hotter sex starts with your lingerie closet + sex toys

Have you hit a "been there, done that" moment when it comes to sex? Add new life to your lingerie closet and sex room with these yummy ideas for what to rethink, too or re-invest in to re-light your sensual, sexual and creative fire. Because you evolve, so do your desires, so keep exploring what new playthings you might like, finding new ways to play and tossing what's no longer working for you. Because there's no real end game to better sex (because it can just keep getting better), discovery can be the juiciest part.

Read below for inspiration and comment below with your own tips and tricks.


rethink your lingerie + sex toys

say bye to boredom

whether you're talking sex toys or lingerie sets, consider that the ones that no longer light your fire — can you discover new ways to play?

add a charge

go on a recon mission for all the sex toys buried in your playbox that just need to be charged. plug in and give them new life.

book a play date...

with vibrators that have settings you haven’t explored… yet.

get handy 

toys, props or playthings that you haven’t set up, like a sex swing? get on it.

create sensual ambiance 

crystal wands, plugs or other playthings that double as objets d’art — display them to add sensuality to your space and keep playtime at your fingertips.

turn toys into jewelry

dust off that gold vibrator necklace or that cock ring cuff and wear them as a reminder that you are always in a state of flow.

assume a new position 

just because a sex position always did it for you doesn’t mean there’s not a new go-to or two or 10 ripe for discovery and play. especially with sex toys + lingerie.

try a new routine 

for example, if your foreplay game is losing its sex appeal, how can your current toys, lingerie or décor change to add some spice?

watch someone else do it 

ethical porn or social sex, like MakeLoveNotPorn, lets you see sex from a new angle so you can find new turn ons and offs.

see what your alter ego likes

if you're into role play, why not let your new persona test drive sky-high, fuck-off heels and that saucy little flogger? it might be just the dare your body needs to find new levels of pleasure (or get clear on your "no thanks").

luxury lingerie + toys for your sex room + lingerie closet

toss these toys or lingerie

create new memories

anything that reminds you of an ex you don’t want to be reminded of whether it’s a toy, tool, playlist, chemise or cuffs? byeeee.

know when to let go

do an inventory check on all your lingerie. anything that shows signs of color fade or too much wear + tears — time to go.

see if it's still good

anything that’s past its expiration date — lubes, condoms, lovers (kidding…ish) — need to retire.

refuse to settle

accessories that don’t reflect the goddess that you are now. think, that once gorgeous kimono, those six-inch-heels with a broken buckle, those thigh-high boots that no longer hug your thighs… you’re ready for an upgrade.

create new memories 

have your toys seen better plays days? say goodbye and don't look back.

remember who you are 

remind yourself who you are, what you want, and what’s possible. our cells regenerate every seven years. imagine how often your erotic self is ready for an upgrade?

sweet tooth zipper panty lunatic femme luxury lingerie

invest in your sultriest self with sex toys, lingerie + more

grab new skills

sex workshops can expand your skill set or add to your sex bucket list along with toys + lingerie to match your new expertise.

know your erotic self

take time to discover your erotic blueprint so that you can better understand what excites and ignites you (and the people in your world) sexually, sensually and emotionally. find ways to play (from that new tickler to panties that unzip) that involve what speaks to your blueprint.

put in the hours

spend time at your local sex shop to explore new possibilities, talk to an expert on staff or get ideas that unpeel new layers of you.

dress for (bedroom) success

do you have lingerie that lights you up and ignites what stirs in you? hit us up if you need inspiration.

give yourself a foot fetish

find heels so hot you can't stop obsessing about your own feet. find styles that channel your inner mojo, spark new levels of play or create your personas for your role play.

work that body-ody-ody

join movement classes that bring energy and flow into your mind, body and soul. who knows what newness it will inspire in how you dress or play.

know your turn ons

spend time exploring your own body and turn-on. What does your body love now? What does she crave? What lights her up?

kink up your decor

rock some new furniture that adds more play to your play room like sex benches or swings.

put it all out there

add sensual decor that adds ambiance — , wands, sex pillows, squirt blankets, erotic coffee table books.

get moody

mood lighting. Think, candles, candles, candles. Whether with a wick or a battery, they create the perfect atmosphere for play.

enhance your libido

any aphrodisiacs you haven’t explored yet? from chocolates, oysters and tea to scents, textures and sounds that immediately excite you, branch out into sexy new territories.

luxe up your legs

don’t underestimate the power of hosiery. Find what gets you moving into an erotic state of play — stockings, garter belts, leg ties, straps, bands, restraints…

what lingerie pieces or erotic playthings are you investing in? 

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rock your closet with luxury lingerie

pair new lingerie with sexy reads

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