Of course, all of this is assuming consent, trust, safety, communication, etc.)


better sex

worshipping their pussy/cock

There's a reason this practice (aka yoni/lingam worship) has been around for thousands of years. The idea is that honoring, admiring, respecting, celebrating and giving power (aka worshipping) your partner's pvssy/cock is not just sexy, it boosts both partner's confidence, power, connection and arousal. It can also shift everyday sex into a more sacred, spiritual space because you're savoring your partner, and orgasm becomes the cherry on top of the pleasure cake.


letting your senses keep you in the moment

Yes, by now we all know we're supposed to stay in the moment, but try letting your senses guide you. Instead of getting lost in your head, focus on where your skin connects with theirs, what their fingers (and yours) feel like, what your mouth feels like on theirs. Same with what you see, taste, smell, hear... their curves, the scent of their hair, their moans, whispers and breath.


using a fuck-ton of lube

Want messy, yummy, super-wet sex? Just add lube. Every sexologist and sex guru will tell you that lube isn't just for dry vag's anymore (that's a myth, ICYMI). It's yummy for pvssy penetration and mandatory for anal play. We love Personal Fav for it's yummy plant-grade formula that's the perfect amount of slip with staying power.

complimenting them

This one's for both of you... the more you compliment your partner on how they look, what they're doing that feels good to you, and how they're showing up, the more they show up and the more you stay present, engaged, satisfied.

becoming your set designer

When you set the scene for romance, lust, passion, you instantly shift the ambiance and the mood. Think incense, candles, sheets, music… especially if you’re down to role play. How can you turn your space into the fantasy you’re creating?

reinventing your kiss

Insert more play, more passion. Think bites, nibbles, whispers, moans. And, of course, new locations beyond the lips. New and old lovers, included.

getting freaky, your way

Don't put off til tomorrow what you can do (in the bedroom) today, including handcuffs, paddles, feathers, strap-ons, collars or that [insert toy here] your pussy has been DMing you about. Who knows what it will stir inside you?

using their love language

Let who they are outside the bedroom inform how you treat them between the sheets. Gifts, acts of service, extra time… all translate to passion, foreplay and sex. For instance, if they love presents, surprising them with a new toy might be the perfect way to kickoff the night (or day).

dressing the part

You don’t have to go full-on role play to let your lingerie inspire your mood (but you certainly can…). If you love the feel of PJ pants on your legs, dress them up in scrumptious thigh highs or yummy leg warmers instead to see how it changes your mindset and arouses your body. Try a bodysuit with harness with a kimono robe or slipped under an LBD for date night. Experiment with new looks in and out of the sheets to fully see what stirs inside.

making a lot of fucking noise

Turns out, more moaning, more groaning, more [insert your passion sound effect here], the more you let down your guard, according to sexologist Dr. Emily Morse. She points to research that says the more noise you make, the lower your inhibitions. (For clarity, these are vocal sounds, not a hip-hop air horn.)  

slowing the fuck down

What’s the rush, hit those pleasure centers and hunt for new ones. Move too fast and you speed right through the juicy details.

taking charge

… of your pleasure, of your communication, of positions, of places. See what happens when you show up in your power.

blocking out distractions

Turn off your phone, block out the calendar, remove the pressure of time and let yourself (and your partner) have the freedom to make play last 5 minutes or 5 hours. ICYMI, weekend sex marathons are so much hotter than a stroll through the farmer's market.

disrupting your routine

We’re all about scheduling sex, but not about scheduling it the same way every time. Can you make a challenge out of a different place, move, trick, technique, position every day for a week, a month…? (Hint: yes you can.)

refusing to "fake it"

The clock has been ticking, you might start to feel the pressure of pretending to orgasm just to get it over with... not in 2022. If you're ready to tap out (we get it, unlike you, the laundry won't do itself), you've got options: tell your partner what you need to get you there, get yourself there and let your partner watch or if you're not in the headspace, let them know. Faking it just means you'll get that same action next time, you'll stay unsatisfied and you'll both miss an opportunity.

following your curiosities

You don't always have to know what the finish line looks like to explore what peaks your interest, arouses your body (or booty) or makes you want to know more. Sure, you may find out something isn't your taste or speed, but then you know not to put it on repeat.

lowering your inhibitions

Weed, a cocktail, meditation, slowing your pace... however you de-stress and open your heart, mind and body to arousal, take time to make sure you're in the mood.

put the zzz in sexxxxzzz (🤷‍♀️)

Sometimes getting your Zzzz's is sexier, more empowering and more delicious than fucking itself. Especially if you're wrapped up in each other's bodies.

rethinking missionary style

Sometimes the classics are classic for a reason. Try taking the position to new heights by changing pace, temperature, location, vibrators, toys and more. While you might think, it's not broke why fix it? We say boredom isn't broken, but it's still boredoom. Let's squeeze the juice out of every minute we can.

burning calories

So you missed spinning class, make up for it in bed. Just give your partner (or vibe) a head's up that you're coming in hotttt. Don't forget the survival kit (water, granola bars/cannabis cookies, lube, sex blankets, sweat bandanas ;) 

How do you ensure no regrets for better sex in the bedroom? Drop your tips, lunatics👇💋

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