feeling shy? coy? naughty? flirty? let your lingerie do the talking

From lingering gazes, coy smiles and sultry smirks to low whispers, playful teases and lusty compliments, flirting gets a sexy upgrade when you pair it with your lingerie... or better yet, let your lingerie do the work for you.

Start with pieces you feel most confident wearing (because the ultimate sexiness is your authentic mojo) or try new pieces that inspire you to stretch your game to new levels. Below we listed some tips and tricks for adding more flirt to your everyday life. Use them to inspire your next play date or come up with your own new ways to tease your partner. 


pleasure in the form of lingerie
the "don't mind me" g-string flex

1. how to flirt by...

stroking them.

Touch them like you mean business. Nothing articulates your interest and your desire like the soft stroke of a fingertip on the hand or shoulder or cheek. Want to mesmerize them even more? Let the air kiss fingerless opera gloves tickle their skin. 

2. how to flirt by...

wearing your heart on your sleeve.

Let them undress you from the outside in. For example, wear a bustier (minus the cups) over a tank top. Wear a body harness over a body con dress or catsuit. Wear a waist cincher over a button down shirt. 

3. how to flirt by...

handing them the reins

Ask them to lace you up (or loosen those laces). At a strategic moment, seek their help in tightening up that bustier or waist cincher or bodysuit.

luxury lingerie lunatic femme flirt catsuit
"hey lover, let me get that for you..."

4. how to flirt by:

letting it peek through

Lingerie dressing is at peak hotness right now. You don’t have to reveal all your assets to coyly rock the trend. Bodysuits under sheer dresses, sexy, full-coverage panties over a catsuit or panties sliding over your the top or your skirt or trousers.

5. how to flirt by:

making them work for it

Layer on pieces — like the hot stack stackable g-string and thongs — so they’ll enjoy thinking about peeling them off, one delicious delicate at a time. The ultimate flirt flex? Make them sit and watch while you slip them off one silky strip at a time.

luxury lingerie lunatic femme flirt thongs
"how many strips does it take..."

6. how to flirt by:

trading sexts for flirty texts

Send them a pic of the lingerie you’ll be wearing that night or ask them what piece they’d like to slip off you that night. Make sure that piece is visible all night so they know what's coming up later. Or, keep it hidden and keep them guessing until your yummy reveal.

7. how to flirt by:

strategically baring your skin

Show off your gorgeous, glowy skin with off-shoulder tops or strappy little dresses paired with a strapless bra, a balconette with stunning lace straps or no bra at all.

8. how to flirt by:

holding their gaze...

If eyes are the windows to your soul, give your lover a sneak peek with lingering eye contact. They’ll wonder what you’re thinking. And if they ask, give them a little compliment, share a private joke, give them the first part of a fantasy that's been running through your mind. Feeling shy? Love to be the provocateur? Add a sexy, silky play mask to keep mystery alive and confidence high.

9. how to flirt by:

telegraphing your freaky side

Let them in on your little secret with a subtle nod to how you like to play. Whether it’s a neck choker (like the scorpion ring collar necklace) or wrist restraints (leather cuffs)... let your accessories ignite their imagination.

10: how to flirt by:

seducing them with textures

Ignite their senses (and yours) with fabrics that feel delicious. Whether it’s silk, cashmere, leather, lace or cold, hard metal (or 24k-gold hardware), or all of the above, swathe your skin in your favorite textures. One of our most unexpected fave textures is super-smooth european mesh which feels like silk while giving a luscious peek-a-boo effect.

11 how to flirt by:

dressing like no one's watching

We love a good reflective surface or mirror moment especially when you're in view of your lover. Let them think they're playing the voyeur by watching you dress (or undress) as if you don't know they're there. You're in control. They think they are.

bonus. how to flirt by:

using your body as a treasure map

Part love notes, part scavenger hunt... Write where you'd like to be kissed, licked, stroked, complimented, worshiped, massaged or sucked on your skin in lip liner under your lingerie. Let your lover go on a hunt to find all the activities that await. 

What are your sexiest, most playful ways to flirt using your lingerie? What are your go-pieces that inspire you to play with your lover? Comment below.

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